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A imunoterapia é uma ferramenta terapêutica inovadora e extremamente importante para combater o câncer. Um dos tipos de imunoterapia disponíveis é chamado imunoterapia adotiva de células T, em que as próprias células de defesa do paciente (as células T) são modificadas para reconhecer e atacar células cancerosas.
Existem três tipos principais de imunoterapias de células T adotivas: Receptores de antigénio quimérico (células T CAR), TCRs modificados e
linfócitos infiltrantes de tumores (TILs). Destas três modalidades, a célula CAR T é a mais avançada e que tem mostrado resultados mais promissores em ensaios clínicos. Este tipo de imunoterapia direcionada visa impulsionar o sistema imunológico, dando às células imunes a informação que elas precisam para reconhecer melhor as células tumorais como invasores e atacá-los. A técnica envolve a filtragem de células brancas – chamadas células T – do sangue de um paciente e a introdução de um novo gene nessas células.
Um vírus desativado chamado vetor é usado para transportar o gene dentro das células T e inseri-lo no genoma delas. O gene programa as células T para fazer um receptor de antígeno quimérico (CAR), que lhes permite reconhecer uma proteína específica que está presente em células cancerosas. As células CAR-T são então cultivadas em laboratório e infundidas de volta para o paciente, onde procuram o câncer e o destroem. Testes clínicos usando células CAR-T contra um tipo de leucemia agressiva, chamada leucemia linfoblástica aguda (LLA), mostraram resultados impressionantes e altas taxas de curas. No entanto, os resultados com as células T para o tratamento de outras neoplasias malignas são menos pronunciados. Novas gerações de células CAR-T estão sendo desenvolvidas a fim de superar as limitações atuais e tornar a terapia de células CAR-T eficaz contra um leque muito mais amplo de malignidades.

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28 Juli 2016 - De PET/CT Scan. Hierop kunnen ze zien of de kanker is uitgezaaid. Mijn tumor zou het bijzonder leuk vinden zich op andere plekken in mijn lichaam te gaan nestelen, dus dit was nog even spannend. Ze spuiten 1 uur voor de Scan radioactief suiker in. Een kankercel verbruikt meer suiker dan een normale cel, dus op de PET Scan kunnen ze dan heel goed uitzaaiingen in beeld brengen. Dit betekent dus ook dat je 1 uur voor de Scan en 40 minuten tijdens NIET mag praten of bewegen. Dan gaat namelijk het suiker naar je stembanden, of naar je spieren als je gaat lopen. Ik moest natuurlijk na 10 minuten al plassen en ik had OVERAL jeuk. Vet kut. Uiteindelijk waren er naast de tumor maar een aantal lymfeklieren die oplichtte op de PET Scan, dus de chemo moest de week erna starten. Man wat was ik blij dat het alleen nog maar daar zat. Terwijl ik de PET Scan kreeg waren vrienden 1 verdieping boven ons, want die verwachtte hun 1e kindje. Toen ik klaar was kregen we een telefoontje dat ze net geboren was en of we even wilde kijken na hun kersverse wondertje. Ik kreeg het 1,5 uur oude baby'tje in m'n handen en een dikke vette traan rolde over m'n wang. Jeetje, dit was ff confronterend. Zou ik ooit nog kinderen kunnen krijgen? Zou ik dit overleven? Maar wat is de wereld toch mooi dat er net weer zo'n mooi gezond kindje is geboren. En tegelijkertijd, waarom laat mijn lichaam het nou afweten. Dit duurde gelukkig maar 2 minuten en toen was het over. Je kan er toch niks aan veranderen dacht ik. En toen heb ik de baby stiekem even in d'r rimpelige beentje geknepen, want er is niets zo lekker als dat zachte babyvet 👹 #ssstdatwetendroudersniet #ikmoetookaltijdplassen

Self love Sundays 🙌🏻 Since day one I have thought that my scars are sexy. But there are moments where I let the little voice in the back of my head get to me. When that self doubt creeps in I need that reminder that, yes, my scars are sexy. I am still beautiful. It's become my mantra and having it on my mirror for those moments when I'm feeling down is so helpful. If you're feeling down, try posting your mantra up on your mirror so every time you go to critique yourself you too can remember, you are beautiful, on the inside and out. What are your favorite self love mantras?!

