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Not sure if it's a right decision or not. but well, breaking my own rules made me feel good in the weirdest way.
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If you could add one exercise to your routine, that could be done anywhere and would improve your sports performance, strength, balance, flexibility and joint mobility the Single leg squat would definitely be a contender. Sometimes referred to as the Pistol the one legged squat works the body in a whole new way as it requires co-ordination and movement that are non-existent in bilateral movements. Here's my take on mixing up the pistol squat and adding purposeful rotation to change it up while working on outdoor running patterns today. .
The earth has music for those who listen
Onnit Academy Suspension Master Coach
@SuspensionExercises .
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Be. The. Bigger. Person. Cassandra. Always. Always. Always. #breatheinbreatheout

Reminiscing about this moment, standing in this spot in the Pacific Northwest, 10 hours before I moved to the ROK. I was totally freaked out, but this spot gave me some time to think. #PNW #thoughtful #breatheinbreatheout #latergram 😍🌲🌊

I've been having a lousy morning so far (accidentally deleted photos of a bra class, pinned a finger, made a hole in my dad's shirt, sewed this placket crooked at the bottom). 😢😤
But finally something went right! Pockets aligned on my new #archerbuttonup shirt. 👌
O dia não começou bem por aqui (apaguei todas as fotos do workshop de soutien, espetei-me num dedo, fiz um buraco numa camisa do meu pai, cosi a carcela desta camisa torta em baixo). 😢😤
Mas finalmente alguma coisa correu bem! Cosi os bolsos bem alinhados na minha nova camisa #archerbuttonup. 👌
#keepingitreal #myhandmadewardrobe #breatheinbreatheout #respirarfundo


minute and a half - double time. I definitely love me some pincha

bending forever 💚 forearmwheel

heel to head in camel 💚

inverted wide straddle ✌️

Be. The. Bigger. Person. Cassandra. Always. Always. Always. #breatheinbreatheout

"Wow, a brain! Thank you so much, I lost my mind earlier today so this is perfect!" 😂 Our favourite quote from a principal that received one of our RETHiNK care packages (including the "stress" release brain).

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