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I found this edit I never finished so I finished it really quickly yesterday. It's really simple, but I love this song. And I still ship hannie but I finished this for memories and idk I wanted to. [ #brannie #bratayley #ripcaleb #annieleblanc #celebratelife]

When they post a new vlog.
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Watch the whole thing to understand the story😫💞
Storyline: Annie was dating Brennan and then Brennan killed himself, Annie was devastated and thought she was never going to find happiness again. Until she found Hayden. Hayden makes her feel something, he makes her feel something she's never felt before. He helps her forget that tragedy and focus on the future. She loves Hayden and Hayden loves Annie💞
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Just an edit this is NOT REAL:))

~ Kenzies POV~
We pull up in parking lot and Annie , Hayden, Jayden, and Johnny are waiting.
J- *laughs* Y'all ready?
All- Yeah.
~Annies POV~
I get a text and it's from Brennan (he cheated on her a few months back)
-Text messages-
H- Hey pretty girl.
A- Wtf nooo.
B- What's wrong?
A- I'm trying to have fun with my friends and your intruding it.
B- I need to tell you something important.
A- Not talking to you right now.
B- No you are going to listen to me!
A- Fine what do you want?!
B- I'm coming to LA.
A- Why?
B- To see you.
A- Your crazy if you throw I'll talk to you.
B- Well I'm make sure it happens...
A- I have a boyfriend now good bye Brennan.
*Blocks Brennan*
All the memories came flooding back. I was sad at the thought but mad that he had the nerve to text me and tell me whats going to happen. I keep quiet fold my arms and just walk.
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—you won't be lonely🤞🏼
just a causal brannie glow up😍😫
i'm locked out of @douwannaseebrennansmouth.annie so kms;)
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New Hannie edit I hope u like it !!😍😭❤
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can you guys all nominate me? it would be awesome to actually be involved in this fandom and i swear im almost done with a chapter♥️♥️
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(21) ; update:
Out of the picture/ story: * Ms. Katie * Katie * Hayden * -In the picture/ story
* Annie
* Kenzie
* Brennan
* Liv
* Possibly Katie
* Maybe more?
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This is the best edit I made, I swear 😂😂

chapter 5
a: it's katie(ka) and mia(m) and brennan(b)
*they run over to the others trying to ignore them*
k: what's wrong
j: people from our old school is here
jo: i think they're coming
a: oh gosh
ka: oh look annie, jayden and her friends
a: go away katie
m: why would we miss out on the fun
j: and we used to call you friends
k: we didn't
c: they said go away!
ka: why, are you their new boyfriends?
c: yes so go
h: leave
b: we this girl pretty
k: don't touch me
Jo: GOO!
m: they'll be your friends but remember annie we know one thing that broke you and none of your new friends know.
Annies POV |
a: i was shook, to think they were my "friends" and portray jayden and i. Brennan was Jayden's ex and he tried touching kenz makes me sick. If my Hayden, Carson and johnny weren't there we would die.

a: i'm sorry guys,
j: yeah, we didn't mean for anything to happen
c: you guys don't have to apologise when you can't read minds
a: still
a: do you guys wanna come back to my house for the night?
everyone: yeah
jo; kenz and i will se you guys there bye
c: lets go
*car ride hone*
j: you don't have to tell them
a: i do, they deserve to know.
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Simple cute edit
If anyone wants the heart thing I will make it an overlay -
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Credit to slide thingy to an account I forgot 💀

Chapter (3)

Remember I made this

So Annie meets Kenzie and Hayden for the first time... so Hayden isn't as innocent as he seems to be¿? Will that be a benefit?or concern?
#jenzie #johnnyorlando #jaydenbartels #brennan #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #mackenzieziegler #hannie #brannie #fanfic #fanfiction

One last icon ❤️ @lizzy_greene

|ch. 9|
•time jump; one month later•
~December 5, 2016~
This is it. Today is my birthday, and I'm officially ungrounded. Even better, today I will be getting the best present ever... FaceTiming Hayden! After working my butt off for the past month I'm finally getting what I deserve. At least, I'm pretty sure I deserve it. Anyways, nobody outside of our family has found out about the Hayden situation, and hopefully it will stay that way for awhile.

We finish eating cake and mommy finally turns off the camera. I had an awesome day, but I'm ready to call Hayden. I go upstairs and get my MacBook. Our whole family gathers in the living room. Daddy checks his phone, he's probably texting Hayden's dad. I go onto the FaceTime application and enter in Hayden's number.
"Ready Annie?" Mommy asks.
"Yes," I say as I hesitantly start the call. My heart is pumping.
Hayden immediately answers within less than two seconds. My face lights up as I see him. I can't believe this is happening! I'm speechless as I stare at his smiling face through the screen. He's speechless as well.
The man sitting with him starts to talk.
"Hi, I'm Jimmy, Hayden's dad. It's nice to meet you Annie."
"You too," I reply.
My dad speaks up. "Annie, if you want you can go to your room. I trust you and you've earned it."
"Really? Thank you!" I hurry up to my room. I get to talk to Hayden... alone!
I plop down on my bed. "So... what's up?" Hay asks as his dad leaves.
"I can't believe this is happening!" I giggle excitedly.
"I know right. So how did it all go down? How bad was the punishment?"
"Uh... I got grounded for a month and I also got grounded from... you."
"Oh..." he says sadly.
"It's okay. They might let me still be friends with you if I "rebuild myself trust" with them. But let's focus on now and make the most of this call."

~end of chapter~
 Guys! I'm super sorry I haven't been writing lately. I've been having writer's block. Anyways, the next chapter will be the conversations during the call, so it's not over yet!
Thanks for patiently waiting for this chapter.
~ @coralcuties

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