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Playing keep up is exhausting. I'll settle for in my own time. #trusttheprocess #breakhabits

What toxic habits or relationships are holding you back? Up on my blog, 3 ways to FREE YOURSELF from them. Link in bio! #Toxic #BreakHabits #Positivity #SelfLove #Schatzle

Been studying this guy for about a week now!
I realized that I have a poor man's mindset financially and it's times to increase my capacity in that area. That's why it was a no brainier when I heard him say get these books and master them!

Clean slate!
Don't wait for "when your ready," 2016, or some other marker...you're ready NOW & have the ability to wipe the slate whenever you need to! You can decide at any moment of any day that you want to start over, as many times as you need!
Never give up on yourself!!! #DecideAndDoIt #BreakHabits #ChangeYourPerspective
Inspired by #Janet !

Dare to do something outside your comfort zone and watch your entire life change, as if by magic!

DIY tasks of the year: repair the coffee maker! I followed instructions given by my colleague, I hope I can report tomorrow morning a successful mission #breakhabits #makersmess


#aboutlastnight when two artists from different disciplines who do not know each other or what the other does, meet in front of a live audience + cameras for the first time, with the only direction being 'there is no direction',👆this is what goes down. It was g.r.e.a.t to kick off the first ever #comovementlab. In live collaboration with a stranger, silence + a room full of people, anything can happen. It's scary, exciting, nerve-wracking, magical, full of possibility, weird + wonderful + whatever happens in the space - fab or flat, is the truth. This experience has e.x.p.a.n.d.e.d me. This experience has allowed me to further meet myself. And the experience of #livecollaboration reminded me how important it is to remain in many ways childlike; to throw yourself innnnn, to take risks without overthinking, to be inquisitive, to make decisions, to try things without being overtly conscious or aware of outside eyes, to release + just do, just go, to not be afraid of the sound of your own voice. With all of this comes a type of freedom + in that freedom you discover your power. It was so so fun. Thank you Nik @nikilldesign. Thank you to all the wonderful crew. And a big thanks to ⚡Eldina⚡@eldinala. Looking forward to the completed video 🤗🤓 + to watching future duets!

#collaborate #liveexchange #exchange #artists #instinctive #authenticity #childlike #meetyourself #challenge #steppingoutsidemycomfortzone #comfortzone #magichappens #youhope #discover #play #create #paint #dance #dancer #pattern #explore #breakhabits #genre #performanceart #learn #grow #getdirty

My 1st yoga book is finally available for Presale! http://tiny.cc/27days @udayayoga 🙏💚🙏
Begin or reboot your yoga practice in the comfort of your own #home with this 27 day series. This step-by-step guide offers 27 individual 15 to 20 minute yoga sequences, one for each day of the program, especially designed to support your evolving #yogapractice, progressing from the fundamental poses to a fluid #meditation in motion exercise. An 'Awareness of the Day' is included for each day, covering the breadth of yoga, from its history, why and how we practice, the chakras, nutrition, rest, yoga #philosophy, and so much more. With the book are 28 companion videos, including a yoga nidra with music by @shebrings💞If you are looking for a gentle way to enter the wonderful world of yoga, there is no better place to start 😊
PC: @mhwordell

Doing things differently. Breaking habits. Changing patterns. That's what Yoga does. Softening and opening my heart. Not an easy practice for me. My default nature is to be rigid and on constant guard, like a most diligent soldier. Don't be vulnerable, my Inner Critic says. It means weakness. There's a Higher Voice that tells me to continue on. Some days in a whisper through a troubled child's hug, a stranger's smile or a random text. Some days that voice speaks in a gentle, yet firm way through a nudge I can't ignore, a conversation in which I say something, that I, myself, need to remember, or through a Bible verse, ancient Yoga text, or a quote of loving wisdom. Some days that voice screams like a tyrant, unwilling to be ignored any longer and unwilling to put up with my BS. This heart softening and opening is responsible for changing relationships...with God, with myself, and with all others past, present, and future. Not every encounter is good. But each holds at least one small teaching lesson to help me grow more compassionately into my True Self. I have been asked do I believe in Soul Mates. That's another post! Short answer is yes, but not as most others do. I'm acknowledging a question that's been hiding under layers of undealt with stuff. It's been showing glimpses of wanting an answer for a while now, as I've released all sorts of things that no longer serve me. It's bubbling to the surface, and all I really want to do is burst each and every one. So I put it out there, for me, to hold myself accountable for honoring The truth of what's happening right now. Do I believe my crazy, chaotic, overwhelming, single mom life would be easier, better, more manageable, more enjoyable, and more peaceful if I shared it in an intimate way with someone else? I don't know, really. Inner Critic says it's too messy and no one else deserves to be burdened by it all. However, I am certain of my gratitude for family, friends, teachers, coaches, neighbors, and even strangers who play a part in bringing support, encouragement, positivity, and stability my way. My Tribe. I couldn't do it all on my own on my very best day without my soul support system. Love my tribe!!

