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Why should you make the change? Tampons and pads contain so many nasty toxins and dioxins through the use of pesticides and bleaching of the cotton! Why should we put anything that toxic near our bodies, let alone inside them! Tampons and pads also create an insane amount of unnecessary waste going into our landfills! One tampon can take up to 500years to decompose, that’s insane! On average each women uses 240 tampons and/or pads a year all going to landfill 😮🤭😦 #detoxthebox #menstrualcups #breakthebloodytaboo

So you may be asking yourself what are these weird things? A menstrual cup can inserted into the vagina during shark week 🦈 It sits internally collecting the blood. The bell-shaped cup seals against the vaginal wall just below the cervix. The stem is used to remove the cup, then it can be emptied, rinsed, and reinserted. Depending on your flow it can stay up there for up to 12hrs! Meaning you can change it morning and night from the comfort of your own home! Did I mention they last up to 10years saving you lotsa 💸💰🤑 #breakthebloodytaboo #mentrualcups #menstrationmatters #sharkweek

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Chef Gurvinder Kaur- ਗੁਰਵਿੰਦਰ ਕੌਰ

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Proud moment for entire Ecoshe family, to be Featured “In Conversation with Taha” @zoha_purplemush by ASIA TV Global in London. It was their first interview about #MenstrualHygiene which will be telecasted in #SouthAmeria #UnitedKingdom #Canada #Bangladesh and many other countries.
@zoha_purplemush it was a sheer pleasure to be on your show❤️ More power to you multitasker lady 💐
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Ich darf euch voller stolz ein Projekt der @erdbeerwoche_ vorstellen: #READYFORRED die interaktive Lernplattform für Jugendliche und SchülerInnen, um spielerisch mehr über das Tabuthema Menstruation und Alles rundherum zu erfahren! Ich freu mich sehr, dass Rita, die durch die Levels führt, ein bisschen von mir inspiriert wurde und ich auch bei einigen Videos mitwirken konnte. Gratulation zu diesem wichtigen und gelungenen Projekt 💪🤗😘 Mehr dazu in meiner aktuellen Story, den Highlights und über den Link in meinem Profil!

#BreakTheBloodyTaboo was The Red Cycle's first online campaign. It was launched in 2017 as a precursor to our first Campaign 'Celebrate Menstruation'. Watch the video, as Sreya Salim, the then Vice Chairperson of CMC Students' Union, shares her menarche experience.

Women and girls are often considered impure, contaminated, and dirty when they menstruate. Period-shaming is the gateway to the extreme forms of discrimination that millions of girls have experienced, and continue to experience across India. This is not limited to any one class or community. Girls face exclusion, segregation, restrictions on movements and diet. Even to this day the stigma persists–we get sanitary products wrapped in newspapers or hidden in black plastic bags, advertisements feature blue liquids to represent blood and are women are expected to use all sorts of code words instead of ‘period’. #periodofchange

Meet the Diva Cup, one brand of many acting as an alternative to tampons + pads | 🤦🏽‍♀️ Let’s face it - almost every female has to deal with a period for many years of her life. Why not choose something that is comfortable, convenient + clean and not to mention better for the environment and your pocket too? Do you have a favourite brand? .
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Some of you may already know her: feminist, women's right activist and Ruby Cup Ambassador @rachaelmwikali ✊✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿 She's the one taking you through the short-documentary "Champions of Menstruation", which shines light on how some girls in #Kenya have to manage their period with less than 1$ a day.
Haven't seen it yet? Check the link in our bio 😊
PS: hands up if you think her sweater is awesome! 🙋🏿‍♀️

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When you buy a Ruby Cup, a second cup is shipped to our team of trainers and partners in one of our programme countries around the world. Here is Ruby Cup trainer Vanessa explaining to a class of girls of how to insert a Ruby Cup in Urrir, Kenya with Arrive.

Getting the right information, breaking harmful taboos and giving them the choice to use a healthy and cost-saving menstrual product gives girls in need the opportunity to make safe choices about their own body 🌺❤️🌙#MenstruationMatters . .
#MenstrualCups #MenstrualEquity #PeriodPositive #Buy1Give1 #SocialImpact #Kenya #Menstrualcup #Menstruationstasse #Herturn #BreakTheBloodyTaboo

The exact moment when she first saw a Ruby Cup :) Do you remember when you first saw or heard of a #menstrualcup?

Each girl that gets a Ruby Cup through our #Buy1Give1 Programme now has a tiny but powerful device that will help her feel safe and confident during her period and stay in school every day of the month 🙌🏽 The stigma surrounding periods, together with the lack of access to menstrual care products, means that many girls are afraid and ashamed when they menstruate. This has a negative effect on their performance in school, self-esteem and self-image. Our goal is to normalise menstruation and to encourage girls and women to celebrate it.
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Together we walk further. And that's why we're so happy to be partners with the fantastic #NGO Be Artsy. They deliver safe menstrual health and sex education while incorporating participatory photography to tackle the tradition of #chhaupadi.

Chhaupadi is a social tradition in Western Nepal, where girls are forbidden to take part in normal family activities while menstruating, as they are considered "impure". They're kept separate from their houses and families, sometimes resulting in injuries, rape, missed school, humiliation, and even death.

In each village that Be Artsy visits, they run workshops that cover sexual education and puberty for boys and girls in school, menstrual health management (MHM) for women and girls' groups. Part of their workshops is also participatory photography (#photovoice methodology) and of course a Ruby Cup training :) Coming up onto our blog today is a guest post by Clara from Be Artsy, sharing further insights to how they distribute the Ruby Cups that we donated with your help from the #Buy1Give1 program 💛

Photo courtesy of Be Artsy.

