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Wakame Butter #quenelle #breadservice

If you've ever had our house made sourdough you know how well these two compliment each other. Extra Virgin Soybean Oil from Pristine Gourmet and Baco Noir Vinegar from Niagara Vinegar are a match made in heaven! #toronto #toresto #yyz #breadservice #the6ix

#breadservice roasted garlic knots, garlic pesto butter, black garlic aioli @mercantiledenver

This isn't even my final form #parkerhouse #breadservice #over9000 #rolls #bread

Bigger is always better when it comes to bread service #chefstable #breadservice | 📷: @sean10er

Messing around with #pita dough today with a wood-fired oven.. I love how it puffs up like a #gougère and comes out blistered on the outside and semi-hollow and fluffy on the inside. I was going for the flavors of an American pizza shop garlic knot without the density of a garlic knot. Like a crispy/soft pillow. Pretty psyched. Garlic butter with olive oil, sea salt and green onion tops it at the end and served immediately so when cracked open a cloud of steam penetrates. Feels Middle Eastern still. I am happy with it. #kuwait #breadservice #h2okonsulting 🇰🇼


#breadservice roasted garlic knots, garlic pesto butter, black garlic aioli @mercantiledenver

#breadservice PB&J. Füdmill brioche, strawberry rhubarb jam, hazelnut butter @mercantiledenver

Now that's a beautiful lunch right there! Favourite Disney restaurant for lunch, no question!!! #sanaa #breadservice #daysoffarethebest

Every morning dozens and dozens of flaky buttery croissants come out of our oven! These delicious air-light pastries are authentically prepared just for you! Next time you are making dinner at home, pick some up ahead of time and use them as rolls at your table for a creative take on bread service!

The parsley butter that was served with the house baked sourdough. So good that I finished all the butter!

Like the proverbial frog under the coconut shell, I have never dined at the Open Farm Community. So when @100gourmet dinner for June came by I jumped at the opportunity. Bread service came in the form of crispy crackers with 3 types of butters. Can you guess what they are?

Naturally leavened sourdough boules for @henleynashville bread service. Sometimes I'm good at my job. 😉

House made pretzel rolls and @bannerbutteratl. This week's #bannerbutterrestaurantsighting: bread service @atlasbuckhead. 💯

Butter Raisin Spread & Ciabatta... (but I really think they used Margarine) 😜🍞🥖
#Appetizer #BreadService #CiabattaBread #RaisinButter #OnTheTable #FoodPH #FoodPorn #Foodie #CafeSanso #Sanso #MuseumSanso

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