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Girlfriend over here refused to take a bottle while I was out at an appointment yesterday... so that makes leaving her a lot harder. I'm going to try giving her a bottle of my milk once a week to see if it'll help her transition cause mama needs a night out! Any tips or tricks?! #breastfeedingisnormal #breastfeedingisbeautiful #normalizebreastfeeding

I'm not a full time pumper but I do have to do it a few times a week. It makes me admire pumping moms so much. It is way more work then nursing. Pumping moms are my heros! #imthepacifier

for the first time I actually breastfeed in public, not something I am confident in others have there own opinions too breastfeeding however as for me I have been so shy and some what ashamed to do this in public today I felt so good that I just decided too, and felt no different. Only more confidence in being a mother that breastfeeds and it's ok that I feed my child in public. Mind you I got some stares and evil looks but ultimately I'm doing what I think is right. Love my little ra ra 💕😘 #breastfeedingisnormal

What an amazing way to celebrate the completion of #worldbreastfeedingweek! Beauty, strength, fierce motherhood. Find a way to support another mother today. ❤❤❤
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After sharing a #tandembreastfeeding photo the sheriff and CPS were sent to our home accusing us of beating and drugging our children and involving them in child pornography. After spending a year hiding and mourning the loss of safety and trust in my immediate community, I decided to share my story and initiate some local change. I am hosting a Tandem Nurse-In this September at our town's Center and initiating the Gathering In Tandem Art Project by @sacredblisscaptures. To learn more about my story and join the nurse-in and/or project visit www.gatheringintandem.com.
Tag your public tandem nursing moments to #gatheringintandem.

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World breast feeding week. We've been on this wagon for a long time now, and as I'm working on this weening business, it makes me so proud to have been able to nourish you for so long. #getyourtitout #notyourpartytit #breastfeedingisnormal


Il y avait longtemps tiens ! Un canal lactifère sans doute bouché.. Aie, ouille.. On va essayer que ça se transforme pas en mastite.. En 13 mois et demi.. #lesjoiesdelallaitement #mauxdallaitement #breastfeeding #jedouille
Photo : Impression artistique des canaux lactifères du sein humain

Et vous, mamans allaitantes ou ayant allaité, avez-vous eu ces soucis là ?


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For World Breastfeeding Week I decided to do a photo a day of Margo and Myself. I did not realise how hard this would be... I should have since I previously had no photos of nursing sessions. Tonight at dinner Duncan asked why Im doing it, I usually do not want my photo taken and definately dont want to take it myself.
Because everyone I know who failed at breastfeeding did so because they were scared to feed their baby outside their home and because when I nurse in public it is women and girls who are uncomfortable.
So here is my middle of the night wake up, we are happy with our way and I wouldnt trade it for anything.
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When baby falls asleep and sits perfectly still for several minutes. But the second you move they start sucking again and you have to hold them in place so you can go get things done.
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It makes our heart flutter when we hear that our customers love our products.

I'm not a full time pumper but I do have to do it a few times a week. It makes me admire pumping moms so much. It is way more work then nursing. Pumping moms are my heros! #imthepacifier

Regram from @bebe_le_strange_82 "The reason I often post pictures of myself nursing my baby is in no way to offend you or to 'flash' my boobs. The reason I do it is because I believe that the more we talk about Breastfeeding and the more we see it, the more it gets accepted, normal and natural. That's why I do it. I want nursing to become normal so that when my daughter wants to do it, she won't feel ashamed and judged like we can feel today. I don't remember ever seeing a nursing mother growing up. My mom did not breastfed me and I we never talked about it. I never really thought about it before getting pregnant and finding information and support was a struggle. I know so many moms who are too shy to nurse in public because they feel judged. Some won't even try to nurse their baby because they don't have the support and do not know how to go about it. Nursing a child is a beautiful and natural thing. Moms should be encouraged, supported and feeling welcome to do so, anywhere, anytime. So I will keep posting these so people will talk about it, hoping that one day, seeing a nursing mom will become as normal as seeing someone eating a sandwich. And if you are offended, please feel free to unfollow me because I won't stop" #breastfeedingisbeautiful #breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #bosomnectar #breastfeedingmom #breastfeedingisnatural #breastfeedingisnormal @bosomnectar @melkpunt @breastfeeding_world @breastfeedwithoutfear @breastfeedingart #nursingmom #nursingmama #nursinginreallife 📷: @bebe_le_strange_82

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