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Matsumoto struggling to hold his breath underwater in the #BreathHolding challenge! #matsumotohitoshi #gakinotsukai

Cocoa, Florida freediving course is on with everyone doing over 4 minutes static breath holds. #cocoafreediving #evolvefreediving #breathholding #freedivingcourse

This summer I’ll share my freediving knowledge with you at the Cote d’Azur in the South of France for a limited number of aficionados.
For one fun day, I’ll focus on efficient and effective training to increase your lung-volume and breath-hold-time. By using my unique (and controversial) techniques, you’ll be able to seriously extend your breath-hold time within a week of training (some even double or triple it).
Contents of the day:
1 hour lung and diaphragm stretching
2 hours dry and wet breath-hold training
2 hours lavish and healthy lunch and personal Q&A avec moi
1 hour about packing, mouth-fill & equalization techniques
The workshop will be given in English.
#HerbertNitsch #Freediving #BreathHolding

Been a while but training started again today. Hitting it hard! Breath holding done this morning and now working hard at the gym👌🤘 #traininghard #breathholding #workouts #getbackinshape


'Skyfall' - Contextualizing the experience of freediving and the underwater freefall which feels like flying through the air, fully present, dreamlike, free from time.

Best friends freediving. Miss you @_kalindi
Photo by: @vanenac
Gold / silver wetsuit at: www.freediving.life

Weeeeeeeeeerreee! 😂😂

Freediving with a strong current (pic does not do a justice!). Photo by the one and only @nicolaslargueze

Tiptoe paradise, truly my favorite photo taken by the one and only @nicolaslargueze

We got to see David Blaine last night. I totally geeked out watching him. I saw a Netflix documentary where he was learning a new "trick" that involves a lot of practice and training with his body. He preformed that live last night and it was so incredible to see how much that skill has evolved. He is extreme in the things he does but he isn't afraid to push his own limits to improve.

CO2 is life, #metabolism and energy. Without it we cannot access O2 in the lungs, tissues and cell. Being in a #hypothyroid state we are producing inflammation, in an excitatory state and wasting #glucose…which is seen via temp and pulse (low CO2). We can eat the right #prothyroid foods to regulate #bloodsugar, store energy to convert #thyroidhormone so both can use used at the cell level to produce energy…CO2. Why do we #breathe? The simple answer is because we have to or else we would die. But on a deeper level we breathe because our cells require it! Our #cells produce energy and the energy that is produced requires food (especially stored glycogen in the #liver), thyroid hormone (T3) and oxygen (O2)….the air we breathe. But the only way we can access O2 is when we have optimal CO2 production at the cell level and retention at the physiological level. There are MANY ways to do this from simple #nosebreathing, #breathholding, #yoga, #meditation, #boxbreathing and more. But, something I did today that was fun to not only increase CO2 retention via creating a hypoxic environment, which will increase the availability of O2 a the cellular level was…10min EMOM: 1 underwater lap holding breath odd: on inhalation even: on exhalation. Rest is with only nose breathing. #wearefood #breathemotherfucker #eastwesthealing #restorationthyroid #realfoodgangstas

My favorite pic from the Russian Freediving Competition last week. This is me coming up from -56 meters (-184 feet) 😊🎉💙
📷 by @freediveinternational

Turquoise water, seaside puddles, purple mountains and a puppy, what more can a mermaid want? ❤

Photo by @nicolaslargueze

An awesome video I just came across doing a 4-person variable weight dive to the arch in the Blue Hole with @nicolaslargueze @pascalberger @anastasiia_yakimenko

Shame it got a little cut-off at the end :( If you want to see the full video check it out at

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