“Less is more.
Keeping it simple takes time and effort.” - Jeff Bullas

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The menu design, a feast for your eyes. The food, a feast for all senses. 👌🏻
Event Concept & Creatives by your #AdvertisingRockstars | Masquerade Ball #HongKong

Meet my bro, Don Robin Christopher, @iamrobleung! ✌🏼😆 He takes awesome photos & videos! ✨📷✨ We’re your dream team! 👊🏼😎 #RobLeungPhotography x @ldlmarketinginc #AdvertisingRockstars

Fulvia’s looking amazing as always #glamazon

T H U R S D A Y 🌱

Question for those of you out there who have your sh*t somewhat together: how do you switch from work mode to non-work mode? Or, when in work mode – how do you stay on-task and avoid working on more than one thing at a time? I’m finding as I get busier, I’m having trouble entirely switching off my work mode (aka laying in bed at night and being overwhelmed by ideas and thoughts about work related bullsh*t that can really wait til tomorrow).

Any tips would be super appreciated because I’m getting over this sh*t real fast.

Sending smoke signals

Want some epic and exclusive sky-high aerial shots for your business or organisation? We have a team of aerial camera pilots ready to work on your next video ✈️

It’s amazing that it took a move from across the pond & just over three years here on the west coast to really start understanding a purpose, potential and meaning in life.
One thing that I’m blessed for living here is the realisation of just being yourself.
Surrounding ourselves with people that are passionate and want to achieve their best, is allowing us to take huge strides forward in releasing our potential.
This October @menloclub will be celebrating ‘stepping out of your comfort zone’, I urge everyone to give it a try.
It’s something we want to live by 🙌🏼

Our vintage #glamazons were such a hit😺😺😺

Branding of Vehicles @dephoxng

We brand cars.

Now you know, so we would love to work with you on your next project.
With us #yourbrandhasafriend and we want to see it blossom.

We look forward to working with you. Send us a brief - DM, Email to dephoxng@gmail.com

Love a catch up and some planning with beautiful clients 🙏🏼 @vakation_designs

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