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I didn’t become a coach to show off like, “Hey ladies, look at me working out. Ain’t I just the hottest thang?” Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing women make their health a priority and being proud of their hard work and efforts. But...

I wanted to be MORE than just a sweaty selfie. I didn’t want to just inspire, I wanted to HELP. I didn’t want women to just SEE me, I wanted them to BE me, to walk in my shoes, and to journey WITH me. •
To be honest, I would have never had the guts to work through my crap and put myself out there in order to help others if it weren’t FOR coaching. It’s kind of sad to think about all the women whose lives wouldn’t have been changed if I wouldn’t have changed paths.

I want to show my imperfect body, and how I love taking care of it. I want to talk about my anxiety and depression, and how I am working every day to overcome it. I want to lead by example so that other women who feel seriously lost in their way can come to me for guidance and a kick in the pants.

Coaching, to me, has been a whole-life GAME. CHANGER. Because I never expected to to change MY life, as much, if not more, than I have helped to change others. I guess that’s just the beauty in it all, really. Inspire others = inspire yourself, too.

Want to learn how you can take all those sweaty selfies and make a stinking IMPACT in this world? Join my coach gal pals and I THIS WEEK as we go live from our coach conference in Indy, share a little about our team and ourselves, and the BIGGER PICTURE in all we do! Just click the [link in bio] or drop an emoji below and I will get you added, girl!

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This weening process has definitely been one for the books. I’m learning what I don’t want and what I do want for our journey. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
In my new ebook “The Mama Travel Guide” I am going to be sharing about my journey as a breast feeding mama and my approach to weening that works for us and tips for you to put to work on your own journey. I’ll also be sharing herbs for every stage of pregnancy and mommy hood. Oh yeah, and all of my favorite go to snacks and meals for my kids and I. ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
One of my favorite chapters is “Mamas gotta’ have a life, too” in this chapter I share advice and tips for the everyday mama, yup herbs, meals, meditations, and more just for us! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨
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Day 0 👉🏼 Day 60
Sometimes working out LESS can give you even MORE results....say whaaaaat? •
While exercise is good for us, keeping things short, sweet and to the point with extra time for recovery can be better for us than being lackluster in our workouts most days of the week.

I cannot wait to kick it into gear with this program next month, working out just 30-40 minutes, 4 days a week, for 8 weeks with weekends off (perfect for busy summer days), 1 cheat day per week, and 32 completely unique workouts. Yeaaaah girrrrrl! 🙌🏼

The best part is that I got into an EXCLUSIVE group with the trainer himself😍, where I will learn first hand how to have even more success as I go (much better than listening to myself all the time).

Because I am super pumped about jumping into these workouts, I have decided to open 5 spots for women who want to do this WITH me. You HAVE to be highly motivated and ready to go ALL IN with the workouts, simple meal plan (did you hear me say, “cheat day?”), and monitoring your own progress, because I want you to get serious results before summer is over. Think you’re up to the challenge? •
If so, drop a 💪🏼 emoji below or message me and I will be in contact with all the details. Test group starts in just a few weeks, so first come first serve! 🙋🏼‍♀️

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Ladies, why in the WORLD do we do this - please tell me I’m not the only one? •
In preparation to leave later this week, I am doing loads upon loads of laundry, including all the bedding, deconstructing the high chair so it is spotless, scrubbing counters and floors, and taking note to make things even more clean than when I am actually HERE. Like the world may fall apart in the 4 days I will be gone! Why oh why? My hubs and kids will probably just make it a mess the entire time I am gone anyway.

Do you do this too? I wonder what it is that makes us think we have to make up for the time we will be gone by doing more than we would staying here? We are a funny sort, ladies, we really truly are! 🤪

Versatile Boppy! This Boppy pillow is one of my favorite baby items! I’ve used it since day one. It was an essential item I took to the hospital with me when I went into labor. It was quite nice to have those first few days. It was used throughout the newborn phase, used for naps when I needed her in a good position to clip nails, and now used to help her fall gracefully when learning to sit. It also zips up in half for easy travel!!! With a few extra features. #Boppy #babyessentials #babytravel #babyswag #babystuff #nursingpillow #breastfeedingbaby #breastfeedingwear #naturalbaby #granolamom #crunchymama #babygear #boppypillow

I've just breastfed this little one on the metro, that's a first for us. #girlsday #normalisebreastfeeding

MONDAY... we either love it or we don’t, and I remember the days when I dreaded Monday. That feeling that the weekend just faded away and it meant I had to get back to the ho-hum grind of work and adulting.

When I started coaching, I started viewing Mondays as my sanctuary, as crazy as it sounds, because it’s my day to set the tone for the week, catch up on all that didn’t happen over the weekend, and approach the weekly goals with vigor and excitement.

How do you look at Monday - do you see it as exciting and a fresh start to a new week with new goals, or do you dread going back to work, taking on the same ol’ grind you’ve been doing for years on end?

First tequila of the night VS the cheesy chips on the way home😂it's fine he's just milk drunk! #milkdrunk #breastfeedingbaby #cute #smile #windysmile #2weeksold #leo #beautiful #baby #babyboy #love #son #cutie

The first feed 🖤

Seeing pictures like this makes me want to have 10,000 babies! #myovaries #justkidding

But I mean how gorgeous is this pic of @kyalandkara feeding little Vada. Such a precious moment to capture! 📷 @janemccraebirthphotography

Happy 1 week old little man😍😍😍

This little nugget is 6 maanden oud vandaag! 🤘🎉😻
Nog nooit heb ik zoveel liefde gevoeld dan de afgelopen zes maanden. Echt gek hoe zo een klein ventje heel je wereld op zijn kop kan zetten op zo'n korte tijd.

- 9600g
- 72cm
- #breastfeedingbaby
- al 6 maand onze grootste hartendief ♡
#babyjack #jc #minicasti #babyboy #6monthsold #6monthsoflove #babyspam #avolonte #myboy #boysmom #firsttimemom #bestfeelingintheworld #timeflies #decemberbaby

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