This dude right here had his first #asthma attack while at his dad's house today 😭 this has been one #eventful summer so far!!! Thank goodness he's ok but we have a whole new world ahead of us!! #breathingtreatments seem fun 🤦🏻‍♀️

Poor baby girl has to get breathing treatments for her wheezing and bad cough 😯 #myprincess #breathingtreatments #sickbaby

:-(. I have not been doing great. First I'll update you about the appointment yesterday. She doesn't suspect mast cell but immunodeficiency is still on the table so I have to take a vaccine and see if my numbers go up. It's one I took as a baby but either it didn't take or I have immunodeficiency. I took some pulmonary function tests yesterday and she is suspecting asthma. I have to go to the ENT to look at vocal cord dysfunction because that could be the problem or I can have both. I still have to get my tryptase done and then we can confirm I don't have mast cell. It's just very frustrating all these appointments being referred new doctor's I'm just starting to get just discouraged. I just feel like we're never going to really find out what's going on. But tomorrow is pre-op for my surgery so hopefully that goes well. Now I am recovering and don't feel good. Just hate all the road trips.... my grandma died recently this past year and tomorrow is also her birthday so I'm very sad

Elizabeth is getting better at cooperating with her breathing treatments. I think sister wearing a mask and sitting with her helps! Her breathing treatments now include a twice daily mucolytic to help thin her mucous. This should make it easier for her to clear the mucous from her airway. She also needs twice daily inhaled steroids and every four hour inhaled albuterol if she has any sign of cough or illness. She also added three oral medications- one is twice daily, one is every eight hours and one is once daily on Mon/Wed/Fri. The three times a week med is a prophylactic dose of azithromyacin (zpack) which should help keep the population of staph aureaus in her lungs down. Adding all of this to her already complicated schedule of tube feedings, therapies, orthotics, keeping eyeglasses on, vomit management, and typical toddler... well, it’s a lot. But like everything before- Elizabeth is a rockstar and just accepts life and shows us that JOY can be found in any situation. #elizabethjoy #preemie #micropreemie #gtube #tubie #toddler #two #miracle #lifeasweknowit #joy #medicallycomplex #breathingtreatments #lungdisease

4 years old & STILL braver & stronger than I am.
There’s no words to describe the feelings I’ve felt within the past 24 hours. From countless breathing treatments to waking up every three hours to be evaluated & given more treatments. This little boy of mine never ceases to amaze me. My Kahiau ❤️ .
You were a fighter since the day you were born. & today you fight again.
I am beyond proud of you, my boy! 😘
No matter what comes your way, I will never leave you. You will never fight alone.
I love you.

#KahiauKalimahana #MommysBoy #FightingSinceDayOne #StillFighting #ASD #KapiolaniHospital #KCH #KahiauStrong #NeverDefeated #DownButNotOut #BreathingTreatments

#Repost @jennferrisglick
Modality 2.
Salt chamber for halotherapy (salt therapy) has shown to be effective for not only cleansing the respiratory system, reducing inflammation, enhancing athletic performance, and opening up air passages, but also for clearing up congestion by thinning out excessive mucus—a great boon for those suffering from respiratory illnesses. This chamber allows you to adjust levels and concentration of salt particles to offer a more individualized and targeted salt therapy session. This booth takes a small space and turns it into a relaxing and soothing environment for people who would benefit from dry salt therapy (halotherapy). The small space also provides effective salt therapy sessions from as little as 10 minutes up to 30 minutes.
While you are in there, add on vibroacoustic therapy through coherence, frequencies, and tones to help balance the entire body.

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You and I are not friends right now... #whenyoucantbreath #breathingtreatments

Does anyone elses night stand look something like this? 😝😨😣 All this from the last 24 hours :-/ I really hope my doctor can figure out something so I dont end up in the hospital. #breathingtreatments #asthmaattack #asthmasucks😷

My first child to actually use the mask!! It makes these things so much easier! #HeavenlySkye #BreathingTreatments

consistency is key. 💯

I may have been quiet these past few weeks since starting a new job, but I have been consistent in working for my goals.

meal prep ✔
breathing treatments ✔
daily exercise ✔

master consistency, and it will become apart of your daily routine ✌

#dontwishforitworkforit #healthylifestyle #healthychoices #goaldigger #itsokaytohaveadonut #mealprep #breathingtreatments #thatcffight #takethatcf #CysticFibrosis #65roses #chronicillness #fighttowin #accountability

I've been waiting for this day for about 7 years! You see...a while back I was exposed to #toxicmold It caused me to have #asthma #bronchitis #pneumonia #upperrespiratoryinfection etc. Which caused me to need all the #steroids and #breathingtreatments

Needless to say, I gained about 30lbs. 😯 I grew out of my #wedding ring 😂😂 so, I've been wearing my mom's set. The other day I tried my wedding set on and it fit!! Woohoo! One of my #goals was to fit into my rings again... That day has finally arrived! I've lost 47 lbs too!

