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This summer I’ll share my freediving knowledge with you at the Cote d’Azur in the South of France for a limited number of aficionados.
For one fun day, I’ll focus on efficient and effective training to increase your lung-volume and breath-hold-time. By using my unique (and controversial) techniques, you’ll be able to seriously extend your breath-hold time within a week of training (some even double or triple it).
Contents of the day:
1 hour lung and diaphragm stretching
2 hours dry and wet breath-hold training
2 hours lavish and healthy lunch and personal Q&A avec moi
1 hour about packing, mouth-fill & equalization techniques
The workshop will be given in English.
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Matsumoto struggling to hold his breath underwater in the #BreathHolding challenge! #matsumotohitoshi #gakinotsukai

Cocoa, Florida freediving course is on with everyone doing over 4 minutes static breath holds. #cocoafreediving #evolvefreediving #breathholding #freedivingcourse

If this is success, then something's awfully wrong. I bought the dream and had to play along. Money don't buy you love. You just end up with a job and somewhere to live. In the end, one has to look for happiness within themselves. Time to get back to the basics. VM 📷@ashleylaren #nofucksgiven

Great write up in the Abbotsford News today about my upcoming appearance on Penn & Teller Fool Us on August 3rd😊🤘 #abbotsfordnews #escapes #breathholding #foolus

#drifting #rocketlaunching #breathholding .
its time to test #controlofmind and speed of lil engine


Thank you for all your kind words 💗and support for what happened to Lily last week, it means so much and just hearing other stories and situations means I don't feel so alone. Thank you so much 🙏💗 #mumssupport #mumsgroup #mumsofinstragram #mumslife #mumslove #mumsrule #breathholdingspells #breathholding

Life isn't always easy - sometimes we get lost - we forget who we are. Hold on to yourself - to the truth that lives within your heart - stop running and struggling around the hurricane and come back to its center where it's calm and peaceful. take a break - just sit down now - take a deep breath in - #exhale - release the tension in your shoulders - in your face - in your jar - in all your #cells .... know that the only place - the one and only #home you have is you - your #heart - your #intuition - forget all the outside noise and listen to your inner voice - reconnect yourself with who you truly are. Everything happens for a reason - ask what there is to learn for you? Make the best out of every situation! Be present and life becomes your present. Don't fear. Rather explore your fears, doubts, challenges... dive deeper into the dark unknown and discover hidden treasures! Fear lives from you running away from it - expand - be bold - breathe - look at it, acknowledge and appreciate it, love it and let it go! And remember: Love your Life, Live your Bliss! Be who you are , you are perfect like this!
With all my love,
Let's grow together
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Models: #angelikafurstler & #RomainAlmirallTorrelFurstler

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This one has been in my morning routine for 3 weeks now .Decided to further with the 10 week course.Gotta love wimhof method makes you feel energized 💥

Freediving Girls in Saint Raphael P4. A fun video of me and my bff, Julia, freediving and adventuring in the French Riviera ❤️🐬🇫🇷

Ive been drawing more since I quit caffeine. Now I'm stuck on facial expressions #art #sketch #phases #people #faces #expressions #breathholding

The secret to happiness is freedom... And the secret to freedom is courage.
T Some days one dives a suck place simply to dive. And the fact that your're diving doesn't suck. #nofucksgiven #adventure #freedom #finland

I didn't think we'd be able to get any decent pics or footage today because of the low visibility in Saint Raphael Bay 😣 But Jean-Claude surprised me with this neat shot (which I don't even remember him taking! lol). 😳 I like the cool sparkle effect from all the tiny particles in the water being lit up by early morning sunshine 💙☀️🇫🇷

Freediving Girls in Saint Raphael P3. A fun video of me and my bff, Julia, freediving and adventuring in the French Riviera ❤️🐬🇫🇷

Freediving Girls in Saint Raphael P2. A fun video of me and my bff, Julia, freediving and adventuring in the French Riviera ❤️🐬🇫🇷

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