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Late night playtime, puppy snuggles, and stealing pieces from @alinance's flow from class earlier. 🙃

Great photo tutorial for Urdhva Dhanurasana (Wheel pose) 💕

Photo: 🙏🏼💜 @omniyogagirl

Gorgeous 11 week old fetus! 👶🐣
Do you know how lungs are developed and matured?
Fetal Respiratory System: There are 4 different periods involved in the development of lung maturation.
1) Pseudoglandular Period (weeks 6-16): lung development starts at week 6 in the womb and resembles an exocrine gland. By week 16, all major elements of the lung have formed except those involved in gas exchange.
2) Canalicular Period (weeks 16-26): lumina of bronchi and terminal bronchioles become larger and lung tissue becomes highly vascular.
3) Terminal Saccular Period (weeks 26-birth): alveolar ducts give rise to terminal saccules known as primordial alveoli. This terminal saccules are then lined by type 1 alveolar cells and type 2 alveolar cells. It is during this period that sufficient amount of surfactant is produced.
4) Alveolar Period (weeks 32-8 years of age): In this stage the alveolocapillary membrane becomes sufficiently thin to allow gas exchange. About 95% of mature alveoli develop postnatally (after birth).
Clinical Relevance: the most common lung problem in a premature baby is respiratory distress syndrome (RDS). A baby develops RDS when the lungs do not produce sufficient amounts of surfactant, the substance that keeps the tiny air sacs in the lung open. As a result, a premature baby often has difficulty expanding her lungs, taking in oxygen, and getting rid of carbon dioxide. On a chest X-ray, the lungs of a baby with RDS look like ground glass. Fortunately, surfactant is now artificially produced and can be given to babies if doctors suspect they are not yet making surfactant on their own.
Want to learn about more interesting medical conditions like these? Just FOLLOW us and TAG YOUR FRIENDS! You never know who is need of your knowledge! 🤓
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Wish happiness for everyone. Everyone!
Make no exceptions. Even those who have wronged you, wish for nothing but happiness and be grateful for them because they have shaped you in some form...
Don't waste your energy on negativity...
Every thought you direct towards someone or something has its energy and can affect you. So instead, focus on letting go, and let the universe take care of the rest.
See you soon Cairo! 💗
Photo by @aminahtaha in @faywithlove 🙏🏼
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Do not read the comments below!!! ⛔️

More #Acro shenanigans with my mini...#F2H has become a main staple in our playtime and I'm so happy and grateful he enjoys it 😉
I'm going to miss this place @absolutesanctuary, and even more, going to miss all of these amazing teachers/students that have shared their yoga with me and allowed me to share mine with them. Nothing but mad love and gratitude for you all ❤🙏
Thank you @jessicaleeyoga for the 🎥😘

Why I am so passionate about my new project "The Sacred Body"? Because we can see every day that in our modern society bodies are not sacred anymore. Abused, commercialized, standardized. Religion taught us that whatever we do with our body is a sin, mass media and social media taught us how to be acceptable and how to look, but all we have to do is re-learning to love our bodies. However they are, they are beautiful, perfect and sacred. I hope nobody will get offended if I have shown so far only models with fit bodies. This project is just started and will grow bigger and bigger. I want to show any kind of beauty, of any age, weight, color and shape. Wrinkles are beautiful. Scars are beautiful. Fat rolls are beautiful. If you think you have a different kind of beauty and you want to be part of this project, don't hesitate to contact me, here in DM or with an email. THIS IS A CALL TO ACTION. For now, thanks to @yogi_bhagavati (featured in this photo) and all the other people that have participated. I will be forever grateful for supporting my project and making it so special 🙏


Spring declutter #2 : gathered my pals to clean and sort... Asking myself about Beauty and Joy; does it have a place I like, do I enjoy having it in my home?🌷💕
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Repost from @theyogabum using @RepostRegramApp - Just finished up 7 awesome days of Yin Yoga 1 with this legend @yogidunx and 40 beautiful seekers on the yogic path. Thank you all for your devotion to practice and eagerness to learn. When I get to live experiences that fills my cup up so much it turns my entire life into a celebration. Can't wait for the next one!

Rain. Denver rain. Growing up in the #PNW , you get tired of it. You crave sun and warmth- you get tired of feeling the cold in your bones. In #denver rain, for me, is like a breath. Cleansing, needed rain. Walking the dog today, we didn't pass a single other pedestrian. That never happens here. With rain, you can wait it out. There won't be weeks of this, maybe a day. Maybe two. I need these days. I crave them in my soul. I feel re-energized and refreshed. I know it won't last and I try to savor it and enjoy. Take in that feeling of 'home .' Once the rain and snow passes this week, the grass will be greener, the canal will have water and my tulips will bloom. Today, I enjoy #rain .

Join us on the mat for a variety of yoga asana classes 7 days a week. Here's a peek at tomorrow's schedule. See you soon... Namaste🙏🏼

Beautiful moment after our walk.. A tuckered #pup . Some reading for the #soul . And a #Costco win of #kombucha . 🐶🙏💜 #allthefeels #reading #dachshund #breathe #sunshine #takeamoment #wirehaired #appreciate #blessed

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