#crushedit #setgoals #aipyeahyouknowme
#aip #aipforthewin #isntitlovely #lovemyhubby #itfits #istilldo #15yearsandgoingstrong

New meds today so it's #nebulizertreatmentswithmurfy hopefully this helps a bit. And of course there is always a curious murfy trying to get in on everything!!! #breathingtreatments #curiousmainecoone #murfymeandanebulizer

These have been our days lately. We do this twice a day everyday and more when she needs them. #asthmasucks #shesonly3 #lifeinthesanjoaquinvalley #breathingishard #breathingtreatments #lifeinlemoore

I got a call from my doctor yesterday: it’s not good news. ☹️ While I always have lung infections, one of my two bugs has suddenly become resistant to almost all antibiotics. I only have 1 option to use if I get sick. It used to be 3 or 4 I could use, so it’s totally random to suddenly change. It’s only a matter of time before it is 100% resistant and there’s nothing they can do if I get sick. I won’t be able to attend any Cystic Fibrosis events anymore, unless it somehow becomes sensitive again (small chance it can happen). It’s not contagious for normal people, just CF patients. I’ll find out what my action plan is in 3 weeks, a few days after my family vacation to Disneyland. I wish it was sooner. If they would take me, I’d drive the 6 hours right now with just the clothes on my back to talk this through and figure out what’s happening. ||| Working hard on my lungs! It takes me 2 1/2-3 hours in the morning and evening for a full set of breathing treatments: Albuterol with AeroBika, Sodium Chloride 7%, 40 minutes of Vest Machine, Tobramycin, Pulmozyme. An afternoon session is Albuterol with Aerobika, Sodium Chloride 7%, 40 minutes of the Vest Machine, and 10 more minutes of Aerobika. It takes 2 hours for the afternoon session. At the end of the day... it’s about 8 HOURS of treatments for my lungs. That’s the same as a full-time job! Not including diabetes care. If you wonder why I don’t attend school or have a job, that’s why. I haven’t been to the gym in a couple weeks because it’s been hard getting used to this constant care. I can either run errands or go to the gym, it seems like. I can’t be away from home for more than a few hours because my treatments only have about 2-3 hours between them, which is when I eat and shower and do a few chores. I don’t have time for much else. ||| I’m open to any and all advice in my situation. Foods, herbs, tinctures, essential oils, whatever. Send them my way!

Smell fresh!
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Aloha ihr Lieben, was für ein Sommer! Ist Euch auch so heiss und benötigt ihr dringend eine Abkühlung? Ich liebe diesen Sommer. Er erinnert mich an meine Kindheit. Es war wochenlang heiß und eine Abkühlung brachte ein Sommergewitter. Im Yoga gibt es eine wunderbare Atemtechnik, S H I T A L I, der kühlende Atem. Und so geht’s. Setze dich bequem und aufrecht, gern im Schneidersitz hin. Entspanne deinen Körper und lege deine Hände locker auf deinen Knien oder Oberschenkeln ab. Atme 5 Atemzüge tief durch die Nase ein und aus. Strecke nun deine Zunge aus dem Mund und rolle sie nach oben zu einem Röhrchen. Atme durch das Röhrchen ein und es entsteht ein Zischlaut. Schließe deinen Mund und stecke deine Zunge wieder zurück. Atme lang und tief durch deine Nase aus. Bilde nun wieder das Röhrchen und atme ein. Du wirst bereits jetzt eine Abkühlung auf deiner Zunge wahrnehmen. Wiederhole diese Atmung solange bis Du eine Abkühlung in deinem Körper spürst. Schließe entspannt Deine Augen und spüre nach. Falls Du deine Zunge nicht rollen kannst, spitze deine Lippen und bilde ein kleines Löchlein. Atme nun durch diese Öffnung nach innen. Du wirst sehen, es funktioniert. Viel Spaß bei der Abkühlung von Innen.
Try it•feel it•love it
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I #missed these faces so much being in the #hospital they were my reason for doing all my #breathingtreatments (even when they hurt) and hot poked and prodded. I couldn't get couldn't #home fast enough to my #chickens they are my whole #world #beingamomisthebest #love #Emmalee #Isaiah #son #daughter #singlemomlife #momlife #makeup #girliegirl #NYX #Tatcha #minime #hazeleyes #blueeyes #puddineyes #theymakemehappy

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