#158 healing days since #explant and I’m still feeling off. All I can say is I don’t feel as “bad” symptom wise; but I feel off like when you know a cold is coming on; and I can always tell from the inflammation and pressure feeling in my face plus the fact that my light outgoing self withdraws and I have more trouble regulating my emotions, staying grounded and less reactive. Thank goodness this is easing, and I’m seeing noticeably less of it. But it is what it is for the time being. Happy Friday! #breastimplants #didthis #breastimplantillness #explant #explantjourney #stillsmiling or is that a #grimace today? #survival #invisibleillness #onedayatatime #marathon #onestepatatime #rollercoast #mom #feelingoff #flareup #detox

Regrann from @breast_implant_illness - Regrann from @mrs_angemi - 💀Vintage @mrs_angemi 💀
I always heard about ruptured breast implants but I never really knew how nasty they were until I started working in pathology. The original silicone breast implants were made with a liquid silicone gel and an outer shell to hold it all in that wasn’t very strong. I have had an opportunity to feel an original silicone implant and it feels very soft and “real”, much more so than any available on the market today. However, you don’t want that old shit in your body, trust me.
When you get breast implants, or any foreign body placed inside of your body, your body recognizes it as foreign and places a barrier around it or a capsule.
When an original silicone breast implant was placed in a woman, a capsule would grow around it, which is normal. Normally a capsule is a thin layer of tissue that grows around the implant. The original silicone implants had 2 failures. 1. The silicone gel was liquid and 2. The outer shell holding it in was weak. The outer shells of the implants were at high risk for cracking, tearing, and leaking. The leaking could be slow, but the silicone could remain within the capsule surrounding the implant so the woman wouldn’t realize there was a problem, until a bigger problem started. The silicone would start to irritate that capsule tissue and cause it to get calcified. This would make the breast distorted, hard and lumpy to the touch. To repair this, the surgeon must remove the implant and the capsule. The silicone that leaked all inside may not be confined to just the capsule and cleanup can be a bitch.
Here is a ruptured implant I have received. These things are so gnarly. Liquid silicone is a big mess, it gets everywhere and it is very difficult to clean up. To think of this floating around in someone’s body is very disturbing!!! The capsule that comes with the implant is equally disturbing. It shows just how irritated the tissue in the body gets from exposure from silicone. When you touch the capsule it is so crunchy and hard. - #regrann

Regrann from @tracy_omalley - YEP, THOSE ARE MY BOOBS IN MY HANDS.
I will tell you it was never about vanity for me When I was aware that these bags of crap were the trigger for my entire body to implode, emotions came up that SHOCKED me.
A part of me wanted to figure out a way to keep them.
Like, what the??? Yes, I said it out loud.
Even though they were trying to take me out, there was something I was still trying to hold onto.
THAT scared the shit out of me.
It was time to dig deeper. I pulled out all of the tools I teach other women to use and unpack AND heal what was at the root of this that came and blindsided me.
I had been craving connection on a deeper level in all aspects of my life. When I was on the verge of it, I would pull back. Give you just enough. I was so good at it, you wouldn’t even know I was doing it. Hell, I didn’t either. When I realized these things were a tangible WALL up against and “protecting” my heart, I had a meltdown like I have never had before in my life.
When you know better, You MUST do better.
It took 5 seconds for my soul to SCREAM, Get them out….NOW…
And literally the next week I did just that. Unlocked my heart from that prison, and for the first time in my life, I was 100% RAW, REAL and ME.
Since that moment 10 months ago, I feel most days like a child on her first day of kindergarten. 50 degrees of excited and terrified.
The fact is, whether my health was suffering or not, keeping them was imprisoning my soul. And no matter what the outside looks like, my soul is what serves the world. Ive taken a lot of heat going public however
since making the decision to openly talk about this, over 100 women I know personally have had their implants removed. (And many more on the way)
I cant imagine where they might be today if I stayed in that prison all by myself.
During this process,I rose to higher levels of spiritual, personal, and even professional growth than I ever dreamed.
Which brings me to you.I see you. Your love and light. Your stress around your life. You caring so much what everyone thinks and wishing like hell that you didn’t.
I WAS you.
We will do this together.

Regrann from @breast_implant_illness - Regrann from @gretchenstewart_ - OK. This is about to get really awkward.

