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You have all heard of lactation biscuits right?
Well what about the breastfeeding mamas with the not so sweet cravings?
Well @franjoskitchen have thought of that too. Meet the savoury cracker...Still packed with all the same nutritious milk making ingredients these are your salty lactation go to snack!
Let your tastebuds take you on a journey. What would you serve them with?
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Wow! We have such an incredible online community! Thank you to everyone who reached out yesterday after my story post re: blood tests. We decided to hold off on the blood test until Cleo is one when we’ll reconsider. Like always as parents, we have a choice! So often we can feel pressured to do routine tests or just incase procedures but so often that is unnecessary. Doctors don’t always give us all the information and you leave feeling it is something you have to do! During pregnancy and birth we were really good at making sure we used our knowledge, asked questions and advocated for what we knew was best for us and our baby. And that shouldn’t have stopped there, I encourage you to question and decide what is best for your family. Cleo isn’t showing any signs of being unwell so why look for something that isn’t there? Babies with T21 are more susceptible to other health issues but right now Cleo is really healthy, feeds & sleeps like a champ and is developing in her growth consistently. Being a parent with a child with a disability, health concern or anything else you wouldn’t normally have to deal with, you learn really quickly to advocate for your child! Sometimes that gets a little messed up when you’re on a roller coaster, feeling emotional or just overwhelmed. But I am completely at peace today to keep going as we are, to keep loving and growing our angel just as we were before. 💛

Cotton candy bra - the essential bra for your pregnancy and post. #love #cottoncandy pic via @yummy_mummy_lingerie (and again ❤️) #essential

Most of us are blessed to not have to breastfeed under these conditions to protect our babies. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
As part of our social enterprise, for every bottle nipple sale, we will give a proceed to support breastfeeding mothers in developing countries worldwide 🌍

Heading over to the Cleveland County Board of Commissioners meeting tonight! Anyone else going? I'm sporting these white pants I got from the Goodwill in Shelby! Since I gained extra weight while pregnant, most of my pre pregnancy clothes still don't fit. I'm starting to lose weight though, so I'm at an in between size. I love that I can pick up cute clothes to fit my changing body for so little! I can just donate them all back once they don't fit anymore and I won't feel bad at all! #local #localgovernment #voter #SAHM #sahmstyle #momlife #momblogger #momblog #summerstyle #casualstyle #thrifted #thriftstorefinds #goodwillfinds #postpartumbody #bodypositive #ootd #ClevelandCounty #nursingfriendly #breastfeedingfriendly

These popular labor gowns will be re-stocked soon. Moreover, we are getting matching robes to make mamas even more stylish💃Watch this space!
Coming soon! https://www.mumandbabyboutique.co.nz/product-category/birthing-gowns/

I Made this into slides from something Marcella Piper-Terry posted via Landee Crier

Would you rather risk all of these reactions over a week of the measles? Chicken pox? Flu??? Risks are NOT 1 in a million. They are much more common.

Just enjoying some morning coffee 👌🍵
In my new Kimono 😉

Should you? Join our discussion in the comments ⬇️⬇️⬇️

My favorite one-and-done outfit: a breezy swing dress! I love how dresses help keep me cool in the summer and require so little effort while still looking pretty. This one is in the shop, and selling out fast! Grab yours before they're gone! (Also available in navy blue)

Ruma made in the UK!!!! Our new collection is designed and made right here on home soil.

We’ve taken the time to source our fabric,labels and zips all from UK suppliers too.

It’s not been the easiest or the cheapest manufacturing route but we are proud to be supporting local businesses.

Manufacturing in the UK means we can say with full confidence that our clothes are ethically produced.

It means lessening our carbon footprint 👣 and supporting local craftsmanship.

Fast, disposable fashion comes with a cheap price tag but a heavy cost to the environment.

At Ruma we are channeling the “buy less,buy smarter” philosophy by producing garments that are made to last and crafted with love 💗
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On our way to a birth right now🙌 it’s not lost on us that while we’re about to support someone bringing a baby into this world, at this very moment babies are being separated from their families at an imaginary line___. Peace on Earth Begins at Birth🌈and we’re grateful to be a part of this today🙏 #wyldwomyn #keepfamiliestogether
📷: @thelanguageofbirth

After many requests for Kleine Schobbejak in adult sizes we finally started with the beginning of women’s dresses! #groteschobbejak #waldorfclothes #linen #folkdress #handmade #onesizefitsall #breastfeedingfriendly

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