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I was journaling earlier and noticed that as I wrote today’s date, in six months from today will be my 55th Birthday! Wow! These thoughts started to surface: What do I hope to achieve, accomplish, where do I hope to be living, doing, who will I be spending my birthday with?? I have been living in Edmonton for almost 6 months. I started this new phase of my life almost 6 months ago. I’m half way through to another Birthday. I’m still chasing the life that I want. I’m still bravely and courageously healing myself, finding myself, challenging myself every day to ‘show up’ and be the best version of myself I can be. I’m learning to love ‘the old me’ as well as the woman I am and continue to be.
The universe has continued to provide for me here. My own space, abundance of health, friends, teachers, time. I have given myself the gift of ‘time’. Time to learn the lessons I needed to learn to heal more of my inner wounds. Time to rejuvenate my body, time to love myself a little more each day by resting when I am tired, eating healthy, setting healthy boundaries for myself, meditating and quieting my mind, exercising , getting out in nature, whatever my soul longs for, I give it.
So in 6 months from today, when I turn 55, I will again say ‘thank you’ for another year, another day, another chance to learn, to grow and to love..., in peace, love and light.
55 is just a number. Age is only how you see yourself, nothing more, nothing less. It’s a mid point in life. I have lived and learned and loved so much in my almost 55 years on this planet. I have so much yet to live for. All is happening for my highest good. I am well, whole and happy and I am loving myself exactly the way I was always meant to. The self hate is gone, done, almost non existent. I don’t beat myself up like I used to for not being where I ‘think I should be’. I don’t hate myself for my mistakes, stupid shit, that got me nowhere’s in life except down a big black dark hole. I’m not going there ever again. I don’t deserve it, nobody does. Here’s to more new beginnings ❤️
#selflove #healingmyinnerchild
#startingover #almost55
#lovelife #braveandcourageous

3 Years ago I held you in my arms for the very first time! Just when I thought there was no way I could love any deeper you opened my heart to a whole new meaning of love! ❤️You filled every ounce of me with pure happiness! ✨You’ve taught me so much, you’ve helped me become a brave and courageous mom, to always trust my gut and to never ever give up trying! I feel like this was just yesterday and cherish all those sweet snuggles, those adorable dimples, the softest cry, your stunning eyes, your sweet button nose! In my eyes you are perfection! You are my sweet, loving, caring, sassy, strong-willed baby girl! Happy 3rd Birthday!! You are loved more than I can ever express! 💘

If your daughters don’t own these books... they should ❤️💪🏽 ~
To the rebel girls of the world:
Dream bigger ✨ Aim higher ✨ Fight harder ✨ You are the promise ✨ You are the force ✨ Don’t step back, and everyone will move forward ✨ @rebelgirlsbook
#rebelgirls #goodnightstories #timesup #equality #fightharder #inspirationalwomen #girlpower #dreambigger #youarethechange ⚡️⚡️ #raisingstrongdaughters #braveandcourageous ⚡️⚡️#inspireyourgirls #anythingispossible #shepersisted #beautifulillustrations #extraordinarywomen #womeninhistory #mydaughter #rularules xoxo

NEVER FORGET DEPUTY SANDOVAL: Rest Easy HERO. Our beloved sister Riverside County Sheriff Deputy Norma Sandoval passed away of cancer on Jan. 28. Deputy Sandoval is survived by her husband, who is also a Riverside County Sheriff's Deputy, and two children. "Deputy Sandoval was not only an outstanding deputy sheriff, she was an incredible beat partner, heartwarming friend, and loving wife and mother," read a news release by the Riverside County Sheriff's Department.

Sandoval began her law enforcement career with the U.S. Border Patrol in 2003. She joined the Riverside County Sheriff's Department in 2006 and was assigned to the Robert Presley Detention Center after graduating from the RSO Academy.

Two years later, Sandoval was transferred to the Perris Station and assigned to Patrol Operations. Her work quickly caught the attention of her supervisors, and as a result, she was selected to be a field training officer, training several new deputies. Her peers said Sandoval would emphasize officer safety and service above self to her trainees. She received praise from her trainees, peers, and supervisors for her outstanding work | #GodBlessTheFallen #WeWillRemember #HonorGodFirst #ThankYouForYourService #HERO #BraveAndCourageous #HonoringTheFallen #SisterInBlue #Wolfhunter #OathKeeper #SaluteTheBlueFamily #LEAP2 #Sheriff #RCSO #PoliceFamily #BlueLineLife #SendME #WeSeeYou #RiversideCountySheriffsDepartment #ThinBlueLine #ThinBlueFamily #NeverForget #BlueBlood #BackTheBlue #PrayersBeWithYou #BlueLineStrong #BackTheBlue #SaluteTheBlue 🇺🇸⚫️🔵⚫️🇺🇸