But, there is no way I can NOT share this with everything that I've learned. Even if my discomfort, or yours, saves just one person from suffering.

You see, I've recently had a huge breakthrough regarding my health. The final AHA moment. It's funny, I finally started writing my next book and then the floodgates opened. People and information and opportunities are coming to me. That's when I know I'm doing what I'm meant to.

Before I get weird, let me paint a brief picture. In my 20's I was tired. Exposure to Lyme, EBV, mold, HPV vaccine, divorce and ER/ICU nursing. But with all that, I was able to push through and ignore the fatigue.

In my 30's though, that's when I hit my wall and had some extreme ups and downs with my health. Here's where I'm about to get weird. Guess what the changed my life for the worse?? Breast implants.

Still with me? Good.
After a lifetime of insecurities of what God gave me, I surgically added toxic bags to my body like many other women do. What I didn't know at the time is about a thing called Breast Implant Illness. I didn't know that this was the final straw that sent my body into autoimmune crisis, inflammation, adrenal crash, postmenopausal hormones, debilitating pain, food intolerances, brain fog, extreme fatigue and more.

I'm in a group of over 42,000 women (yes, FORTY TWO THOUSAND and that is just who stumbled upon this one group) with similar (and even worse) consequences from implants. And thousands of women healing after getting them removed.
I had heard about BII, but didn't think it was me. I was fine. They were crazy. But more and more of my friends are getting theirs removed and healing and even reversing some of the long-term damage. I've seen some pretty amazing miracles after getting the implants removed.

So, now what?

I'm consulting with surgeons and planning on explanting as soon as I can (will have to be after my trip to Europe). I'm not sure how I ignored the fact I put bags of over 40 toxic chemicals near my heart, lungs, thymus gland. ( Full post cont'd on her page. )

Regrann from @jchunmd1 - En-bloc total capsulectomy and removal of heavily calcified McGhan textured 23 year old implants. Left with partial deflation, calculation layer probably sealed the hole, preventing further saline leak. There is an Instagram Live video of this. Stilled banned from Facebook Live video. 5/22/2018. #drchun #enbloccapsulectomy #bii #breastimplantillness #explantsurgery #totalcapsulectomy #siliconetoxicity #jchunmd1 - #regrann

#mastopexy #breastlift + #breastaugmentation with #gummybear #silicone #breastimplants - guess which ones we used? ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ to the correct answer! HINT: We used two different sizes to achieve symmetry. “Breasts are sisters, not identical twins!” #plasticsurgery #sanfrancisco #bayarea

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An area that is treated must itself look beautiful as well as blend into the surrounding areas. If this is done in balance, the result is gorgeous and the patient does not have an "operated look." I make significant cosmetic changes for patients every day and those changes rarely look surgical. Learn more about us on DrTeitelbaum.com. #cosmeticsurgery #plasticsurgery #drteitelbaum #santamonica #losangeles #beauty #beautiful #transformation #experience #potd #mommymakeover #happy #plasticsurgeon #transformation #surgery #makeover #surgeon #topdoctor #faq #breastaugmentation #implants #breastimplants #review #testimonial #happypatient

I loved my breast implants until they started making me sick about 3 years ago. They filled out my clothes and gave me confidence, where my self-esteem was lacking. I have gone down a beautiful path over the past year, leading me to many wonderful women who have also suffered from #Bii 🤢#breastimplantillness is real and sadly, not many are aware why they are so sick and why doctors struggle detecting. I have #gummybearimplants and was told this new kind is not dangerous. They are dangerous, just as all other implants are. If you are considering #breastimplants ...please please do your research and know you will have a #tickingtimebomb on your chest. I #explant in June and cannot be happier with my decision. For the few friends and family members that know and have supported me...I love you all so much! #tohealth #myexplantjourney #detoxingmysystem #keepgoing #dontbescared #knowledgeispower #loveyourself #loveallofyou #healingjourney #timetoheal @breast_implant_illness @breast_implant_fraud @breastimplantillnessinfo @breastimplantillnessvoice

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#HappyFriday Have an Amazing Weekend Everyone bcuz I Will 💦
I took this pic 2 weeks ago but I'm posting it today because I love how my #Boobs #BreastImplants look in it😄 The 2nd pic I took last week. #NaturalHair #CurlyHair #WavyHair #BabyFineHair #Curls #Waves #BlackHair #ILoveWine🍷
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