This is it guys, my submission for @nes.tryouts #nestryouts @newempireshufflers
My name is Briana. I'm 27. Born & raised in Oahu, Hawaii.
I've been shuffling since I was in beauty school circa 2010 (8yrs). When it was called "harstyling". I wanted to learn so badly, so I watched the small amount of videos on YouTube I could find. I would practice in between class and clients!! I started going to raves too and loved how you are accepted for who you are. Dancing, feeling one with the music and making those deep connections with people.
Fast forward to about 3yrs ago. I started to see shuffling on instagram becoming a thing but different. I was new to the whole cutting shapes thing. So i told myself id teach myself new moves and become a good shuffler.
And now I can't believe how far I have come from learning new styles of shuffling to connecting to music on a whole nother level.
Ive always love dancing. I grew up dancing, never really had any professional background. But music always spoke to me.
It always amazes me how music can bring people together, lift your spirits and make you feel things within!
Shuffling has helped me get through alot of funks after becoming a mom, its hard to find the time to practice but it helps me get up, moving and motivated.
I love how my daughter enjoys music as much as me. I'm hoping she will learn to shuffle at a young age!
Why #newempireshufflers?
Something about how each team member I come across on IG is so humble and srsly so real!!! Always lifting eachother up and making you feel that anything is possible!!!They just make you feel like you are apart of a family!! They have inspired me to find my own style but try to be a well rounded shuffler as well! I hope I can prove that I am dedicated and willing to push my boundaries and strive to be a better shuffler!
This is my 2nd tryout video, i tried out last year and didn't make it but I didn't give up.
All thanks to @nes.jmiranda
@ivanna_dances @nes.edith @richellenyc
for encourgaing me to continue to practice and put in the work and to try out next year.
And here i am.
I hope you enjoy my video!

@ehrlingofficial | you say
Such a beautiful Friday morning🌥🌞
Easy hike up Makapu'u light house, Averi walked the first half and I had to pack her on my back in the ergo. Surprised I was able to shuffle after that, she is about 20+ lbs and plus my backpack. Let's say i got a good workout in!
Oh and this video is typical #momlife when your child won't let you live and have a quick shuffle sesh, thanks Averi lol! The life of a toddler..so emotional aka bipolar haha🤣😘
Have a great Friday everyone!
📹: @vanessafoster_ @vanessafosterhawaii
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🆔️: @dondiablo | found you
I forgot who inspired me to shuffle to this song, i came across someones shuffle vid ugh it's frustrating me, lol!
Guys it's been months since I touched my gopro!
Finally found a nice calm and not so crowded place to sesh too.
Today was a good day!💞⚡💃🏻
P.s its hard trying to shuffle sesh and have Averi running up and down the playground, i was having anxiety if you couldnt tell me looking back the whole time haha!
Tag @dondiablo #dondiablo so he can see this!!!!🙏🙏🙏 #brezzyybree #cuttingshapes #shuffling #mumsthatshuffle #girlshufflers #girlsthatshuffle #teamswagshuffle #hawaiishufflers #honolulu #hawaii #HI #paradise #shufflebabes #shufflestyles #shufflerepublic #shuffledance  #shuffledancetv #universalshapers #higabbyjdavid #edmshufflers #edm #rave #ravegirl #footwork #deephouse #shufflenyc
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