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Grand finale of our @mizunofastpitch photo shoot today! #BreakingGlass #Mizuno

Happy 46th birthday to actress, comedian, director, producer, writer, Emmy winner and 18-time nominee Amy Poehler! She won our hearts on SNL and kept us LOL-ing through 7 seasons of Parks and Rec. To add to last list of stellar accomplishments, she now runs @amypoehlersmartgirls, a super-cool org that reminds us daily to just be ourselves!

"The success of every woman should be the inspiration to another. We should raise each other up. Make sure you’re very courageous: be strong, be extremely kind, and above all be humble." — @serenawilliams
For each and every single day of #WomenHistoryMonth, we're spotlighting a woman who is #BreakingGlass and shattering barriers.
Illustrated by Esther Goh #R29Collabs

Don't look at the carpet. #breakingglass #davidbowie

This Friday flashback is dedicated to my niece "Mia". In a few days she enters a world of opportunity, but also turmoil and political upheaval. Seated - bum down - in mummy's womb, Mia starts life as a rebel. Not odd, considering her lineage. She is named after her late great grandmother "Mia". A lady that shunned 1960's societal norms and divorced a useless and abusive husband (great tap dancer though). She worked diligently and later became a patron of the arts and theatre. Back then married women still filed their taxes as piece and parcel of their "male chaperones" (changed 1970 in Sweden). Mia is the grandchild of my loving mother, who endured bullying as a cute child with chubby cheeks. And to this day body shaming is a silencing method with strong women. The comment sections of ANY article with @amyschumer, @lenadunham or @emmawatson are truly telling. Mia will be born in a nation where maternity/paternity leave is equal to... Papa New Guniea! Mia's working mother, my beloved sister @thefridafarrell, turned an unthinkably gruesome life event of sex-trafficking into an award winning feature film (Selling Isabel; Best Indie at @raindance_film_festival). A movie she raised finances for, produced, co-wrote, and also starred in. Mia, if you work even half as hard as mummy, with what you love, you will be successful. Yet you will earn only 78-82% of your male colleagues. #GenderPayGap is sucky, yes. And while your mum decided to become a mum, women across this country is today struggling to make the decision themselves - just like in the 60s. Accessible healthcare via @plannedparenthood is endangered. Mainly from white, middle-aged, male politicians, with very chubby cheeks. So why then fellow privileged male peers, often victims of harmful macho stereotypes and ideals, ask me why "feminist" is a label I'm so comfortable with? Well, how could I not be? Mia, I pledge to be the best feminist uncle I can be. And I cannot wait to see what, yet another, strong female slayer in the family will achieve! #BreakingGlass
Love you already, Mia. /Uncle Frans
PS. Mia, stay far away from "F" boys. They are indeed "F" for Failures. When you're older you'll understand

@raichevaliers_photography said he'd try to get the moon in there to make up for missing the lightning in the background the other day. I'll take it. #swerving #waterskifsc #breakingglass #sunriseatsunsetlakes

Michelle Thompson took this awesome picture of us last night at NSYC! It was a blast, thanks pals 🤗 #breakingglass


I love it when they mention Stephen King in movies ,Series & comics. Once Upon a Time S04 E04-05 (Breaking Glass)
#stephenking #OnceUponaTime #onceuponatimeseason4 #onceuponatimes04e0405 #breakingglass #onceuponatimebreakingglass #hook #tvshow #Series

Watching Breaking Glass. It's been a Hazel O'Connor sort of day. #HazelOConnor #breakingglass #movietime #music #80s #postpunk #alternative #punk #newwave

The Painting. The Book and Me. #bowieforever #starman #breakingglass

Michelle Thompson took this awesome picture of us last night at NSYC! It was a blast, thanks pals 🤗 #breakingglass

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