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JOE ROGAN EXPERIENCE #1080 - David Goggins
Its men like this that have played the role of " father figure " to me. I can not express how grateful I am that I'm fortunate enough to vibe on the same level as powerful personalities like @joerogan and @davidgoggins
I have gone through the struggles and and quit time and time again. I have cried in failure eons over and pummeled myself mentally for doing so. I have also kept going. I have also overcome. I have also built a mental fortitude through persistent effort. I have also begun to unlock my full potential in ways I've never imagined. Now I imagine. I imagine epic proportions of greatness. All in my head. My physical world will have no option but to manifest my dreams into reality. I will work persistently to ensure so.

Don’t ever offer this guy advice or feedback. He knows it all already! #brendanschaub #bigbrown #thefighterandthekid #podcast #knowitall #asshole #funnyufc

Breaking out the No.85 Baker-Millers tonight. Thanks to my main man, Big Brown for the hookup. #artefactnyc #brendanschaub #baker-miller-pink #tfatk #bigbrownbreakdown

@saundersbillyjoe 🇬🇧 🇬🇧 🇮🇪 One of my favourite boxers of all time. Good to see recently @joerogan @brendanschaub giving billy the recognition he fully deserves ! 🥊 catch billy joe Saunders V Martin Murray April 14 From The 02 London. 🇬🇧!!! @boxnation #boxing #joerogan #brendanschaub #UFC #boxing #billyjoesaunders #boxnation #fight #fighter #sports #sport #skysports #foxsport #fox #foxnews #skysportsnews #spn

I think you’ll be surprised.

Do you even j.r.e/t.f.a.t.k/c.o.w.h.n???

Training for a Fight - Week 5 of 26

Remember how I said that people find it really difficult to take me down in wrestling practice? Well that wasn’t the case at all today. I spent 80% of this session being thrown around and out grappled at will and it was frustrating.

There really are levels to this thing. When it comes to taking someone down or manoeuvring their body, Technique is just as important as power. The placement of your feet, how you turn your hips, where you place your hands and when you choose to drive forward are all really important for success. But; slight changes in each of them can have drastically different results.

This stuff is really difficult!

@joerogan & @brendanschaub give their thoughts on a possible @floydmayweather vs @cmpunk fight happening 👊 #ThisIsSport

Alright.. I’ve been waiting forever, and I finally got @ufcfightpass!! After searching through all the things you can watch and all the different shows and original series they have, I decided to Google “Best MMA Fights Ever.” I was not disappointed. Tapology.com has a fantastic list of the greatest MMA Fights ever. I went through the top 27 fights on the list and ranked them from one star to five stars. I haven’t even had UFC Fight Pass for a week! It’s official, I’m a UFC nerd 🤓
But the crazy thing is, Fight Pass has SO much more than just UFC fights.. PRIDE, Strikeforce, GLORY, K1, EBI, ADCC matches, it’s AMAZING! I’m currently watching all of the @gokhansaki fights I possibly can (Rebel if you’re reading this, just saw your KO of Tyrone Spong this morning 😱).
Anyways, if you ever want to have in-depth discussions or arguments about MMA, I am always down! 👇🏼 Drop comments and let’s break down these fights!
@joerogan @brendanschaub @eddiebravo10p @danaherjohn @danawhite @ufc @thephotoshopsteve @dank_jits_memes @ufcfighteredits

@brendanschaub and Tara Lipinski coming at you LIVE!!! from the 2018 Olympics! Tara: So Brendan, tell us how you feel about the Olympics this year?... Brendan: I'm balls deep in the Olympics. I'm so crunk right now. #brendanschaub #tfatk #thefighterandthekid #butofcoursebrendansintotheolympics #thingsthatbrendansays @thefighterandthekid

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