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[Hay hay is precious🧞‍♀️]
• Haven’t posted in a week I’m so sorry lol
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these poor beans are going through sm
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edit: i still support hayden 100% so don’t come hating on me for my opinion. hayden is still a good guy.

you stole me man. #brat

Slay me with that highlight Ive gone BUT CUTIESSSSS 😍😍 #hannie #brannie

RIP to all the dead ships #layden #kayden #brannie 💜 #hannie 💟

Just imagine Brooke and Annie discussing there ship name on camera and Brooke says brannie without knowing what it means oml😂


A trip to Hawaii💓Chapter one
Annie's pov: Yay today I'm going to Hawaii with Hayden. I've never met him but we talk on insta now and then. My mum knows his mum and planned a trip. I bet me and Hayden will get along straight away he seems like a nice boy. It's just so great, I'm finally gonna get away from all this #brannie and Brennan drama. Oh! Hayden just posted something on insta(swipe) he said he couldn't wait to meet me so I commented :so excited to finally see you😛its gonna be lit🔥(swipe) I turned my phone off and went to get changed for the airport. I played my music and danced with Hayley in excitement. We jumped on the bed and giggled 😂 we really was gonna have fun💓😉

💙Happy thanksgiving to anyone who celebrates it.💙
I just want to say I am so thankful for this amazing family that never fails to put a smile on my face and helps me through so much. Whenever im upset or I want to get away from things going on in my life i'll just go to youtube and watch their vlogs or i'll make an edit for them. No matter where they are at or what they're doing their happiness just makes me happy. I am so proud of how far they have come recently and I will forever love this family. Thank you for everything @officiallybratayley
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inspired by them, i
have no creativity,
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Today, forever, and always ❤ Chapter 1- Annie's pov- *vlogging* hey guys in about an hour we're going to meet Hayden and his dad, and I don't know where we're going soooo yeah we will be back when we meet up with them. "Mommy" I tell from he bathroom. "Yes dear?" My mom greats me from the door way. "I have nothing g to wear " I pout. She shuts the door, "Annie hunny do you have a crush on hayden?" I bite my lip " ugghh are you gonna tell Daddy or hay hay?" "Not if you don't want me to" "fine yes I do like him but I'm 'too young'." I rolled my eyes. "Your not too young if you like him you like him. I know you dated Brennan." A feeling of guilt filled my stomach "I'm sorry Mommy" "I know" she kissed my forehead and brought in my suitcase. She left me alone in the bathroom. I dug through my suitcase I found a decent outfit. Mommy french braided my hair. I grabbed my phone and camera. While I waited for my family to finish getting ready. I made a few musicallys. H$ skipped in the room and plopped next to me "are mommy and daddy ready" I asked her "yeah they said to meet then down at the car " I nodded. We walked down and waited by our rental car for mommy and daddy. Katie texted me. Katie- (k) Annie (a)- k- heyy
A- hey Katie
K-hows la
A-great I miss you
K- I miss you too. Brennan misses you also.
A- what do you mean he misses me. He cheated on me w/ Liv.
K- you know he's sorry ab that he wants to get back together
A- why isn't he telling me this? I don't like him like that anymore. I live him like a brother.
K- ohh I'll talk to you later anns
Ugh why did he have to do that. Now Katie's probably mad at me. Mommy and Daddy come downstairs we all get in the car and daddy start to drive to the pier. Mommy vlogs
Ms.Katie's pov- so we're about to meet Hayden and his dad at the pier. So you'll see us when we get there. I decided to text Annie. Ms.katie (m) Annie (a) m- I talked to daddy. I asked him in a hypothetical situation if you wanted to date someone and we know the boy and he's harmless.
A- annnnnnddddd?? M- were okay w/ it.
We park next to Hayden and his dad.
Annie's pov- Hayley jumps out of the car and fund off to the beach. (MIC)

