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what am I doing with my life?! baha welp guys I ship jenzie and brenzie but I got bored so I wanted to make this edit lmao @kenzieziegler @brandonrowland @duhitzmark #kenzieziegler #brandonrowland

Am i the only one that loved this song💜😂 #brandonrowland #ashtonrowland #brenzie #rashton

It's so annoying when people unfollow because I don't post the first thing I do when I wake up...I have a life too.
Name: classic funnel neck logo Harrington jacket
Cost: $123
Store: -
Website: www.fila.com
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Okay so last year around march this guy tyler grosso got mad that this one girl leaked his number. So he was on his twitter and Instagram talking about it and talking about the girl and telling her to kill herself & so other people were telling her too also. I asked mads if she knew who he was and I dont remember exactly what she said but she said she kinda knew him. So I told her about the situation and she took it in her own hands and commented on his post😂 and it was so funny of how people were coming at us but it was also rude of him to get all those people to be so disrespectful to her. I miss talking to madison lmao I don't know if she got blocked but he blocked me that day and I had to have her send me an ss of what she said😂 then I dont know how we ended up talking about puppies lmao o well that's my story of one of my favorite memories
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#karina_sagutdinova ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤


I love this smol of a person !! .
.[i tried to get it to loop lets see if it worked lmao]
tag her? @kyleereneeclark @kyleereneeclark
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Accidentally deleted this yesterday..Tag her?💕 @loren @lorenxgray @lorens.mom @reallylorensdad

jump 😝

No, I'm doing fine my theme is totally not breaking 🙂🙂

handstand. 💞

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