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Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (2008–2009)

Replacement for T3
23 June 2018

I accidentally bumped into this series, I did not even know existed, and I watched the first episode with no special expectations. Seven episodes later I admit that I am hooked. The series ignores "T3" and continues on "Terminator 2", although it takes some elements from "T3". "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" can be seen as the new third part of the franchise, which is there to push and replace rather unsuccessful "T3". In the first season, the series does not bring anything new, but is a worthy successor of cult films that precede it, and in all aspects it is more than solid. Initially, I was not overly intrigued, because I had the impression that I was once again watching "Terminator 2", just stretched on the series season, but I continued to watch because in the role of a cyborg that protects John was Summer Glau, which, you must admit, is much more pleasant for the eye than Arnold. It seems that Summer is a family friend of the house of Lannister, because just yesterday I saw her sharing the screen with Tyrion in "Knights of Badassdom", and in this series two leading female roles belong to Summer and Cersei. When you connect name Sarah Connor with the face of Linda Hamilton for more than two decades, it's very strange to see Lena Headey in that role, so the initial impression was very bad. But after just a few episodes Lena will suppress Linda from your head, if not forever, then at least till this series is over. Thomas Dekker is not Edward Furlong, but he is a good actor and this change didn't bother me at all. All supporting roles are well-cast, and there are also some familiar faces from the past, like David from "Beverly Hills 90210" who plays one of the biggest supporting roles.

I can not wait to see what the second season brings, which, according to the reviews, is much better than the first.


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