Chapter 15:
Bell rings
Annie walks out and goes to the bathroom
Teacher:hey class
Annie walks in and looks at the teacher
Teacher:oh Carson uh switch with Annie please
Teacher:I moved the chairs around an you two move too
She pointed at random people to make it realistic
Teacher:now move
Annie sits next to jayden
Jayden:yeah we are partners again
Annie does a fake smile
Carson:wonder why she moved us
Hayden:I don't know
Carson:what happened you seem off today
Hayden:nothing I'm fine
Bell rings for lunch
Kenzie:Jayden sit with me
Jayden:uh can Annie come
They all sit down
Kenzie:I have no one since that all happened and Annie I'm sorry I was just going through a hard time and I'm so stupid for doing that
Annie:it's fine
Annie puts her head down
Carson:hey Johnny
Johnny:hey guys
Carson:what happened you seem weird again
Hayden:it's just what if the person you love is also a person you don't want to believe
Johnny:who are we talking about
Hayden:no one it's just a thought
Carson:well if you love them then talk to them but if you can't believe them then try your best cause you maybe hearing the truth from them
Hayden looks over at Annie's table
Johnny:any ways I like someone
Carson:cool who
Carson:oooo you guys are cute
Jayden:so Annie why haven't you eaten something
Annie:I'm not hungry
Brennan:hey Annie
Annie:oh hey Brennan
Brennan:not happy I'm here
Annie:no I'm just tired
Brennan:well we stopped at a store and I wanted to stop by to say hi so uh hi and bye see you later
He leaves
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Happy thanksgiving guys I love all of you much and I appreciate you all more than you known my page wouldn't be where it's t if it wasn't for you guys and also a very big thank you to the summerall as and Leblancs and butlers for bringing a smile on my face everyday I do this for you guys❤️❤️
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“you take my breath away!!.”💓

sorry I haven’t posted, busy with school💛

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fc// 1,024
mystery boy
chapter four
syd’s pov:
my body was shaking and my head was pounding. i felt sweat pouring from my head and had a mind full of thoughts. one may think this feeling seems accurate as it is the first day of school. sure, i’m nervous about going into the big school, knowing that this is the last four years i will have being apart of the youtube school district. but there was something else that was making me feel this way. it wasn’t the amount of stress that will soon pile on top of me in class, the worry of not making the gymnastics elite team, the thought of going to the same school as my brother or knowing that from now until june i’ll have to be waking up at 6am. it was that i was in the same car as caleb logan leblanc. my best friend’s brother. a major no no when it comes to dating. i started liking him on the last day of sixth grade. all three grades came together for the eighth grade graduation ceremony. we all sat in the auditorium and as each name was being called to go up and grab their certificate i realized that caleb’s eye was on me during the whole thing. and my eye? it was right back on him. nothing else mattered at that very moment. the feelings i experienced that day were ones that i’ve never had before. i felt warm and secure—safe and happy. it was one of those moments where you can try your hardest but you’ll never be able to stop smiling. you just can’t help but realize that you found love. no matter where, what or who it is you’ve found it. and once you find that one thing that makes you happier than anything has done before you never want to lose it. i never want to lose caleb. but wants are much different from needs. i want to be with him more than anyone knows. but nobody does know. i’ve been keeping this secret from my best friend for two years. two years i’ve lied straight to her face. do you know how guilty i feel? how badly i just want to tell her? how much i just want her to understand that her brother is worth the risk? ugh. it’s the hardest thing in the world. so i did what anyone would do, got over him. oh trust me, this wasn’t an easy task at all. {more below👇}

Guys I'm actually sad I've been realizing I never knew one boy that has ever liked me or thought I was cute and like every time I liked a boy or have some feelings they always end up liking my friends like I'm so ugly I need help
Tags::#hannie #hanniestan #hannieedit #hannieisreal #hannieinhawaii #hannieinhawaii2k17 #bratayley #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hayleyleblanc #kenzie #kenzieziegler #maddie #maddieziegler #brenzie #cannie #brannie #jenzie #henzie #blariel #moren #kohnny #babyariel #loren #lol #cute #ship #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfics #hanniefanfiction

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