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Hustle 👇
Keep your eyes on the stars, and your feet on the ground. 🚘🔥

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Coffee is Step One, especially on Mondays.

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How many times should post per day. 🖎🖎🖎🖎🖎📚📚 It's what really works for you and not what other ppl think should be doing.

Plus how active you should really be to grow your account.

Or should you focus on your audience that you've currently grown.

Either way it's on you and not what others think.

Until next time..
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It’s been a long day today but I realise every day that I’m so lucky. Not only do I get to do something that makes me happy but it helps other people achieve their dreams too. ⠀⠀
Nothing excites me more than working with powerful, positive people to create a new brand, website or unique design and give it the voice it needs to speak to the right audience. ⠀⠀
And thats what I want to help you do, create a feeling, a voice, a memorable design, something that captures the attention of the right people. ⠀⠀
Lets create magic! 🐇

Never too basic to pose for Instagram

📷: @patsandora

Get gangster and take your power back 🔥🔥🔥


Business coachat en av mina ✨ i Private Coaching programmet & är så stolt över att se utvecklingen. ⠀

Ser med spänning på fortsättningen av företagsresan och hur ”powerful” det är att tro på sina drömmar och våga satsa för att nå dem! ⠀

Det handlar inte om MIG som business coach - det handlar om att få verktyg, idéer och pepp och ta det och göra sin EGEN grej. Att våga utvecklas och våga testa. ⠀

Våga glittra online! ⠀


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Currently in course creation mood 💻💻💻

New items coming November 1st!!! Just in time for holiday the season. Get your business name, logo and brand in front of new customers with inexpensive promotional items.


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I dunno about you but I need a glass of chilled wine after a long Monday. Won't you join me?

Visit my diary and see my latest post on How To Boost Your Energy When You're Feeling Overwhelmed. You've got to take time out for yourself!

Cheers, love 🥂

Originally posted by @agentsteven I love this picture, comment if you don't ! @entrepreneurintellectlust|


As Mothers our work never ends. We are on the clock 24/7 #365days a year with little to no reward or recognition. We simply do what's in our hearts day in and day out for our children and families.
If ever you feel like you aren't enough, like no one sees your struggles or hard work. I want you to know that I see you mama. I see the late nights and early mornings. I see the tears of sadness and the tears of joy. ✨
Mama I want you to know that you are more enough.

Happy #MeetTheTeamMonday! Lauren Walker is our Account Executive at OC Sites. She graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Marketing. She went on to become the Marketing Manager at a local company in Washington before finding her spot at OC Sites. When Lauren isn't working, she is spending her time with her adorable triplets!

Never too basic to pose for Instagram

📷: @patsandora

Your image is a huge part of your brand. What you look like, how you communicate, your attitude, and outlook, all of these things speak for us. ⠀

You are your brand!! So taking care of you and making sure you look the part is huge!! ⠀

Don't be the Powerhouse who just gets dressed everyday be the Powerhouse that has a branded style that your clients can love and recognize. ⠀


How do you operate your business with LOVE? “The foundation of heart-centered living is love. Pure and simple. Therefore, when we embrace or step into heart-centered living, we are allowing love to be the guiding force for all that we think, say and do. We are moving out of fear-based paradigms and moving into love-based paradigms.” -Evita Ochel

I am pretty excited to share the new logo I have been working on...so, here she is! The brand definition of this little biz all wrapped up in to one. Crisp, clean and simple 👌🏼

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Originally posted by @businessmindset101 What on earth? @entrepreneurintellectlust|

Good morning, TUESDAY. Wow-wee the weeks are flying by and can you believe it's MID-OCTOBER? ✌️
No way, right? Right.

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