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I'm not in an IG mood atm so I won't be as active as I usually am, butjsj I just have to post this hella amazing edit of my lil baby boy though. I loVE.

Cr; @_killeredits.

13 Facts about Brandon Larracuente鈾
1.He was born in November 16,1994.So he is a Scorpio.
2.He auditioned for Justin Foley first then he auditioned for Zach Dempsey.
3.He is 6 ft and 214 pounds.
4.He is dating with Jazmin Garcia.
5.He was also bullied in high school.So he wanted Jeff to stick up for the people who don't have a voice. {Tears}
6.Brandon's family is from Puerto Rico and though he is fluent in Spanish.
7.He is a big fan of Dwayne Johnson.
8.Brandon is super into fitness.You can find hot photos of him in instagram.
9.He named his new puppy Nala,after the character from Lion King.
10.He appeared on Nickelodeon's popular show Every Witch Way in 2014.
11.He wants to open a youtube channel about fitness and health. {GO ON BRANDON}
12.He thinks he is related with Tony in many ways.
13.He loves Jeff and thinks that Jeff deserved better.馃槶
{Hey,i made Brandon as you wish,I'm gonna do Alisha and Brandon after this,love you all馃挋} #13reasonswhy #13rw #jeffatkins #brandonlarracuente #netflix #jeffatkinsdeservedbetter

鈫 fuck off courtney
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inspo by literally everyone I h8 this but yall are inactive af anyways
if you know of anyone who's struggling / you are struggling visit 13reasonswhy.info to know who to contact or you can DM me and I will be glad to help !

Tbh this was so hard to mask and it didn't even turn out as bad as I thought it would so I'm proud of myself.
Finally a Jeff & clay edit bc their friendship was so cute & Jeff deserved so much better.

fc; @qrfilters

{#13reasonswhy #thirteenreasonswhy #clayjensen #jeffatkins #dylanminnette #brandonlarracuente}

..gone too soon!
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something is very, very wrong with me.
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