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Before and after pregnancy from
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Salah satu hal paling penting yg ibu menyusui butuhkan adalah support dari suami. Penelitian yg dilakukan School of Public Health Curtin University of Technology juga mengatakan demikian. Kemungkinan ibu menyusui berhasil memberi ASI 10 x lebih besar jika memiliki suami yg juga ingin anaknya mendapatkan ASI.
Tapi kadang suami suka bingung gimana memberi support ke ibu menyusui. Well, Dads, coba deh katakan 7 hal ini ke istri, pasti mereka sangat senang sekali 😊
1. Aku bisa bantu apa?
Saat sedang menyusui, ada banyak sekali hal yg ingin Bunda lakukan selesai menyusui. Seperti cuci piring, beresin rumah, dll. Jadi dengan menanyakan "apa yg bisa dibantu" akan sangat membantunya 😁
2. Ini minuman & makanan buat kamu
Ibu menyusui butuh 500 kalori tambahan setiap hari. Beri Bunda snack sehat seperti buah, sayuran, atau kacang2an pasti sangat membantu. Kemungkinan besar ia tidak akan sempat menyiapkan itu semua.
3. Mau diambilin apa?
Newborn butuh menyusu 8-12 kali sehari. Ini artinya Bunda akan berada di sofa atau tempat tidur selama berjam2. Agar ia nyaman, coba ambilkan buku, handphone, atau snack selama menyusui.
4. Nanti aku yg ngurusin si kecil ya.
Ayah memang tak bisa menyusui si kecil, tapi masih ada banyak hal yg bisa dilakukan, seperti menyendawakan atau menggantikan popok anak. Selama Ayah mengurus si kecil, Bunda bs punya waktu buat mandi atau lainnya dan Ayah juga bisa bonding dengan bayi.
5. Bunda hebat banget! Terima kasih ya sudah menyusui si kecil.
Beberapa Ibu menyusui perlu didorong atau diyakinkan untuk terus menyusui. Ini mungkin sederhana, tapi sangat penting khususnya saat Bunda sedang mengalami masalah menyusui atau lagi lelah.
6. Mau aku temenin ke konselor laktasi?
Nggak sedikit ibu menyusui yg menyerah ingin berhenti menyusui karena masalah payudara. Kadang, konsultasi ke ahli laktasi bisa membantunya. Menawarkan diri untuk menemaninya buat konsultasi bisa jadi dukungan yg sangat berarti.
7. Mau dipijetin?
Siapa coba yg nggak mau dipijetin saat harus menyusui bayi berjam2? Pijatan bisa bikin Bunda relax & mengurangi risiko otot-otot yg tegang.
Gimana dgn Bunda, kata2 mana yg paling Bunda butuhkan? Jangan lupa tag Ayah ya 😉

Family Support – How important it is for a mother

Not a lot of people understand that a mother of a newborn is a tender person – not just due to her body but also by her heart and her mind. At this time, they rely overtly on their bloodlines and lawlines i.e. family for support.
⚫Why am talking about this today – Last week I got a message from a new born mother. A sweet mother of 2+months baby. When she told me her story, I clearly remember my heart wrenching and a silent tear falling from my face for her. The story goes like this – She had been at her mother’s place where she been exclusively BF’ing her child. Now that she came back to her inlaws place, within a few days she was told that rather than BF her baby, she should give formula. Reasons given by her MIL were 1) Baby is not chubby 2) It does not seem its stomach is getting filled just with her milk and 3) It cries a lot . They literally used to snatch the baby from her and not allowed her to BF for all these nonsense reasons.
⚫Imagine, the poor mother. What torture and pain she must have gone through and is even now going through? This act by the family is called – A) Abuse and B) Interfering in one’s personal space.
⚫These are part of those ridiculous reasons breastfeeding rates are going down, and you can see where the root cause is – Lack of family support. When mother doesnt get support she needs, she feels exhuasted and frustrated which can lead to depression and finally gives up on BF.

A happy mother is equal to Happy baby.

A happy mother is one when her partner/family member encourages her that "She can do it" and not judge her for the choices she has made for the child.
Before I sign off on this post, a couple of points –
1) Formula or breastmilk – It is the right of the mother to decide what she wants for her child. Because every mother knows because at the end we know "Fed is best”
2) The mother is trying to get her husband to a lactation counsellor – so that atleast he can get some sense on how BF is important at this stage for a baby.
P.S Lets not judge mother for not standing up for her baby.We may not know what more problems she is facing with the family


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✨✨MAMASHARE ✨✨”I gave birth to my sweet boy Kamari on June 25th. I knew early on that I wanted to breastfeed, but didn't have the support. Luckily I stuck with my instincts and breastfed my son as soon as he arrived. Today Kamari is still breastfed on demand! I'm so happy I stuck with it.” @Kamaris_myworld


Hablando de grietas al amamantar 🤱🏻 Les cuento que yo en los primeros días, tuve grietas, sangré y tenía muy mal los pezones, pero decía “por amor a mi bebé aguanto este dolor” hasta que.... me informé y comprendí que #LaLactanciaNoDebeDoler el error estaba en un mal agarre de mi bebé y en la confusión que había tenido pues le había dado pacha 🍼 😞 corrigiendo eso, no tuve ningún problema con los pezones después 😉 así que las insto a informarse, buscar apoyo certero y no dejarse llevar por mitos que la lactancia duele y hay que sufrir porque ¡no es así! 😉
Les comparto un texto de la #LigaDeLaLeche:

GRIETAS EN LOS PEZONES: un dolor prevenible que puede acabar con la lactancia.

