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Yesterday, Brandon McCarthy was activated off the 60-day DL and Josh Ravin was placed on the 60-day DL with a abdomen strain. Welcome back Brandon! #brandonmccarthy #mccarthy #losangeles #la #ladodgers #dodgers #news #joshravin #ravin #mlb #baseball #itfdb #welovela #pitcher

Getting a autograph on a bat is nice or even a bobblehead but to get one on a tweet, next level memorabilia. #brandonmccarthy #dodgers #dodgernation #ladodgers #bleedblue

"This photo is so sweet it might give me diabetes". Is there any other way to know you've made it in life than to have a pic like this? @bmccarthy32
#baseballswag #baseballposts #baseballlifestyle #brandonmccarthy

#Dodgers #BrandonMcCarthy pitches to Dave Roberts, as Andrew Friedman watches

I was able to get #BrandonMcCarthy just before he left. 26/500 #dodgers #dodgersfanfest #dodgersff

Thanks Mom and Boo for being here at 11
Let's go #brandonmccarthy
#dodgers #codybellinger #quakes#ranchocucamongaquakes

Happy happy happy boys @dodgers #brandonmccarthy #motherhood


Yesterday, Oakland Atheltics catcher, Bruce Maxwell became the first player to take a knee during the National Anthem in a Major League Baseball uniform.

The A's issued a statement soon there after, claiming that they were an 'all-inclusive' ballclub, and that Maxwell's decision would be supported.

I'd like to take this time to say that EastSideDodgers is also an 'all-inclusive' place. Whether that be your skin color, gender, sexuality, religion etc. Hell, I'll even take some Lakers and Giants fans 😂. Because no matter the color of your skin or the things you believe, we're all still humans. That's how I see it... Now, back to your regularly scheduled "L.A. Sports" programming! 🏈⚾🏀

Yesterday, Brandon McCarthy was activated off the 60-day DL and Josh Ravin was placed on the 60-day DL with a abdomen strain. Welcome back Brandon! #brandonmccarthy #mccarthy #losangeles #la #ladodgers #dodgers #news #joshravin #ravin #mlb #baseball #itfdb #welovela #pitcher

They've done it again! The magic number hits zero again for the Dodgers, as they clinched the National League West division tonight with a win over the Giants!

Could this be the year that ends the 29 year drought? 🤔

Natural glare of the sun, sitting in the power alley today to watch the Boys in Blue!

Gameday attire. I've got the shoes, the hat, and the Andrew Toles jersey.

Look out Philadelphia! 😂⚾

I'll be taking a little trip up to Philadelphia to see the final of the four game series with the Phillies.

I'll be rooting on the Dodgers tomorrow! I'll try to get some photos from the game to share. I apologize in advice if I'm a little inactive for the greater part of tomorrow. Thanks! ⚾

‪OTD in 2014 @Yankees Pitcher #BrandonMcCarthy throws 9 pitches, has 9 strikes, and records 3-outs, retiring Wil Myers, Nick Franklin, and Matt Joyce in the seventh inning of the #Yankees 3-2 victory over Tampa Bay at Tropicana Field. The 31 year-old right-hander pitches the fifth Immaculate Inning in franchise history, joining #AlDowning (1967), #RonGuidry (1984), @Wudeydo (2009), and @INova47 (2013) in accomplishing the feat.‬ ‪#YankeesHistory #mlb #bronxbombers #nyyankees #yankeestadium #nyy

The Dodgers win their 4th in a row, and take down a National League rival for the second day in a row, 3-2.

Cody Bellinger tied the NL record for most home runs in a rookie season today, after sending one deep in the 2nd inning.

Rich Hill pitched a great one, allowing only one run through five innings. That one run came on his only hit given up, being an Anthony Rendon home run.

The series wraps up tomorrow when Hyun-Jin Ryu will face off with Stephen Strasburg. ⚾

Shoutout to @kimmariephotography! This picture was just too great to pass up!

The Dodgers send game one of the series into the seats, launching three homers in the victory.

The bats to hit these were that of Justin Turner, Yasiel Puig, and Corey Seager. The two by Puig and Seager came within the same inning!

The pitching was no less of a sight to see. Alex Wood tossed six innings complete, allowing no runs, and striking out eight in the process. Blue is back! ⚾

The Dodgers offense has returned!

This game's MVP award goes undeniably to rookie star, Cody Bellinger. He notched three runs onto the scoreboard off of an opening inning triple, and a two-run bomb in the 5th.

However, it would be a disservice to not mention the absolutely stellar outing displayed by Yu Darvish in the victory. He tossed seven innings complete, allowing no runs on three hits and zero walks.

Those Boys of Summer seem to be back. Will they stay or go this October? ⚾

Myself, here at EastSideDodgers would like to thank those immensely who showed true heroics and courage in the wake of absolute madness on this day just sixteen years ago.


Yu Darvish pitched his 1,000th career strikeout in last night's loss to Colorado. He becomes the fastest pitcher to do so.

And, he did it in a Dodgers uniform. 😏⚾

Corey Seager returns tonight from his elbow injury, in hopes to get the Dodgers back on the road to another NL West victory.

Let's end this losing streak tonight! ⚾☝️

These pitching problems seem too consistent to blame on poor execution by the pitchers. I believe this defensive rut we've fallen in is due to Rick Honeycutt.

The Dodgers have given up 47 runs in the past ten games. The offense is fine...it's the defense that needs to be tooled with, and fast.

Brandon McCarthy

The Dodgers have announced a donation of $100,000 to the Houston Food Bank, 5,000 fleece blankets to the Texas Dream Center, and the keeping half of Wednesday's 50/50 raffle at Dodger Stadium to help the efforts in Houston.


Cody Bellinger will make his debut off of the Disabled List tonight versus Arizona.

Let's end this losing stint tonight! 🔥⚾

On the single coast to coast trip I've made to take in a Dodgers game, I managed to snag the autograph of Steve Garvey. ⚾👌

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