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Today's video features my good buddy and longtime client Brendan ( @nyryans ). I admire this guy for MANY reasons. 1st, Brendan is the hardest working & smartest person I've ever met. The past 9 years he's been my #1 mentor, main person I go to for business advice, and the guy I can speak to about the widest range of topics. He let me live in his house for 15 months rent-free and drive his new Audi TT convertible while he traveled for work in a time where I was constantly ill from the grimy apt building I'd been living in.

He taught me Rugby at the 7's tournament in Vegas & I taught him baseball at Yankee Stadium/Fenway Park, and brought him to his first UFC in Boston. We've traveled to London, Paris, and Amsterdam together. He's helped friends of mine that were in need merely because they were my friends. I have keys to his apt in the city & he encourages me to use it whenever I want, and always makes sure it's stocked with the drinks I like. It only made sense he'd drive me to Atlantic City to pick up my dream car last June, and this winter I drove him to pick up his. Brendan is truly the most generous person I know.

But here's the kicker- he's also overcome the most hardship. If anyone had a reason to quit, be bitter, or negative- it's him. Yet he's thriving more with each passing year & greeting me with a smile every time I walk into his basement. And he still has his humor. We have more outrageous inside jokes, self made acronyms & ridiculous stories together than people that have been friends since childhood.

He's a big part of the reason I don't let anyone get away with shit. He defines NO EXCUSES. Even after all he's been through he still runs a company where literally thousands of people rely on him to keep the lights on & leads a family of champions to be better every day. When I'm going through what feels like a hard time I think of him to overcome it.

So cheers, Brendan. Thanks for everything you've done for me, and I hope you enjoy the video! Now I'm done being sappy, if you ever hold this against me I swear I'll make you do STEP UPS for an hour with no water break while listening to that Justin Bieber song you hate on repeat…

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