Breast cancer survivor! 💪
Keep smiling girl! 👏👏👏
Double tap for respect 🙌

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Don't give up on your dreams. Keep sleeping 💤

Not all illnesses are visible . While I love looking and feeling healthy, the reality is that I still have terminal breast cancer; I am still in treatment; and I could go from healthy to needing chemo or surgery or radiation in the blink of an eye. Before you judge folks who appear “healthy” for using disability “perks”, remember they may have a medical condition that you cannot see. Every one of us would gladly give up those perks to be 100% healthy. #metastaticbreastcancer #terminalbreastcancer #breastcancer #baldballerina #awareness @holtz_photography

From @love_keekee
GOD can turn anything around!!!!!!! In that first picture I was half way thru my treatments for cervical cancer! As you can see my hair had started thinning out and falling out! I was wearing a scarf everyday so people wouldn't see it! I had to wear a mask every time I left the house because my immune system was down from all the chemotherapy! I had a PIC line hanging out of my arm! I was truly going thru a lot and my spirit was broken! 😢 ➡️➡️➡️➡️➡️ Fast forward to the second photo!!!!! This is me today!!!! 🙌🏼 My hair is back and it's growing!!!!! My spirit is renewed! I feel like I have a new lease on life!!!!!! I'm happy and getting healthier everyday!!!!! Doctors say I'm doing amazing and in complete remission!!!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼 Don't tell me that GOD can't move mountains because I'm living proof that he can!!!!!!! No matter what you are going thru HOLD ON!!!!! Have FAITH!!!!! Pray and leave the rest up to him!!!!!!!!!! GOD is bigger than cancer!!!! 💋 Kee Kee =====
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💜 The excitement of celebrating my second birthday! Today was a lot happier than 2 years ago that's for sure! It's been a crazy couple years with many emotions along the way. Just wanna say thank you to all my friends and family who have stuck by me during this wild ride called life. #fuckcancer #cancerversary #metastaticbreastcancer #breastcancer #dontignorestageiv #youngandbrave #survivor #thriver #livingbeyondbreastcancer #allyouneedislove #charliesnarly #boxersofinstagram

About 1/2 way across

Aquí un preview de lo que viene ¡Activen sus notificaciones y alarmas para el martes a las 9PM, nueva mercancía! 🌸🌼💐 ¡Rumbo a nuestra meta! #jeansclosetrd #tiendavirtualrd #share #dominicansbelike #donacion #breastcancer

from @maruschkaa - two weeks ago I was diagnosed with cancer. my life changed in a second. these weeks were the hardest weeks of my life and my treatment didn't even start yet. I decided to put my feelings and words together and write a blog about my journey. It is important for myself and for people who have cancer. you are not alone. I do not want my whole instagram about my illness, so this blog will just consist of my fight against this motherfucker. still I will post selfies on instagram with my shaved head hehe 😈 so who can't deal with that, unfollow now! please love the hell out of everyone around you.
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Cup for a coworker going through #BreastCancer..... Phil 4 :13 #ilovemycricut #ilovecrafting

This picture can not express enough all the emotions I was feeling as I crossed the finish line!! Thank you to my supportive husband @jayslim14 for being there for me and capturing the amazing video this picture came from. I love you Jason!! #powerof39 #advocare #fueledbyadvocare #breastcancer

Photo booth fun at a fundraiser for breast cancer! So glad 😁 we could be a part of such a worthy cause for a friend! Ladies get checked regularly! #fundraising #breastcancer #fun #photobooth #mum #daughter #love #friends #family

Today special: PATIENT LEE HWA SHIN💊
When your best friend has to take care of your 'private things' when you're sick 😂
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Having fun with wigs, hats and Snapchat filters.. and I'm enjoying my short hair 💁🏼
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"If there ever comes a day that we can't be together, keep me in your heart and I'll stay there forever." -Winnie the Pooh. Looking through my pictures from this weekend and praying over my week ahead... The fear is so real right now. Thank you so much for all your messages and comments over the last few days! It means so much to me. ❤

Another one! @poppiphotography is so fantastic! #prechemo #photoshoot #breastcancer

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