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And this one with my mother, thank God for #breastfeeding connecting one generation to the next one 👩🏻👧🏻👶🏻 ❤️ And like @tessabegel said, there is nothing more normal than using breast to feed a child🙌🏽🙌🏽 Before I gave birth and started my breastfeeding journey, I always thought that I was going to cover myself and baby everytime she needs to eat. But as the journey started I realize that she despise the cover, and would stop latching whenever I use one. Thus I changed the way I see these whole things and only giving the best for my baby, and not giving a damn to those funny stares and comments. Like what Dr. Seuss said, those who mind dont matter and those who matter dont mind

And what matter most to me is of course, my Lilou❤️✨✨ #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeedingmama

"This is the first feeding pillow where I didn't have to add another pillow, blanket or anything at all to place the baby high enough and make it comfortable for me. Thank you.” - @livingnotes .
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This moment, this perfect little square capture, I needed it more than any of you know. I had only thought about the possibility of Cameron feeling neglected with the introduction of a new baby that it never occurred to me that I could be the one feeling a little left out of HER love and trust circle. When we brought Charly home, she latched on to my mom and lashed out at me. She avoided eye contact with me and Char, would try to smack when I approached her for love, and pretty much just didn't want anything to do with us. And of course I gave her grace because it is such a huge adjustment for her. Well this week, my parents left and she has started to come around. She NEEDS me more again. She's dishing out quick, spontaneous hugs and kisses like the one here for not only me but also her "baba" sister. She's letting us in and it makes my heart so full and so happy. This mom of two life (especially #2under2 ) is not for the faint of heart, but it's so worth it. #fullhandsfullheart #sisters #twolittlebluebirds
And relaaaaax, you see way more of me when I'm bumpin in a bikini and no one had an issue with that so move along if this bothers you. #itsabeautifulmoment #fedisbest #nationalbreastfeedingawarenessmonth

Thinking of the magic of tea and replacing my momentary lapse to coffee... Have been learning about the powerful effect adaptogen herbs have on equalising the hormone system in the body. Current favourite blend is liquorice root, sage and a sprinkling of damiana, even my 5 y/o declared it her favourite tea.
Dada Teapot, designed by Sergio Asti / Born 1926

Ich so - 🍼👶🏻☕️🍦- und wie "läuft" es heute so bei euch? 😁 #momlife
Happy Sunday ihr Lieben. 💋

#momlife #breastfeedingmama you don't like it? Idc 😇 whip it out when he wants it 🙌

Happy Wednesday! We thought we would get over the hump with a midweek *GIVEAWAY*! We want to give away a Love Dot Bra just like this one. Follow the contest rules on how to enter... It's easy:
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Reflecting back on my breastfeeding journey I have to admit I've been very lucky. We never had any issues with any of it but I know others aren't so fortunate. Having friends who've struggled with it, truly put things into perspective and I don't take the last (almost) 16 months of it for granted. Zoe is now night weaned and I fear that it may mean the end of our breastfeeding journey is closer than I might be ready for. I'm still pumping once a night since the cat wakes me anyway 🙄 but I'm not going to lie, while it was ROUGH waking up constantly to feed her at night, I also now miss having that quiet time with her. Ya can't ever be happy, can ya? 😂

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How cute are these two?! The best of friends 😍💕

Testimonios de mamás reales con el mejor cariño de compartir sus experiencias!
Relato de Ingrid Rios, mamá de Valeria Valentina Ribeiro Rios 💕
"Desde que estaba embarazada me plantee la meta de dar lactancia materna exclusiva, por lo que nunca, compre formula maternizada, me decian que estaba loca, pero respetaron mi decisión. A Dios pedí que me bajara el calostro sin problemas y que fuese suficiente la leche para mantener a mi beba esos primeros días de vida, como primeriza he escuchado muchas madres que no podían solo con lactancia materna. Al sentir sus labios en mi pezon pesando al nacer 2700gr, tuve la más hermosa sensación, más aún al saber que estaba tomando su calostro. Al pasar los días, cada vez succionaba más fuerte y por más tiempo; poco a poco sentí su cambio en el peso; no tuve mastitis, no se me agrietaron los pezones ni mucho menos sangraron a Dios gracias.
No niego que ni ha sido fácil, el sueño el trasnocho, el cansancio, el dolor de espalda por cargar el peso de Valeria, el escuchar "deja de darle tanta teta, no la malacostumbres, entre otras cosas"; pero ahí seguimos firmes, gracias al apoyo incondicional de mi esposo, a las Dras Materan, que han estado allí para apoyarme ante cualquier duda, como amigas, colegas y consejeras. Además, esa sensación placentera de sentir el calor de mi hija en contacto con mi piel, esa dulzura que emana ese contacto es inigualable. Hoy día a sus 3 meses y 6 días de vida, seguimos con Lactancia Materna Exclusiva, sin agua, sin vitaminas anexas, sin medir el tiempo de mamada ni mucho menos condicionar la hora de su tetita. Tengo a una gorda que pesa aproximadamente 7.500 gr, saludable, feliz, risueña y que adora su tetita que la tiene donde sea que ella la quiere."
Gracias por compartir tu experiencia Ingrid! 💛💜
Estamos seguras que mientras las mamás estén más informadas, sus miedos y dudas se irán disipando para lograr una #LactanciaMaternaExitosa
Comparte, difunde 🗣 para generar alianzas que protejan la #LactanciaMaterna 💕
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The smokey skies finally cleared today! 🙌🏼 After the majority of the summer being held up inside the house and a serious case of cabin fever we finally got to breathe fresh air! So naturally we hit the beach💨☀️ Hopefully this means the wildfires are coming to an end 🙏🏼 #beautifulbritishcolumbia #summer

"Very happy with this gift set! The tea helped my supply almost immediately, and the nipple cream was a life saver because I got very sore with all the extra pumping sessions I needed once I went back to work. Thanks!" - Jessica, New York

The Boobie Basket, a nursing mama's BFF --> https://www.annanaturals.com/product/the-boobie-basket/

Dinner tonight was 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 #dairyfree #soyfree #breastfeedingmama #milkproteinallergiessuck

How do people go back to their jobs they don't even like??? --
Big hot mess this week crying all the time to have to leave this little guy again. --
Seriously we have the best case scenario having both grandmas watch Leo and I LOVE my job #butstill --
I'm comforted knowing he's turned out to be such an easy baby #fucolic and he's always with family 😍👏🏼

#normalizebreastfeeding Did you know that breastfeeding provides immunities to diseases? Did you know that it provides the right portions of fat, carbohydrates, and protein? Did you know that it assists the baby's immune system development and it's always the right temperature? Allow women to nurture their beautiful babies whenever and wherever they want! It's a beautiful thing that we all had to do with our own mothers some point in our life. Breastfeeding should not be sexualized, either. It's just a special moment for the little baby and their mother to experience - together. ✨🌿💕
*assisted info. by NY-Presbyterian Bklyn Methodist Hospital*

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