Lunch~ •Baked Potato •Marinated Kale •Broccoli •Avocado with a Cashew cashew cheese
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The sass on this one...😂😂😂

Raiden Willow is 9 months old! She loves talking and is exploring like crazy! She pulls her self up and walks along the furniture and has two teeth. She loves trying new foods and can not get enough of bath time. She loves her doggies and playing with her toys. Shes getting a ton of hair and is actually starting to change her looks! Alot of people have been saying she is looking like Mommy! We love this little lady so much! HOW IS SHE 9 MONTHS ALREADY?! #rainbowbaby

Approaching #17months of #breastfeeding 🙃💕 I have been trying to see if he will wean himself, however I still see no signs from him. I only nurse him for naps and bedtime now, & I made that choice for him... He eats enough during the day so I felt this to be a good decision.
He asks for his boobie by signing "more please" throughout the day, but I provide him with snacks or meals or water instead. He's definitely a boobie baby!!
I so badly want him to self wean... because 24 months is my limit. Working fulltime while taking care of him & household duties is tiring enough! I so badly want my body back to myself.😅 but seriously, being able to provide my son with the best possible nutrition for 17 months is such a blessing... and it's been such a precious bonding experience. 🤱💓 #breastfedbabe #breastfeedingmama #breastfeedingjourney #milkymama

Stopped dead in his tracks as he was running full speed through the store... May have taken some bribery to get him moving again.
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“There's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met." ― Jim Henson

Being a part of this team of women is something I’m incredibly grateful for. ❤️ I don’t quite know how to describe it but I can say that it feels so good to belong to a group like this. Especially as a new mom who’s life revolves around children whom I can’t have an adult conversation with. 😉

All of us in this photo have a desire to live a healthier life and help others do the same. And that common desire has brought all of us together - from so many background and walks of life.

We laughed together (a lot) and even cried together. It’s amazing that this was the first time I met some of these ladies for the first time and feel like you’ve known them forever.

When you let the walls down and realize we’re all the really same- with struggles, stressors and insecurities- it makes it so much easier to allow that friendship to grow.

And now we all share this bond, almost like a sisterhood, which I wouldn’t trade for a thing!
Guess what? If you also have a desire to live a better life and help others, there’s a spot for you here! Join this team, now is a perfect time. Reach out if you want to know more 💕

Beautiful moments like these I will cherish! My little Archer 🏹 oh how I love you so! And your little pixie ears like mine haha lookout boy you know mums going to make you dress as an elf 😂#breastfeeding #normalizebreastfeeding #breastfeed #breastfedbaby #breastfeedingmama #breastfedbabe #breastfeedingclothes #natural #thatpixieearthough #pixieearsdontcare #gotitfrommymama

We made it 17 months babygirl ✨
No matter where we are or who is around, this is her comfort and the place that feels most like home. Something that as her mother, only I can provide.
See the thing is, I don’t know when I’ll stop breastfeeding. As long as Isla is willing and my body is producing nutrients for her, I will continue to cherish these precious moments.
I have so much love and appreciation for my body and what it has been able to provide my daughter with for the last 17 months. It truly is the most incredible experience.
May she always know she can climb on in and find safety in my arms. A place where we have created such a special bond since the day she was born.
To all my breastfeeding mommas out there who are continuously asked, “when are you going to stop?” May your answer simply be, “when we are ready.” The thoughts of others do not come into play on this one!✌🏼
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Thumbs up...tomorrow is Friday!

Guys... breastfeeding real talk.
This thing right here is always a must when someone asks me what they'll need for breastfeeding. I got the @naturebond_international pump to see what all the hype was about, and was so surprised how well it worked. I've always suggested getting two, just to have. And now I'm wishing I woulda followed my own advice. I am in SO. MUCH. PAIN. I've never had any problems breastfeeding. Even in the beginning, I only had pain for about a day or two. But I am so severely cracked all of a sudden and it hurts to do just about anything. Soooo you can imagine, feeding or pumping is so so sooo painful. I would literally rather pop another kid out right now that endure this pain. Lastnight, after I put van to bed, I tried using this. (I usually only use it when I'm feeding him on the opposite side) But I put this on and used a combination of just letting this on, and a little hand expression. I was able to pump, and fill this, and managed to do so, with ALOT less pain than I would have had using my regular pump. I think today, I need to take the plunge and buy another because this weekend, I dont think I'll be able to stand using my pump.
Side note: welcoming suggestions on healing, or ideas on what might have changed to make me crack all of a sudden. Same on both sides, and I swear he doesnt have teeth.. idk! 😪😪😪

Gosh my workout was FUN tonight! Is that weird?

It was dreaded cardio day too!

I had fun with it because I had good music blaring and my mind needed a cleanse after a very busy day at work.

If you think I’m crazy...I may be 😂 But I’m guessing you just haven’t found the right workout for you yet! Don’t give up, give it time and I bet someday you’ll have fun with fitness!

Want some help? Reach out!

The best of friends 💗

Mommas of little ones...it is okay to put the baby down and give yourself some time to do something for YOU .

I remember the major guilt I had after having my first child when I decided I needed to workout again. It felt so selfish to take the time for myself. Unfortunately the time I had to workout is when it was just her and I (because I wasn’t doing that in the morning when she didn’t sleep all night- I’m not that crazy 😜) .

So I would lay Evelyn down on her play mat, lay her in the swing or find someone way to keep her entertained so I could workout for 30 minutes right there by her .

As I started to feel better and the guilt lessened. Looking back now it was probably good for her to have time to be independent too.

Fast forward to this postpartum journey with Gracie and I had to remind myself again that it was okay to take this time for myself .

It’s so much easier (and more fun) to sit and snuggle. But that isn’t helping my physical and mental health as much as a short workout does each day .

So I made it a priority this time to be sure I make the time for myself. My goal is to do this when I don’t have both kids at home, but it doesn’t always work that way .

Such as this morning when Grace didn’t stay asleep. She was content in her swing and I took care of myself with a workout .

Or even better, now that Evelyn is 4 and has been seeing me do this her whole life, she does my workouts with me! It’s a fun activity for both of us. 💕

If you find yourself struggling to balance your life as a new mom and carve out time to take care of yourself, let’s talk. Once you make it a habit you’ll realize how much it’s been missing from your life for your overall well-being. Which in turn will make you an even better momma than you already are !

And then as a bonus you can do this with a group of other moms and we can all navigate this #momlife together!!

Always so happy to see momma after work 😍#gusarnold #5monthsold #breastfedbabe #nofilter

Kid how you become the rock to my world and how I've had to learn to lean with it and move on.

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Little baby berry! Everything that comes from @vivibellesbows is seriously STUNNING! 💗

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