You are your very own brain surgeon! By choosing your actions & thoughts, you can build the brain you want, automate the responses that you want to learn (with lots of practice) and break old habit patterns by forming new ones! This is a beautiful word picture of EXACTLY what today's video was about! Build the "cables" that will lead you to life, good health, & wisdom. #mindset #mind #habits Quote from #awakenthegiantwithin by @tonyrobbins

Away from politics & sad news. The internet is upsetting me, I've decided instagram is the happiest of them all. Can someone who works in #socialmedia practice a #digitaldetox⁉️. Read how I'm doing it on my latest blog. Link in bio 😊 #glitzaroundtheglobe #betterlife 📵 #challengeyourmind #breakhabits #instagramiscool #sunset🌅 #sunnymalta #summer2017 🏝 #beautifuldestinations #bbctravel #islandlife #holidayisland #home #travelgram #ladieslovetravel

Backbends break habits and open us to new possibilities. Find your backbend this week:
Wed 6:30 @rainbowbodyyoga

Fitness starts@9am with 3 miles walk or run @SPFLD COLLEGE TRACK followed by
#teamus FitCamp1 then followed by #teamFitCamp2 @Forest Park for 11am🤘🤘
#fitness #challenge #fit #goals #gainz #results #support #propernutrition #herbalife #breakhabits #excercise #changelives #workout #lifestyle #

As we face the reality of a generation growing up with processed food and without regular exercise, we are beginning to wake up to the reality that we are off course. That the human and financial cost of our current way of life is far too great. Inspired by Eric Edmeades’ 2003 Essay The Human Diet, WildFit is a fitness methodology informed by evolution and human history. Today, most people know what to eat, what not to eat and that they should exercise. Yet still, most people are over fed, under nourished and lack the most basic levels of physical fitness that will lead to a long, healthy and enjoyable life.

WildFit addresses the five primary reasons that so many people have yet to make the changes their bodies so badly want them to make and then guides them through an easy program to make lasting changes without ever feeling hungry and always having a feeling of abundant freedom.
I'm in the middle of this wildfit challenge and already the kgs are falling off. Weight loss was not my aim in doing wildfit, it was more than that and yet that's what's happening. I feel lighter and brighter already. .
Take the Wildfit Challenge Today and reclaim your health and vitality
#health #wellness #abundance #vitality #healthyfood #consciousness #mindful #aware #food #healthyeating #natural #choices #lifestyle #makefoodyourmedicine #breakhabits #willpower #lastingchange #feelbetter #healthy #livehealthy #eathealthy #goodfood

Breaking challenging things into smaller components gives us the confidence to do it again, and again, and again….. #coachjodysays #nowgosellsomething #courage #confidence #overcomingchallenges #breakhabits

Stop Living in the Past and BREAK THE RESISTANCE TO CHANGE! 👏🙌 JUNE 17, 24, AND JULY 1, 2017. For more info go to www.alternativescounselingcenter.com/contents/resistance-breaker-more-information/ #changeyourthoughts #change #mentalhealth #breakhabits #relationships #therapy

#Change #BreakHabits #WalkLikeYouTalk #AppreciateWhereYouCameFrom #Changes are necessary
Don't continue doing the same dumb things day in and day out and expect people to still rock with you

Who is ready for a RESET? I will be doing a 3 day refresh bootcamp (after Memorial day weekend) to get rid of the PARTY BLOAT and be SUMMER READY!

Hit the RESET button and kick those unhealthy habits, lose 3-6+ pounds (I lost 8 pounds) AND keep it off!!! Comment below (or click the link in bio) if this sounds like something you'd like to know more about👇👇

Everything we are fighting against is a result of a habit we have created. Who is ready to kick off and dedicate 30 days to prove to yourself it's not all that hard to break a habit?!?! Let's create some new routines & live our best life!!

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