Train your mind to have patience and understanding and most importantly #forgiveness. I believe this is an important way of life to be practised. #youarebeautiful #stronghearted #braveandcourageous enough to gain better control of your mind, body and spirit. #walkalongsideme or anyone #thatyoutrust and feel #comfortablewith

Beginning next week...a study of Nehemiah. Sign up at menofhtc@gmail.com. #holytrinitymen #htcraleigh #braveandcourageous

Every Woman needs a red lipstick! 💄💋

Thankful to #judgeaquilina for being an advocate for the 150+ survivors & so very proud & inspired by the brave women & girls who came forward to speak their truth to their abuser when nobody else would! #youaremyhero #braveandcourageous #listenandbelieve #evenifitshardtohear #strongarmyofsurvivors #littlegirlsgrowintostrongwomen #whatsalittlegirlworth #judgementwasserved

working on my ‘back to school’ segment for church in the morning • practicing out loud so i come across as ‘completely off the cuff + natural’ tomorrow 😉 #backtoschool #braveandcourageous #joshuaonenine #shereadstruth #shereadstruthbible #coffeediary #icedlatte

God's got this! Are you in a season of wait? I have been, for quite sometime; in that time I have learned, waited, prayed, become impatient, learned humility and patience, sacrificed, stepped back, watched,loved,cryed, praised and gave thanks, all things that are good. I'm still waiting, but I know to be Brave and courageous because His plan is bigger than my own.
#godisgood #hisloveneverchanges #givegrace #forgivenessisrequired #braveandcourageous #wait #waitandsee #waitandsee_biblestudy #wendypope #bibleapp #bibleapp_image

Girl Power Go Brave and courageous Warriors Rocked their class this week. The second and third grade girls learned about how to stand up for themselves and others while still being loving and kind. They also have lots of fun kickboxing! Keep letting your POWER shine girls!
#girlpowergo #empoweringgirlseverywhere #empoweringwomeneverywhere #girlpowerbooks #positivevibesforwomen #warriorgirls #braveandcourageous

I don’t think we truly believe that someone is being BRAVE and courageous when they WAIT...but aren’t they? It takes a lot of bravery to believe that if we sit back and wait patiently on the Lord that He will take care of us, set a path before for us, set plans in motion we’ve been waiting to move, heal us, heal those around us, work in our relationships and the list goes on. •

BE BRAVE and COURAGEOUS my friends! Wait patiently on the Lord and He is faithful to do as He’s promised...it may not look how we thought it would look and it most definitely will not be in the timeframe we’ve planned, but it will be good. •

“Jesus, Jesus how I trust Him. How I’ve proved him o’er and o’er.” He’s been faithful to me in my waiting more times than I can count...and I will continue to wait...and be brave! #braveandcourageous #psalm2714 #waitonthelord #heisfaithful #truth

Thank you to the our men and women in blue. 🚓#lawenforcementappreciationday Our #printable 'Be brave and courageous' print available in both #policecar and fire truck at The Wild Raccoon Prints on Etsy. .
#thinblueline #brave #courageous #lawenforcementappreciationday #lawenforcement #police #braveandcourageous #bluelinefamily #firstresponders #thankful #artprint #nursery #nurseryart #etsy #etsyshop #handmadelove

I’m about to fight with everything in me-I have the best guide. #Heholdsmyhand🙌🏼 #braveandcourageous #Hopeenduresall

Real #HAPPINESSES comes when you ACCEPT & EMBRACE YOURSELF for who you are and when you #ACCEPTANDEMBRACE others for who they are...
Give more and more Love Happiness Joy, without any expectations!
Not everyone has to do it, but if you WANT it; if you want #CHANGE, if you want #TRUEHAPPINESS love peace joy, remember that it only starts with YOU, and people who see #VALUE in it, will #FOLLOW...
My Grandma would always say - “be a SHEPHERD son!” - you know what I mean 😏
Song Credits: “This is me” - Keala Settle

If you want to be encouraged + fueled with some positive energy today, check out this hashtag: #onewordhd2018 ✨ I have been astounded by the courage and bravery of the women participating with @heather_difran and choosing #olw for 2018. All these words, the anticipation of great things to come, the expectations of growth. It’s life giving and inspiring. I’m so proud to call you friend @heather_difran and like these words in the pages of #100daystobrave say “seeing other people be brave makes me want to be brave too. It’s a domino effect” Thank you for leading the way dear friend ❤️God is going to show up in mighty ways this year and I can’t wait to share stories + read stories of what He is up to. #thisonelife #braveandcourageous #bebravebeyou #worldchanger #godsgotthis

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