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Iv had a bit of a shitty afternoon, it's left me feeling underwhelmed and abbot.. well shit. Iv had friends message me asking if they can do anything and in all honesty what I reply is 'well not because it's my mental mind' πŸ˜‚and it's just that! I can only drag myself up and out of this rotten stink trench that I put myself in time to time.
What made me happy again tonight is scrolling through my images on my phone and seeing this tiny dot all stretched out on our bed. If she can beat the shit for me then I'm sure as hell I can for her , for all of them!!!!! .
Remember to pack that rope when you go to the shitty trenches because your need that way outπŸ€—
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You are stronger than you think. #BreakTheStigma #AFSP #OutOfTheDarkness

πŸŽ‰ #StigmaFree ALL DAY ERRDAY πŸŽ‰ There's no shame in going to therapy and there's no shame in taking medication β€’ I DO BOTH! AND I AM AWESOME! β€’ #mentalillness is not a character flaw or a shameful secret - it's a part of life for millions of us and WE WILL NOT HIDE anymore! ❀️ thanks for the vlog support and let's #BreakTheStigma together! #MentalHealthWarrior #ballerina @browngirlsdoballet #brownballerina #mentalillness #blackgirlmagic #fearlessswuad @mandy.gonzalez @dothehotpants @nourishandeat @scarrednotscared

I just got off the stage speaking at the incredible @femininesuperpowers event! πŸ’ž

Been such an amazing day with @michellezelli @iamjuliacamerondv @thrivetransformations and @lauren_colvin7 πŸ’œ

I live for being in female only rooms and every time I speak at events like this, I am reminded at how much we need it! We need all women safe spaces!! And whilst there is so much talk about empowered women, and trust me, these women were empowered AF. But what is underrated is VULNERABLE women. Every single person in that room was vulnerable - whether it was on stage speaking or it was in the audience and sharing their story... we all got vulnerable.

So yes as the sign says, I'm blessed AF. I'm blessed AF that this is my job. I'm blessed AF that I have people in my life like @michellezelli who believe in me enough to put me up on a stage. And I'm blessed AF that I now realise fear is never a reason to say no.

What a marvellous day! Thank you @femininesuperpowers πŸ’‹

#FeminineSuperPowers #femininesuperpowers2017

Looking back on the past year, I have unspeakable things in my mind. But there is one thing I will say. I made it. I got through it, and there's no looking back. I can't change what i've done. Although I have changed my life. Going back to Portage to receive an award was one of the best things that has happened to me. This place saved my life, and gave me a new one. I've made my family and friends proud, but most importantly. Im happy again. Never been so proud of myself. #BreakTheStigma #addictionrecovery

β€œAfter my miscarriage early this summer, I wondered if I’d let myself imagine too much. If it would have been easier if I hadn’t envisioned our child in such vivid detail. Because there I was in pain, grieving a girl who was largely imaginary. Though her presence was confirmed by doctors through blood tests and ultrasounds, where a heartbeat raced on a monitor, she was larger than life in my imagination. What I grieved alongside her physical absence was the unraveling of all that I had dreamed about her, about us together. I grieved memories that never had the chance to be made.” β€” @pieraluisa

Click the link in our bio to learn more about how our fearless co-founder & executive creative director took the reins of her own recovery (hint: selfies and karaoke are involved). 🌸 πŸ’–
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Good night peeps! Tomorrow is Monday and even though Monday's suck it's a chance for a new start! Be brave and face the day head on!

First of all, HUGE thanks to @yogabossbabe once again for introducing me to the @yogacareersummit ❀️ and secondly- THIS. This is what this little lotus is all about. Breaking that "yoga" #stigma. You can deal with #mentalhealth / #mentalillness issues and practice #yoga. You can suffer from #chronicillness and practice yoga. You can be a #spoonie and practice yoga. You can eat MEAT and practice yoga!!! You make your yoga practice your own, so all of ours probably look different, because we're all moving at our own pace. But we ALL belong here. πŸ•‰πŸ’œ
#breakthestigma #yogacareersummit #yogacareersummit2017 #youbelong #love #community #family #support #anxiety #depression #babysteps

Couldn't be any more proud of this man I'm lucky enough to call my husband. He completed his first fun run 10ks and raised over $2000 for beyond blue. He gave up smoking a packet a day and drinking every week end over 8 months ago and has focused on getting fit and eating healthy and has just smashed his first goal. He has noticed and so have i the massive change this has had on his mental health and thoughts. Thank you to those that came yesterday to support Jase and for everyone that has donated to this fantastic cause. We have decided to keep raising for his next run in October.
#beyondblue #funrun2017 #mentalhealth #breakthestigma #blackdog #happyhusband #happywife #familysupport #firstofmany

There's always gonna be that person who comes along and says, "well at least you don't have..." but that's not necessarily fair. We can only know what it feels like to struggle with what we struggle with. And our struggles should not be diminished.

