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Beneath doubt and helplessness there exists a deep pool of tenacity within every woman. Am I right?! 🤗 It's gritty and resounding, a source of power you didn't know you had and perseverance you thought you'd lost. This necklace is a little reminder that you won't be stopped. You will go on. And you will be defined not by how far you may fall, but how hard you fight!💪🏻 www.jennypresent.com 🙌🏻LifeNotes® Collection 🙌🏻 .
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My Faith is bigger than my Fear. This is how I survived cancer! Pinterest. 🙏❤⭐🌹

3 days post op, I showered and it was fantastic. Took of my compression wear and was surprised to find my bruising and swelling were very minimal. I do have a couple locations that are a little more bruised, but all in all, I can’t complain. Pain is very minimal up top, despite the fact that I see all my old incision lines were reopened. 😧 I was under the impression the only cuts were going to be made around the areola. My outer thighs are very sore and tender, but I’m off the norco and alternating Tylenol and ibuprofen, so I’d say that’s a win. If recovery keeps this pace, I should be feeling so great at one week post op. Compared to the mastectomy, this process has been a cake walk, obviously it was still major surgery, but I’m in such a better place this time around.
#fatgrafting #doublemastectomy #mastopexy #brcastrong #brca1 #mybrca1journey #Bresties #Foobs #doublemastectomywithreconstruction

More doctor appointments! Only 4 this week! 😄 This was a gastro appointment because of #LynchSyndrome #LynchSyndromeAwareness #BRCA1 #BRCA

This amazing lady @emma_hannigan_author has always been so inspiring and so strong. We used to see her all the time out in our showrooms in fashion city, she adored her @franandjane gear and we adored her company and dressing her for all her events and book promotions. Sadly because of the BRCA1 cancer gene (the same one I have 😭) She can’t promote her new book as devastatingly she is on her last days. Praying for a miracle!! I have 3 things to ask you all to do, if you do any of them it would mean a lot to me.
1. Buy her new book #letterstomydaughters in @dubraybooks as they are donating proceeds to cancer research and get it to number one for her.
2. As she has just shared on her Facebook page, please text CURE to 50300 to donate €4 to @breastcancerireland to help create and find cures.
3. Lastly and most importantly, please pray for the amazing @emma_hannigan_author and her family.
Thank you xxx
#emmahannigan #brca1 #breastcancerireland #letterstomydaughter #dubraybooks #pleasepray #curecancer

I have one more #Breastie shoutout coming your way. ✨💗
I was barely able to squeeze everyone in before heading to Arizona on Wednesday where I’ll be meeting even more Breasties!
So here is a shoutout to @paige_previvor, her Momma Robin, and while not pictured - her brave and kind sister @inslaynee! Three amazing women who are not only strong but more importantly, kind. It was wonderful chatting with each of you. Here is to many more memories.
I’m off to spend some time with @brcamama this week and I’m even more excited after getting to spend time with the three of you. A truly amazing family!
#ihearitssunnier when you’ve got good people in your corner. ☀️☀️ xoxo (•)(•)🖤
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Hopefully bubs will love the beach as much as their parents 💙

Amen to that 👏🏼
I gave up long ago trying to "undo" what I ate by exercising. Or making myself feel "better" after eating something in particular and working it off at the gym 🙅🏼
That's not a healthy relationship with food or our bodies in any way.
Appreciate food for it's nutritional value and feel gratitude for having a body that can move in incredible ways 🌼


A little snippet of my #pregnancyworkout this morning
▶️ 45 seconds work
▶️ 15 seconds rest
For 3 rounds:
Romanian deadlifts with KB
Tricep lowers
Butt raises with band

The weights I'm using are minimal for me - I'm not trying to make any "gains" instead just work my muscles to keep them energized and my mind happy 🌻

Tights: @zeenyaclothing
Weights and mat: @reeboknz

Had the best three nights away in beautiful Pauanui last week! Swimming, eating, walking and biking around was so relaxing. Even made it to the top of Mt Paku at 26 weeks! ☀️

Last snugs for a good while. Todays the day of my #bilateralmastectomy with reconstruction, i am having a #latdorsiflap done which consists of scarless harvesting part of my lattimus dorsi muscle (through mastectomy incision) and using it along with my pec muscles as a internal bra to hold a implant, (expander first, which is a implant based thing that stretches muscles ready for implant placement, its in until i reach my “desired size” then we swap for the Pammy Andersons 🤣) pec muscle at the top, lat dorsi at the bottom, currently feeling okay but as 12pm approaches (admission) i reckon i’ll be quietly shitting my pants. Hopefully i’ll be out of surgery by dinner time, and in hospital for up to a week then back home but no dog hugs 😟 as i will have some gnarly drains. Hopefully the fam bam can bring bean one day for a visit in the car park 🤷🏻‍♀️🤞🏽 see you all on the other side😘 #brcasisterhood #brca1 #brcastrong #breastcancer #warriornotworrier ❤️

Take care of your body, it's the only one you have on this world. .
📷@marymeckphoto 💄@xoxonaomiii
#bodyenroute #brca1 #onebody

Анализ «генов Анджелины Джоли» представляет собой выявление мутаций (поломок) в генах BRCA1 и BRCA2. Известны и другие гены, но их вклад в развитие рака молочной железы не такой значительный.
❗️Ген BRCA1❗️
⚫️Этот ген кодирует белок, который регулирует восстановление повреждений ДНК и деление клеток. Таким образом, ген защищает развитие опухолей. Также BRCA влияет на рецепторы гормонов эстрогенов, блокируя слишком сильное размножение клеток молочной железы и других органов, которые зависят от этих гормонов.
⚫️Если в гене есть поломка, контроль над размножением и целостностью генома ослабевает, появляется нестабильность ДНК и может развиваться злокачественная трансформация клеток молочной железы. Возникает рак.
⚫️При отягощенном семейном анамнезе риск заболеть раком возрастает: для носителей мутаций в гене BRCA1 до 87% по раку молочной железы и до 44 % в отношении развития рака яичников.
❗️Ген BRCA2❗️
⚪️Этот ген также как и BRCA1 кодирует белок, регулирующий репарацию ДНК, размножение клеток и сохраняющий целостность генома.
⚪️При отягощенном семейном анамнезе риск заболеть раком возрастает: для носителей мутаций в гене BRCA1 до 84% по раку молочной железы и до 27 % в отношении развития рака яичников.
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Clary Calm 💖 I’m so excited to add this oil to my collection. I feel like it’s a must for anyone who experiences menstrual cramps, hot flashes, or irritability during that dreaded time of the month. Instead of popping a pill, try essential oils. Rub it on your abdomen, temples, back of neck or bottoms of your feet. Clary Calm is a blend of Clary Sage Flower, Lavender Flower, Bergamot Peel, Roman Chamomile Flower, Ylang Ylang Flower, Cedarwood Wood, Geranium Plant, Fennel Seed, Carrot Seed, Palmarosa Herb, and Vitex Leaf/Berry. #doterra #womenshealth #brca1 #brca2 #hormonebalance #naturalsolutions #aromatherapy #essentialoiltips #wellness

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