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"Too much or not enough"
Torço muito para que a amamentação seja tão natural quanto a beleza dessa imagem. Somos mamíferos! Bebês mamam no peito! Eles se alimentam do leite de sua mãe! O peito é muito mais do que nutrição, é afeto, amor, carinho! É conexão!
Se uma mãe deseja amamentar seu filho, isso torna-se um DIREITO dela, e um DEVER da sociedade em ajudá-la! (Ou ao menos assim deveria ser...) . .
Porque amamentar plenamente é isso, suprir a necessidade do seu bebê não importa onde seja, e ter esse olhar no momento prazeroso que representa para mãe e bebê. .
Quantas vezes você acordou no meio da noite com seu bebê chorando, e o acalento do seu colo o fez parar de chorar? Ou nos primeiros dias você amamentou apesar da dor? Quantas vezes pensou em desistir, mas algo dentro de você não deixava? Precisou tratar mastite, candidiase, fazer frenotomia...pomadas, ordenha....
E quantas vezes quando seu bebê ficou doente e veio aquele alívio, porque o peito estava ali, pronto para suprir aqueles dias sem apetite nenhum? Para fornecer os anticorpos que ele precisava para combater a doença! Que você respirou aliviada porque "pelo menos o peito ele estava aceitando?" .
Porque existe uma pressa tão grande para esse bebê desmamar? Porque a sociedade estranha e até se ofende muitas vezes? Talvez por isso que as mães acabam se colocando numa posição na defensiva, para se proteger de tantos bombardeios...e não falo somente em relação à amamentação, mas a tantas atividades que essa mãe é cobrada relacionada ao cuidado do bebê. .
Lembre-se que tem muita gente que pode auxiliá-la no processo!
Marque uma mãe que amamenta e precisa daquele incentivo pra se manter firme e forte! 👊💪 Que seja intenso e extremamente lindo enquanto durar! ❤
#marqueumamaequeamamenta #enaoestápensandoemparar #ametaé2anosemdiante 😊
Um Bjo
Dra Kelly Marques Oliveira
Pediatra e Consultora Internacional de Amamentação (IBCLC)
Foto linda de @lamamanpoule - com autorização 😊
#pediatriadescomplicada #amamentacao #amamentacaoPD #breastfeeding #breastfeedingsupport #amamentacaodescomplicada

Dar pecho es complicado al principio, pero en realidad si pensáis en las ventajas de tiempo, dinero y comodidad merece la pena, por no hablar del vínculo tan especial que creas con el enano!! Vamos que mis tetas se han convertido en un 3x1 perfecto y el mejor multiusos que conozco 😂😂 #baby #lactancia #maternidad #momandbaby ##familyphotography #lactanciamaterna #love #postpartum #postpregnancy #pregnancy #pregbancylifestyle #amordemadre #breastfeeding #breastfeedingsupport #babyboy #7weeks #sweetbaby #fotobebe #babybump #mumblogger #babyinside

Our little babe is ONE MONTH OLD!! I can't believe it! He is so cuuuute. Looks just like his dad with his blond hair and eyebrows and super long big toes. Still hates baths but is starting to like his piano activity mat and does OK with tummy time (for today). He's starting to be more alert with his big blue eyes and really enjoys pooping right after we've just changed his diaper 😆😆😆 We love this boy so much 💙
As for mom.. well, this is been both the best and most difficult month of my life. We are SO lucky to have our healthy sweet baby boy, but no one tells you about the stuff you'll experience after walking into your house from the hospital with a newborn and thinking "okay now what?!" Like, that your baby will hate every contraption you bought for them & you'd have to hold them while they sleep & you're petrified to fall asleep while doing so. Or that you'd try everything possible to breastfeed like you were taught and still feel like you're not feeding your baby right. Or needing your husband to lay in the dark with you while you cry and you don't even know exactly why you're crying. Or that even at 31 years old, you'd still need your own mommy as much as you did when you were 5. Maybe I WAS told all this, but I certainly wasn't listening hard enough. We're so lucky to have such supportive family who have been around almost every day doing laundry, cooking, cleaning, you name it. And my friends- I never thought the people I {not so} secretly chugged vodka with in basements and dorm rooms would be my biggest resources when I felt like the most helpless new mom! It really does take a village, and we really love ours❤️ #oversharing #dontcare #realtalk #firsttimemom #TheoAnders818 #binxyapproved #wherestigerman #breastfeedingsupport #2postsin1day

