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Day 16:⠀
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She says: “I travel because… travel has pushed me to become the best version of myself, accelerating my personal growth like no other passion has. Ultimately, travel is not a matter of what I see, but who I become along the way. There are so many beautiful places in the world, but after a while, they begin to blend into one another. What truly makes travel valuable is the lessons it can teach you, if you are willing to be present and pay attention to your surroundings. Travel has nurtured in me humility and goodwill to learn from people that I meet along the way. It has pushed me to understand my insignificance in this planet, yet still take actions that will positively impact others. Most importantly, it has challenged me to open my heart to others and live in the moment. I don't need to see the entire world. I just want to feel it run through my veins.”⠀

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Dear entrepreneurs,

With the latest module in my branding course dropping today, I want to talk to you about sharing your story.

You don't have to be an expert copywriter OR an expert on live video to share your story the right way 🔥

The truth is, sometimes a photo is enough.

Don't overdo it.

Don't try too hard.

Make sure all of your content plays into your brand story 🔥

Some exciting things going on behind the scenes that I can't wait to share✨!! Until then I just want to say HI and I hope you're having a great AND productive day! Also comment your birthday below 👇

CREATE the world you want to live in. ✨♥️🎨 #purposebusiness #brandstrategist #branding #purposebranding ~ awesome pic by @alemdoter 😻

There is one common theme I see with all the clients we attract: they are all willing to JUMP off the cliff of badassery, EVEN IF THEY'RE KINDA TERRIFIED.
And I think that's the differentiator between people with ideas and aspirations, and entrepreneurs. The willingness to jump without a parachute. The confidence that you'll build your parachute on the way down.
I know sometimes that's not possible, or doesn't feel possible. When you have kids, a mortgage, or other responsibilities that can't be messed with...
But on the other hand, I've also seen THAT light a fire under people's assess like none other, because there is no better motivation than there being NO OTHER OPTION.
Who out there JUMPED and can help cheer others on? Who out there is ABOUT TO JUMP and needs some support? I can tell you from personal experience it's one of the most exhilarating, and most challenging, things I've ever done and it's TOTALLY ADDICTIVE.
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First we drink da coffee, den we do da tings. Typos occur prior to my necessary caffeine fix . It shall be this way until the @nespresso machine stops flashing so that I can use it to refill my mug😂 In other news I'm happy to share that I'm loving using @zapier as an automation tool with its handy integrations to streamline the workflows in my business. Want to see what else I use to make life just that little bit easier, so that you can have a well deserved coffee break? Or are you, goodness forbid, a tea person?! 😳Link in bio to my website for an answer to that burning question 🔥 😎


Are you ready to be a “ROCKSTAR” ?⠀

You’ve been successful in building a business and now it’s time to build a BRAND!!⠀

Creating a personal brand is the best way to create a community that relates to your story and needs your gifts. Here are a few ways you can begin to brand yourself right away.⠀

Personal Branded Style - create a look that your community can come to know you for. Like a unique hairstyle, colored reading glasses, or sharing your daily shoe choices.⠀

Add your logo or signature to as many things as you can - the more they see and hear your name the more you’ll be stuck in their brain!! (Think Beyonce)⠀

Create a nickname or a way that you address your community like Powerhouse, doll, or the slay community!! - The best way to build a community is to have exclusivity. Every time I open the doors to my private email club I only get 8-15 sign ups. This is mainly because it is not open to everyone. It’s a secret society and all we ask is trust LOL!!!⠀

These are just a few things off the top of my head that you can implement immediately to start creating a personal brand. The next steps would be the overall look, feel, and voice of your brand. Click the link in my bio to join my private email club, I share great content like this at least once a week <3⠀

See you in the club ⠀

Don't let your purpose take a backseat to your buzz and hype marketing. A little clip from today's brilliant brands® show podcast. .
Link in profile
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I've only know this BOSS @ronnebrown for a few months and when I tell you she is one of the koolest, down to earth go-getter, rich girls I know! She is a true business woman. Love your swag and your heart! 🔸
She just launched her new planner for Lady Bosses. Y'all go cop that! She's a millionaire earner so she knows a few things about planning for success.

Y'all ready for class tomorrow? We start sharply at 10 am EST! You still have time to register by tapping the link in my bio. Where going to tackle - creating your brands unique vision (income & growth) - how to map it out on a vision board - how to set goals, follow through with action and get results!
Plus a scenario in how to make your next $500 and get your next 5K pageviews.

I used to think that I had to show up differently in order to be successful in this entrepreneurial journey, especially in the online space.

That was the biggest lie I could've ever believed! Who I am and what I have to offer is valuable and it's needed.

If I have to change who I am at my core, my personality, characteristics and style to get more - MORE followers, likes, social proof, or business opportunities, I don't want any of it.

I am me for a reason. I'm unique, special and perfectly flawed.

All of my experiences and education has contributed to who I am today. So, why would I want to change the very things that make me ME, all for the sake of popularity and success? I don't!

I'm good enough. My work is good enough. My style is good enough. My stories are good enough!

You don't need to deny who you are either! Not for likes, followers, brand partnerships, business growth or anything else. You are who you are for a reason, embrace and own that! Do what you need to do to powerfully step into who you are and what you were created to do. The minute you do, that's when the doors of opportunity will bust wide open for you. 📷: @leahraephotography

Waiting for a client's new website to load via FTP... may as well have a drink while I wait. What should have taken 20 minutes is taking hours of my time. Even so, I delight in the joy of what is to come in bringing this work forth to serve her work. #BrandStrategist

TBT Regram of Stephanie from @prowess.co soaking up some golden nuggets 💎💰💪🏼👍🏼🙌🏼
Thank you all of your who have been recommending the book and spreading the love, it means the world to me and I keep getting contacted by more and more people hearing how they've hanged their business because of it! It's a dream come true and I'm incredibly thankful to every single person who has helped spread the word 😘😘😘
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👀 New Launch: Turn On Your Yes
Logo, Brand Palette, Web Design 💓

Accepting new clients for September and October. Please visit http://jacksondesignz.com/quote/ for a quote.

I'm Cracking The Door!!!⠀

For the next 3 day's I'm opening the door to my private email club. ⠀

Because I only style and brand powerhouse female entrepreneurs I think of the ladies who get my emails as private club members, and not just a set of names on a list.⠀

My email club members get access to:⠀

~ Personal Branding Tips⠀
~ Style Tips⠀
~ How to wear the latest trends⠀
~ Occasional Links to looks⠀
~ Seasonal Pantone Color Demonstrations ⠀
~ Exclusive Access to Limited Products and Services ⠀

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in click the link in my bio to find out more about how to become a complimentary member.⠀


I want to start a business but I don't know what to do!

I don't understand social media!

I need help branding myself or my business?

Sound like you? Let's work. I'm accepting 3 new 1 on 1 coaching clients!!! DM ME or Comment with a "YES"


Some exciting things going on behind the scenes that I can't wait to share✨!! Until then I just want to say HI and I hope you're having a great AND productive day! Also comment your birthday below 👇

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