It’s #breakfast time and if you have a #hunger, we have the answer ✌🏻 These two meals are simply bacon and eggs, the first one has fried eggs, and the other one has poached eggs, our other option for eggs is scrambled 🥚
The second meal you see has grilled tomato, and avocado. We have plenty of options that you can add to your bacon and eggs to make it an individualised meal, such as haloumi, wilted spinach, hash browns, or mushrooms 🍄
Our bacon and eggs is served with @brasseriebread sourdough ✅ #bridgecafe

Struggling with your vision?

Coffee can help. For a short period of time post coffee your adrenal glands pump out adrenaline, resulting in dilated pupils. And you know it, better vision ✌🏻🤓 #bridgecafe

Got them morning hunger pains? 🤔

We can fix them for you! This is our Smashed Avo and Eggs Benny with bacon!
The Smashed Avo is served with in house made avocado smash, feta cheese, poached eggs on a bed of @brasseriebread sourdough ✅

The Eggs Benny is traditional and served on English Muffins, with wilted spinach, poached eggs, and in house made hollandaise sauce. You have the choice of bacon or salmon. We also have a #vegetarian version ✌🏻 catch you later today #bridgecafe

المباراة النهائية و التاريخية التي ستحدد من سيتوج بدوري أبطال أوروبا احجز طاولتك للاستمتاع بمباراة ليفربول و ريال مدريد في بريدج كافية
هاتف: 0126611000 تحويلة 4444 | فندق كراون بلازا جدة حي الحمرا
Real Madrid and Liverpool will compete in the final for Uefa Champions League watch the epic match with friends at Bridge Cafe.
T:0126611000 Ext 4444 | Crowne Plaza Jeddah, Al Hamra district
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What's for lunch? 🍲And are you planning on sneaking in a cocktail too? 🍸 Here is "Rudy’s Lunch, Hungarian American Home Cooking," the Prohibition-friendly guise of the tavern at the corner of Water and Dover Streets. (photo via @museumofcityny)⠀
Built in 1794 (though the historic district designation report lists 1801), 279 Water Street is the only surviving wood-frame house in Manhattan’s Seaport district. Originally home to a “grocery and wine and porter bottler,” the building’s 19th century tenants included a variety of alcohol-serving establishments and a brothel, matching the area’s reputation for vice and depravity.⠀
The building’s Victorian details date to an 1888 renovation — 5 years after the adjacent Brooklyn Bridge opened — and many of its interior features date to the original construction. The Bridge Cafe opened in 1979, but has been shuttered since Hurricane Sandy, when it was inundated with nine feet of floodwater.⠀
📸: Charles Von Urban⠀
via @museumofcityny
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Do you love Bruschetta but it’s morning?
Our Breakfast Bruschetta will solve your hunger problems ✌🏻 #bridgecafe

Can you manage two cups of coffee in the morning? ☕️ Research says that having two cups of coffee in the morning can help with Erectile Dysfunction 🤔 how hard is two cups? 🤣 #bridgecafe

Do you feel hungry in the mornings?
Our Tradie Roll can help end the hunger and it comes with a free coffee before 10am, all for only $10 ✌🏻 catch you tomorrow! #bridgecafe

Would you like to make coffee that looks like this at home?
It’s really easy, follow us for some great tips and you could be making latte art for your friends after dinner.
Please dm us with any questions.
I couldn’t make a coffee a few years ago and now making latte art is easy. Peace out guys have a great day ✌🏻#bridgecafe

Cozy, comfort food available this week at #BridgeCafe

سهرات رمضان احلى في بريدج كافيه.
نستقبلكم يوميا من 7 مساءً وحتى آذان الفجر | هاتف: 0126611000 تحويلة 4444
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How hot is your coffee? Milk can burn the tongue at over 70 degrees, and begins to boil at 80 degrees which is not what you want for optimal taste. For milk based coffees the temperature of the milk should fall between 60 and 70 degrees 👌🏻 #bridgecafe

1 Year Together 🦋

Runny #eggs will help you win your day ✌🏻 #bridgecafe

At the bridge cafe in spin Bridge for lunch on the way to Apple Cross. Sun shining hot temp can't beat it. #applecross #bridgecafe #visitscotland #speanbridge

We can't wait to see you at our #PuppyCafe today starting from 8am! There's something for everyone - pet market stalls, @im.gym​ Barking Bootcamp, #BridgeCafe​ Puppy Cafe, @claws_n_paws_rescue_official - you won't want to miss out!
There's plenty of parking available on site so bring the family and enjoy a day out together at #Impact!

"Night, Bridge Cafe", 16x20", oil on canvas.... still miss this place! Closed since Hurricane Sandy #bridgecafe #ellenbradshaw #oilpaintings #brooklynbridge #manhattan #waterst #artcollector

279 Water Street — Built in 1794, on the corner of Dover and Water Street, this is believed to be the oldest wood-frame building in Manhattan and until recently, it held the distinction of being the city’s oldest restaurant and bar in continuous operation.
Most New Yorkers knew it as the Bridge Cafe. It opened under that name in the late 1970s and was a favorite of Mayor Ed Koch. But back in 1847, the first bar opened on this site and within a short time it became one of the most notorious and depraved dens of iniquity in city history.
Prostitutes worked the brothel upstairs while real-life pirates, killers and thieves consorted and conspired in the downstairs saloon. At the “Hole-in-the-Wall” bar, as it came to be known, sailors and other out of town visitors (and more than a few locals) were often drugged, stabbed and robbed.
The Hole-in-the-Wall was the site of at least a couple of murders, including a woman who died on the barroom floor after being tricked into drinking 3 quarts of lighting fluid.
A six-foot tall barmaid named Gallus Mag was known to bite the ears and fingers off of the drunk and belligerent. She stored her trophies in a pickle jar displayed behind the bar. The building is said to be haunted, and buddy, I believe it.

In 2012, Hurricane Sandy devastated the Seaport District with more than 4 feet of river water and the Bridge Cafe closed. Initially an attempt was made to reopen but the effort seems to have been abandoned.
Today the first floor bar remains empty but a neon-lit bridge remains in the dirty front window. .
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