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Training for mobility and core #Repost @moni_ginasticanatural with @repostapp
I feel the ideal workout is one that challenges both static and dynamic balance with a focus on coordination. Today, Master @alvaroromano and I worked on balancing & strength with a bunch of dynamic balancing moves. Balance training can teach body awareness and position sense (knowing where the limbs and body are in space at any given moment). We did this particular move with hands aiding us then without, ending with balancing front kicks. 🤘🏻
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Was jus tellin it how difficult it's gonna get for me to maintain my body as per it!! my doppelgänger .. the wax model Mr world 2015 that stands tall at the wax museum has seriously given me no option to give myself the liberty to cheat on my meals or training! It's like a personal benchmark and also a great reminder To look upon it as a self motivation to never back down on my dreams coz you never know your one step may lead you where !! #selfmadejourneycontinues #breatheeasy #thakuranoopsingh #neverbackdown #waxmodelmemories #lonvalamuseum #beinggreatfull

When I introduced myself to Mrs. Susan at the celebration of Libby's life, she recalled a memory of @libbyonthelabel_ wanting to call me from the hospital because she didn't know where the closest sonic was, but she was certain that I would. I hope there are sonics in Heaven and that you have a spot reserved for me, you, and Harper Lee....because we know all dogs go to Heaven too. Until next time Little Libs. #breatheeasy #lovelikelibby #livelikelibby #ibelieve #curecf

I could have skipped past it today and just scribbled out her name. I could have "saved" one more $3 invitation and used it for someone else. I could have just thrown her invite away. But then I remembered.... she could have gave up a long time ago. She could have stopped fighting and had a horrible attitude. She could have let her sickness take her down. But she didn't. She lived every day to the fullest not knowing what the next day held.
I will be missing you every single part of my big day. I will keep your invitation with me every single second up until that day. I will have the most beautiful purple balloons for you.
It's only been one full day and I can't stop thinking about how unreal this actually is. Please keep Mrs. Susan, Mr.Bill, Mr.Scott, Mrs.Tane, Laurel, & the rest of Libby's family & friends in your prayers. 💜 #breatheeasy #curecf #lungsforlibby


Is this what you think of when you think of Spring? It doesn't have to be that way. There are so many oils that offer relief for 'seasonal discomfort' and they WORK!! If you're not currently working with a wellness advocate, message me for a free sample. And give nature a second chance.

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I sneezed about 200 times yesterday. It rained overnight, so I have a temporary break from the high pollen counts today. Seasonal support for me = all the oils. With the bonus of no head fog or dehydration.

Miss you always! #breatheeasy #rip #robert

All about this right now. Be present. Do the things that make you happy. That make you glow and radiate from the inside. Take care of something and watch it grow, a plant, a pet, a loved one. Challenge yourself physically and mentally. Let your creativity flow and share it with the world. Say sorry, forgive, love without regret. Accept that sometimes things need to be set free, learn and grow.

Friday vibes ✌🏻

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