Like I need an excuse to eat cookies for breakfast, but these lactation cookies by @kaimade are my new jam! I can actually feel a difference in my milk production after only a few cookies. And if I needed any more proof, this guys has slept from 8-8 and only woken up ONCE the last few nights. They have gluten free and dairy free options, and the yummiest flavors 🙌🏻Use code MAMAASH for 20% off!
Also this blanket and onesie by @wildsunshine.threads are just 😍😍
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🍑little peach of the day🍑
🍑positioning to get a good latch🍑
Baby's position will make all the difference to a good latch. Once you have mastered the skill of breastfeeding and latching on becomes natural you may experiment with lots of different positions to nurse in. But in the early days it is helpful to follow a few simple tricks and rules to establish a good, deep,comfortable latch.
🍑firstly it would probably be good to get yourself some comfortable nursing pillows in order to get nice and relaxed during the first days of long endless breastfeeding sessions. I would recommend a big one for yourself and a smaller one for baby to lay on
🍑 Sit comfortably, perhaps lay the nursing pillow if you are using one on your lap and place baby on it. 🍑Keep baby’s body in a straight line with whole body facing the nipple and breast
🍑 Support the neck, shoulders and back so that the baby can tilt his/her head back easily.
🍑Move baby  towards the nipple.
🍑Make sure the baby’s lower lip and chin is in contact with the breast first. A gentle stroke with your nipple on baby's lip should lead to baby opening mouth wide ready to latch on.
🍑semi reclined position might be particularly comfortable to nurse in as you can rest and lay down a little and gravity helps you. ( see my laid back nursing post) 🍑practice makes perfect, if you feel any tension in your arms, neck or shoulders do get somebody to get you an additional pillow or readjust your position. Nursing through feeling uncomfortable leads to increased pains, it is fine to unlatch baby readjust the position and try again. It also helps baby to practice latching on. And a relaxed mama will have a better milk flow 🍑when I encountered problems first time around I immediately tenses up which ultimately made it much worse, being stressed about positioning and tensing up is going to hinder establishing breastfeeding 🍑once established try a variation of positions you or baby like to nurse in, it will give you confidence and frees up your mind about tensely holding your child whilst feeding. 🍑
#breastfeeding #breastfeedingproblems #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeedingadvice #brelfie

When toddlers are sick or experiencing new situations, they tend to increase the amount they nurse. What new situations have come up with your toddler that make you glad you're still nursing them? #bfsupport #breastmilk #breastfeeding #breastfeedingparents #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeedingsuccess

Now if only someone would bring me another cup of coffee I'd be good!!! #morningsnuggles #breakfasttime #breastfeedingsupport

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Welcome to the 4th trimester.
Do you feel the call to support women and families in the postpartum time? Be apart of the subtle and raw transformation and transition into motherhood.
Join Jen Chandlee, November 3rd-5th at Homegrown Families (201 Charlotte st) for our very first Postpartum Doula Training!

Take a dive and learn what the key skills of becoming a postpartum doula are. Jen leads an engaging, active training...prepare to feel inspired and captivated by this work.
⚡️Click on the link in our bio to sign up now!!!!⚡️ 📸 @atxdoulas @thebabymoonretreat

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#tuesdaytestimonial Thank you, clients! I love assisting you in your breastfeeding journeys ❤️ If you are satisfied with my services, do you mind leaving a Google, Facebook, or Yelp review? I appreciate the word of mouth referrals from you, too...there is no greater compliment! #breastfeedingsupport #FayettevilleNC #ftbragg #hometownproud #yourIBCLC 👩🏼‍⚕️

You got a friend in me 😘

Just because I missed my Monday Mantra day doesn't mean I can't share a quote with you today. Begining of the week reminder and support for breastfeeding moms!
This time comes from the book Child of Mine by a collegue dietitian Ellyn Satter. "Baby games and the early relationship you establish with your child form the basis for everything that comes after. One stage flows into the other. "
"Singing a little song, "here we go to get some food" will let her have the pleasant anticipation of being fed, and she will eventually wait more patiently if feeding is a bit delayed. " ❤️🎼🎭
This game is a great way to start your breastfeeding sessions with your child and build a fun and trusting and lasting relationship together. 🌷🤰👼
For more tips check out this great book. And if you are having a lot of difficulties with feeding your child, or for breastfeeding support and counseling contact me (TurkishAmerican Dietitian and IBCLC) so we can arrange an online session to help you. 👩‍👧👩‍💻🌱🌻
With Love 💕💕💕
#breastfeeding #breastfeedingmoms #breastfeedbaby #breastfeedingsupport #lactationconsultant #breastfeedingcounselor #breastfeedingconsultant #ibclc #ibclcturkiye #lalecheleague #lalecheleagueturkiye #emzirme #emzirmek #emzirmedanışmanı #emzirmedanismani #emzirmedesteği #womenhood #womensupportingwomen #womanpower #childofmine #sacredwoman #sisterhood #dietitian #holisticnutritionist #holisticbaby #medicinewoman #izmirdoğaldoğum #womanhood #divinefeminine #sacredfeminine

