I want to take as many pics next to all of these beautiful succulents all over AZ! 🌵✨🤷🏽‍♀️

Create a life that feels good on the inside. Not one that just looks good on the outside.
Soooooo......you ready to jump in or what?! 🤷‍♀️ get in my dm- Brayley went to sleep on time tonight so mamas got some work to do!! ❤️
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Nora: "I wish we didn't ever get sick or break bones. *pauses & thinks* but then we wouldn't get beautiful casts...so that makes it okay!"

🤣Love this kid. It's all about perspective isn't it?! Between a tummy bug, broken bones, and Cate getting a minor case of chicken pox from her vaccination, it's been a week in the Kipp household. Nora's perspective was right on though! There's always beauty in the crazy.❤

Our Luci girl was the one who caught the stomach bug...she had a fever and day of puking...fun!😜It's all about perspective though...I (the mom who DOESN'T do vomit🤢) handled all the puke like a mom-boss, praising God that it only lasted ONE DAY!!🙌🙌🙌This past spring we had over a week of that stuff being passed among all of us.👎I'll take one day in stride thank you very much!

Next Monday we head to Luci's superman bone doc to *hopefully* get her leg cast off!! Woohoo!!! Hoping she can finally get in the pool this summer!💧⛱😎They will also be taking a look at her spine because we found out this past week that she has a fracture in her thoracic spine. Prayers for that are appreciated!! Hoping we can get her all healed up and fracture free so we can pursue a treatment option this fall that will likely make her bone density better. She has to be healed for that though, so that's our current prayer! Thankful for any that will be joining us in that prayer! 💗

What do I do with all this love that's running through my veins for you 💕

6 weeks old tomorrow...he weighed 13 pounds 12 ounces at our last appointment with the midwife today. I can’t believe how fast my leave is going and how big he is getting. It seems like he just arrived last week! 😭 #gusarnold #babyboy #breastfedbabe #thenightsarelongbuttheyearsareshort #mommysboy💙 #musclesfromdaddy

Get comfy #breastfeed

This is probably going to be a long one.
I actually didn’t realize how much breastfeeding was still an “issue” until I became a breastfeeding mother. Everyone tells you about the hardship of breastfeeding. The long nights. The pain. The constant contact. The pain. The fact that your boobs are probably going to be two different sizes. The fucking pain. They preach and preach about that stuff but what they never tell you is the shit you’re gonna get from everyone and their mothers about breastfeeding. ⠀
Yo, who would have thought right? I’m here thinking “Hey, I’m just trying to feed my child”. WRONG. You’re just an attention whore that wants other men to stare at your boobs.... wait, what?
Yes, because we all go out with the intent of flashing our disgusting “just had a baby and they’re still trying to figure out how to hold milk” boobs.
Have you ever sat back and thought about how uncomfortable it is for a first time mother to go out in public and try and breastfeeding? WE’RE UNCOMFORTABLE TOO but our babies have to eat.
Go to the bathroom? No.
Cover up? Okay. But what if my baby hates being under the cover? Or what about if my baby moves too fucking much for a cover? No.
Go to your car? No.
Prep a bottle? Some babies don’t take fucking bottles. So no. ⠀
While I was still on my maternity leave I DREADED having to go anywhere in public knowing I would probably at some point have to feed my daughter. It was so bad that sometimes I never even left the house. For weeks. ⠀
“wHy DiDnT u FoRmUlA fEeD?” Simple. I didn’t want to. I had a plan from before she was born that I wanted to breastfeed until she was a year old and that’s what I was gonna fucking do. No one was going to stop me.
Breastfeeding is fucking HARD. Like fucking hard. Therefore all this “Oh well I’m uncomfortable that you’re boob is showing” is fucking childish. Stop sexualizing babies eating and stop shaming mothers for wanting to feed their children. It is literally legal for mothers to breastfeed their children in public. LEGAL. ⠀
Cont. in comments..

The dark circles and pregnancy induced rosacea are worth it. ❤️

3weeks: 9lbs 8 oz, 22in long
Extra cuddles today, circumcision’s are no fun😥 #chubbybaby #loveatfirstsight #milkdoesabodygood #breastfedbabe

Lots an lots of wingeing from Winn tonight only one thing for it feed an skin to skin makes everything better 🤱 #skintoskin #kangaroocare #skinonskin #clusterfeeding #breastfeeding #breastfedbabe #7lb2oz #mummysmilk #8weeksold #wingeywinn #growthspurt #iveeatenallthecakes

This is amazing! Model @_maramartin_ nursed her 5 month old daughter as she walked down the runway of a Sports Illustrated swim suit show. 📷 @allure @si_swimsuit

🎵Oh darlin, don't you ever grow up...just stay this little...oh darlin, don't you ever grow up...it can stay this simple...🎶
She's getting so big.❤😢😍

Missing the beach just as much as we’re missing this guy • Greyson’s gone on more adventures, met more people & traveled more in these past (almost) three months then we anticipated, but nonetheless we’ve enjoyed all the company surrounding those times & places.
We will be taking August as a month to renew our minds & refresh our Spirits. We’re tired of always going & regret letting this busy season turn into a busy lifestyle.
August come fast because July is STILL packed 😭
New Mamas, pace yourself. It’s okay to NOT do what we’ve done- slowness is good. My heart aches for it. So thankful for Fathers peace as we take this next step as a family☀️

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