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Geology rocks! Taking a walk between two tectonic plates and exploring one of the filming locations from Game of Thrones! ⛰ #thebloodygate #aryastark #thehound #brienne #gameofthrones #GoT #filminglocation #northamericantectonicplate #eurasiantectonicplate #midatlanticridge #riftvalley #thingvellir #thingvellirnationalpark #goldencircle #iceland

I am the King
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So this post is a appreciation/Kinda personal note to the gorgeous women in the photo, Gwen @gwendolineuniverse . I have just graduated high school, I was deeply involved in theatre for 4 years participating in every one of the musicals we did, even achieving a main role my senior year as Mrs.Potts in Beauty and the Beast. My passion is acting, I have loved it since elementary when I did the plays there. I want to personally tell you even though you have no idea who I am or what I look like that you are my inspiration. You aren’t like other actresses in Hollywood, you stand out and that’s what I love. You take the roles that aren’t usually given to a women and make them amazing giving ideas to others to do the same. Me personally, I think your character Brienne has changed Hollywood’s perspective on women roles in TV. I want to become an actress/director, I want to be involved in the entertainment business, it’s my dream. I just want to let you know you are my role model and inspiration for that dream. I have even used you in a job interview when I was asked who my role model was in life besides my parents. Thank you for being an amazing women in the entertainment biz and I really hope one day, I can do the same thing you are doing. Much love 🖤
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I didn't draw a people for a long time. So here is Brienne Tarth from the Game of Thrones, who can do it! 😄 (Do you know the "we can do it" wartime propaganda poster, are you?)
Egy ideje nem rajzoltam már embert szóval itt van Tarth-i Brienn a Trónok harcából, aki meg tudja csinálni! (Egy jól ismert II. Világháborús propaganda poszter újraértelmezése)
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