I contemplated for ages on whether I should share this photo or not, because I'm breast feeding and other people might not like it 🤷‍♀️. But honestly, I love being able to breastfeed my daughter, I love that my body grew two beautiful human beings and that my body still continues to solely provide nutrients to one of them, I love how the female body is the powerhouse of human life, I love that first instant connection that creates an eternal bond between mother and child, but above all, I love that my daughter puts her hand on my chest as if to further comfort herself, but unknowingly to Harlow, her little hand on my chest is what comforts me too. And that is a moment I want to share, so if you don't like breastfeeding photos keep scrolling or unfollow 🤗💕 #breastfeeding #breastfeedingsupport #breastfeedingjourney #fedisbest

I'm a firm believer in breastfeeding but I'm also a firm believer in fed is best. Mamas, do what's best for you but support the decisions other mamas are making. We are all just trying to make it. Love one, love all!
www.etsy.com/shop/SimplyBakedCo 💕💕

"I feel like a milk machine!" -Every nursing mom ever. Join us on our blog today to talk about how to navigate one of the prickly nursing pitfalls: clogged ducts. http://virginiababyco.com/blog/clogged-ducts #breastfeedingsupport #momshelpingmoms #thevirginiababyco

Yes! Thanks @lalecheleagueusa great tips for visiting new parents.

Did you know you can pay for a #lactationconsult, #newbornconsult or #prenatalclass with us using your FSA/HSA credit card? 💳This is a great alternative to worrying about whether your #insurance company will provide reimbursement.
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Every service I offer is to directly help you with the newborn period. Ask me how we can rock the 4th trimester together! Together we can do this!
#RIdoula #support #labor

It was a long day and i only managed to pump once 😩however, i nursed more today. Hooray for small victories! Tomorrow might be better 🍼 #legendairymilk #liquidgold #breastfeeding #breastfeedingsupport #normalizebreastfeeding #normalizebottlefeeding #fedisbest #mamabear #milkies #julybaby2017

Getting distracted is really normal at this age. "Babies are curious about their world and really start to explore now." Your budding toddler may be distracted by every noise he hears, which causes him to pull away from the breast; or he may be crawling, in which case he really wants to explore. While this might be a frustrating time for you, it should pass; it typically doesn't mean that the baby is ready to wean. Try nursing your little one in a less distracted environment #breastfeedingmums #breastfeedingsupport #breastmilk #distractedbaby #breastfeeding #mikedservices #breastfeedingmoms

Getting distracted is really normal at this age. "Babies are curious about their world and really start to explore now." Your budding toddler may be distracted by every noise he hears, which causes him to pull away from the breast; or he may be crawling, in which case he really wants to explore. While this might be a frustrating time for you, it should pass; it typically doesn't mean that the baby is ready to wean. Try nursing your little one in a less distracted environment #breastfeedingmums #breastfeedingsupport #breastmilk #distractedbaby #breastfeeding #mikedservices #breastfeedingmoms

🍑little peach of the day🍑
🍑Pumping at night🍑
If you are looking for a good milk supply it is best to have a regular pumping routine during a 24hr period. Unfortunately this also includes night time pumping😱. Here are a few tips on how to cope :
🍑In the early weeks of pumping to establish a milk supply it is important to pump every 2-3 hrs, later on you can pump when you know baby's feeding routine so before baby would normally feed or just after baby has fed and some babies sleep well during the night then you wouldn't need to pump during that time either 🍑I had an every 2-3 hour routine for 12 months and never really adjusted to her routine as she was up all night anyway. So I just kept pumping as well
🍑for these dreaded night time pumps get yourself a cozy spot with a little dim start light perhaps or a nice candle, being relaxed will help the amount your pumping as well as your let down
🍑having it nice and warm so you don't fully wake up whilst you pump will also help 🍑I used to have my iPod in my pumping spot with some relaxing music or meditation so I almost pumped half asleep and blocked out the mind numbing pumping noise 🍑using a hand free double pump is a life saver during night pumps,as you can lean back and relax and it does not require you to hold a pump 🍑I also wore an eye mask whilst pumping for 15-20 minutes just to stay in a dozy state so I can return back to sleep after I had pumped an amazing one is @spacemasks 🍑pumping requires a huge level of determination, the little things make all the difference so invest in things that make you feel comfortable like a nice nursing chair or a cozy blanket and pillow.Being relaxed whilst pumping and feeling "okay" about night time feedings will keep you sane 🍑well done mama! You can do this#pumping #pumpingmilk #exclussivelypumping @spacemasks #breastfeeding #breastfeedingsupport #pumpingmama #breastfeedingadvice #pumpingstation #littlepeachoftheday

Hey mommas! Tomorrow free breastfeeding clinic from 10:00-12:00 at @aboutfamiliesinc Need some extra breastfeeding support, or just want to stop in for a cool place to nurse out of the heat with other mommas, come one by! #aboutfamiliesinc #desertmoms #breastfeedingsupport #ittakesavillage #doula #desertdoula #doulaaisha #breastfeedingclinic

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