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// Menstruation, for years, come with filthiness stigma; hence, women disguise its symptoms the best they could.
The myths and endless stories about menstruation and its evil effect on women have also continuously frightened the society.

With the right information on what should be and should not be done during periods, I wish to lessen the effects of misinformation that has proven its harm to womanhood for centuries. With better awareness, we should all promote comfort and acceptance in women and in our men too.

#NEWVIDEOALERT Link: https://youtu.be/tZBYxUFeyaU (link in bio)

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The Ruby Cup Buy One Give One programme means that with one simple purchase, you can help change a girl’s life for the better.

There are countless girls and women that still don’t have access to safe, effective menstrual products. Instead, they resort to using rags, paper and other unsafe materials.

When you buy a Ruby Cup, we’ll donate one on your behalf. You’ll be giving someone in need the means to enjoy a worry-free period. We call it Buy One, Give One.

It makes all the difference, and it starts with you.

#BuyOneGiveOne #MenstrualCups #MenstrualCup #Menstruationstasse #SocialImpact #SocialBusiness #PeriodTalk #PeriodPositivity #Empowerment #PeriodProud #PeriodPower #NoMoreTaboo #BreakTheBloodyTaboo #Periodtaboo #Changemakers #SocialChange #MyMensesMyPride #Illustration by @aletse.art #Ilustración #CopaMenstrual

We never just give Ruby Cup to girls in need. We work closely with local NGOs on the ground (here the Golden Girls Foundation), who know the community, the region and how best to explain the use of menstrual cups to a class of girls who sometimes don’t even know what a period is, despite having one for years.
One of the main pillars in our distribution programmes is to make sure that those who received a Ruby Cup have access to sustained and ongoing support.
Sometimes this takes place via a  whatsapp group where the girls can ask questions, or there is a teacher in school who also uses a Ruby Cup that they can always approach.

And over time, a beautiful peer-to-peer support network emerges, where the most experienced users (perhaps the girls in the year above, that have been using Ruby Cup for months) help the newbies.

This encourages communication and the creation of a #safespace, where the users can have very much needed discussions about #puberty, #adolescence, #menstruation and the changes their bodies are going through.

#BuyOneGiveOne #Buy1Give1 #MenstrualCups #MenstrualCup #Menstruationstasse #SocialImpact #SocialBusiness #PeriodTalk #PeriodPositivity #Empowerment #PeriodProud #PeriodPower #NoMoreTaboo #BreakTheBloodyTaboo #Periodtaboo

*Gewinnspiel* in Kooperation mit @erdbeerwoche_

Seit heute hab ich meine Regel, ja wirklich, und ich rede darüber 😉

Wie ihr vielleicht schon mitbekommen habt, kooperiere ich derzeit mit der @erdbeerwoche_ für ihr Projekt erdbeerwoche@school. Dadurch hab ich mich wieder verstärkt mit meiner eigenen Regel als auch mit #ZeroWaste Menstruation beschäftigt. Für mich ist gerade diese Beschäftigung zentral, da ich so mehr Verbindung und Wissen über meinen Körper bekomme und bemerke, wenn etwas nicht stimmt! Gleichzeitig weiß ich, wie mein Zyklus abläuft und was für meinen Körper normal ist wie z.b. die Stimmungsschwankungen vor meiner Regel 😉. Die Menstruationskappe oder auch Stoffbinden unterstützen diese Beobachtung und sparen außerdem noch unglaublich viele Ressourcen, die sonst in Form von Binden oder Tampons im Müll landen. Da mir aber meine Frauenärztin mehrmals wegen meiner Kupferkette von Menstruationskappen abgeraten hat, verwende ich zumindest Biotampons! Eine Anmerkung der @erdbeerwoche_ zur Kupferkette: "Wir kennen durchaus einige Frauen, die trotz Kettchen oder Gynfix eine Kappe verwenden, das ist wirklich sehr individuell und sollte am Besten mit dem eigenen Frauenarzt abgeklärt werden". Mehr dazu findet ihr auch hier: https://www.erdbeerwoche-shop.com/info/Menstruationskappen--Der-erdbeerwoche-Menstruationskappen-Ratgeber.html

Und so eine Menstruationskappe oder Stoffbinden (das dürft ihr euch aussuchen) könnt ihr hier gewinnen! ❤️ Um teilzunehmen folgt sowohl mir @marolenas_stimme als auch der @erdbeerwoche_ und liked das Foto auf beiden Accounts. Ihr könnt eure Gewinnchance erhöhen, wenn ihr zusätzlich eine/n Freund/in in den Kommentaren verlinkt und sagt, warum euch #ZeroWaste Frauenhygiene wichtig ist!
Teilnahmeberechtigt sind alle Personen über 16, die in Österreich und Deutschland leben und einen aktiven Instagram-Account haben. Das Gewinnspiel endet Sonntag den 24. September um 23:59! Der/die Gewinner/in wird am 27. September benachrichtigt. *Disclaimer: Dieses Gewinnspiel steht in keinem Zusammenhang mit Instagram und wird in keiner Weise von Instagram gesponsert, unterstützt oder organisiert.* Pic (c) @erdbeerwoche_

So...in Spain some say "Estoy con to' el tomate" to refer to having your period. Why not #JustSayPeriod?
@clueapp asked the same question and you should too 😎
Check out their campaign and if by chance you're in #Berlin, do keep your eyes open at #Rosenthalerplatz for a bunch of awesome poster hanging there! .
#sharkweek #auntflo #menstruation #periods #breakthebloodytaboo #normalizeperiods #periodpower #MenstruationMatters #ilustration by @aletse.art

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