Mental illness, especially my depression, is a bitch. My brother is what keeps me going even on my darkest days. I didn't know it back then, but I was blessed with the best, most supportive, most talented and wonderful human being to grow up beside. It's as if God created the perfect best friend for me. Sometimes it makes me sad that I didn't see it back then; I didn't see you. Thank you for being my rock. Thank you for being my best friend. Thank you for loving me even when it's been hard, and especially when I haven't even been able to love myself. I fight every day for you, and will continue to fight for you. Even though you're my little brother, I admire and look up to you in so many ways. Thank you for being exactly who you are, which is exactly what I need. My world would be even darker without you in it. You are my light. I love you.

When everyone shows up to lunch in the same @root_to_rise tank. We love these tops because they're super soft and when you buy one, all proceeds go directly to fueling us in our mission to help those in #recovery. Link in bio. #roottorise #roottorisenj #roottorisetribe #addiction #recoverycommunity #cOMmunity #breakthestigma

Eating disorders can interfere within the lives of all races,cultures and identities. Yet regardless you are still beautiful the way you are, don’t let society judge otherwise. *Disclaimer: this image has been taken from @moedastl
#recoveryishappiness #recoveryisworthit #breakthestigma #fightagainsteatingdisorders #youcandoit #strength #recovery

Day 1: symptoms of depression, "D".
I get a LOT of questions about how I'm feeling, and I'm sure anyone with mental health problems knows the constant, "How do you feel?" From doctors, family, friends. I also get, "What's it like?" And sometimes I'm happy to explain, to open up and talk. But other times, particularly when I'm low, getting me to talk is like trying to open up a vault without knowing any of the combinations. And by that point, I usually want to shut you out.
This is my way of explaining a little about what I feel. I'll be posting a new symptom and explanation.
Sometimes my depression manifests as this strange sense of dread and defeat that looms over me, like a heavy coat. Sometimes it's there as soon as I wake up, as natural as stretching, the dread will be there. It makes me want to cower, hide and not move. Other times it creeps on me through the day, as though I'm mentally glancing around to see what's creeping up and then BAM!
Dreading the day is tiring, so on days like that I remind myself to not be too harsh if I'm a little more nervous and tired than usual. I can't prevent the dread but I can try and understand it, welcome it and try to prove it wrong: that there's nothing to dread about the day at all.
#depression #mentalhealth #depressed #depressionawareness #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmatters #mentalhealthwarrior #selflove #fighting #mentalillness #breakthestigma

Sunday Funday πŸŒͺπŸ–€

Thank you for staying with me, even though I'm not that active at the moment. It means a lot to me! Especially those, who check up on me from time to time, just to see, if I'm still there. It's much appreciated.πŸ’™ I'm still struggling. My mind keeps me busy and every time I think it's getting better, my life throws in some more shit I have to deal with. So I try some new things to calm myself down - like learning how to knit for example. It keeps my hands and thoughts busy, because I have to focus to avoid mistakes.

"What consumes your
mind, controls your life" πŸ’­πŸ”‘
This quote really hit home, this last year I have learnt so much about myself & become fully aware of a lot of things I have chosen to take for granted. Happiness starts within & until you truly care about yourself enough to make positive change you will be stuck in that negativity. No person or thing can make you happy, you have to choose over and over again to see the positive, surround yourself with good energy & allow happiness into your life πŸ’•
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Just gotten home from a 40 minute walk!! My sister and my partner help me through so so much. Always encouraging me to step outside even if it is just for some fresh air in the garden. At the minute I only manage to go a little further once in a while but every little helps and all that. Nothing beats this feeling. Knowing that I CAN do this. I can’t wait until I’m fully out there again. β€œLife is waiting for us outside of our comfort zones. We just need to fight a little hard to get there”. πŸ’šπŸ’š #mentalhealth #mentalillness #anxiety #depression #anxietydisorder #bpd #bipolar #ptsd #panicdisorder #panicattack #anorexia #schizophrenia #psychosis #bulimia #recovery #mentalhealthrecovery #mentalwellness #suicideprevention #breakthesilence #mentalhealthawareness #awareness #ocd #mentallyill #invisibleillness #chronicpain #health #ADHD #selflove #breakthestigma

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