La principal causa de las grietas en los pezones es la mala posición del bebé al mamar, pueden ser bilaterales o de un solo lado. Lo más probable que aparezcan en las primeros días de la lactancia
Las grietas como cualquier herida superficial de piel curarían espontáneamente si no fuera por la continua abrasión.

El tratamiento consiste en corregir la posición logrando que el bebé abarque con la boca una gran porción del pecho y no solo el pezón... Algunos bebés no hacen un buen agarre del pezón cuando son muy pequeños o cuando han sido expuestos a biberones en los primeros días de la vida.... #UnaMamáInformada #mamáprolactancia #lactanciamaterna #breastfeedingmom #Guatemala

I just thought I won't be able to use these anymore. Thank you Lord for the abundance! 😂😅😅 #breastfedbaby #breastfeedingmom #dulamilkbags

Giving of thanks to God for everything He has done, what He's doing and will do and especially for the gift of life, my greatest accomplishment, my daughter Zuri Damia👑
Giving of thanks for our lives, Zuri's Bubba😁, our family, each and every blessing and the food and drink to sustain us. Every good thing in our lives comes ultimately from God and we owe him thanks for all--His mercy endureth forever. ✨Yet, another extremely dope session with @keeslittlefeet 😍 and we are #thankful for her and how God allowed our paths to cross!
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Happy Thanksgiving!😊
All the year round may material prosperity stay with you, and your home always be full of happiness, beauty and friends. Do not forget to thank your family and friends for the fact that they are always with you, remember about it not only once a year, but every day☺

I AM THANKFUL for 7 beautiful, sometimes crazy, always fun, years with Mommy Treats 💖 Grateful for the supportive friends I’ve met who share similar passion for breastfeeding awareness, humbled by the loyal clients who have trusted me with their first pregnancies and even through the second, third and.. fourth?! 😜 and inspired by all the opportunities and failures that I have experienced 😊 THANK YOU 😘Mommy Treats isn’t just a brand. 💖🤱💖WE ARE FAMILY💖🤱💖 Double tap to send some love back 😍

know what we’re thankful for? this beautiful community. thank you for showing up for one another, for sharing your journeys, for taking time to talk with us, for downloading our app, and for being the best darn #breastfeeding group around. we are humbled by your ability to nourish a baby and inspired by your strength as mothers. ✨ it's a great honor to support you and we thank you for choosing to be a part of pumpspotting. #happythanksgiving and MUCH LOVE! 💕 x amy and team

Hi five 🙌🏻 to all the new mamas nursing in public the first time this weekend! You've got this...and we've got #latchpal in a variety of colors to suit your style!
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Y'all, what's the chances I'd hit a new weight loss total on Thanksgiving Day.....the same day I'm responsible for bringing all the desserts?! It's ok though! My "fight temptation" game is strong and I'm just interested in the deviled eggs and potato salad anyway!! However.....this Mama is down 106.2 pounds! My sweet Noah was cheering me on this morning while the others slept!

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PAYUDARA KECIK. Nak KAWIN BULAN 12 nie, tolonggg..takut bakal cik abg larikkk 😭😭.
ada tak bakal pengantin alami masalah payudara terbantut dan kecik?risau majlis nk dekat tp cikB mcm budak2 darjah 6 lg. .
Meh akak nak bantu awk, kesan dlm 1 minggu penggunaan sahaja. Boleh dpt aset yg awk idamkan tu sebelum majlis perkawinan awk. Sure bakal suami happy panjang 😉😉
WA 011-28253212 kalau nk harga promosi 😍

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Coffee, Mother's milk tea, 32 oz of water and oh yeah some oatmeal for breakfast. #hydrationiskey #milkgains🍼 #breakfast #drinkallday #breastfeedingmom

Our Lactation Spread dolled up for the Holidays! Perfect gift for your breastfeeding mommy friends!
Lactation spread in pesto cream cheese flavor. (Previously MILKING PESTO CREAM CHEESE). It's a spread specially made for breastfeeding moms. Use it as a spread on your malunggay pandesal, bread, crackers or as pasta sauce. It's a quick fix for the always hungry breastfeeding mommas. Made with more malunggay to boost milk supply. .
For orders and inquiries:
Follow @avas_kitchen
Sms / viber: 09062444595

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