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Jumped on my flights today like 🏃🏽🏃🏽🏃🏽!!!! I'm GOINGGG HOME!!!!
After 30 full days on the road for our #BuildYourOwnBrand Tour over 7,500+ MILES driven from ATL to SAN FRAN, today it's over!! (Equivalent to driving from east coast to west 3 times back to back to back lol) What a journey! Learned so much, seen so much, met so many awesome people!!
I'll share some cool BTS & funny moments on my IG story this weekend! Stay tuned!! (Shots from Palo Alto, New Mexico, Colorado) @byobsociety #WeJustGettinStarted

Self Made 🔨 ||

This guy left the so called "White Collar" job to start his own business in what many of us years back wouldn't imagine, Food Business. He started off with a lot of struggles and distractions but he #StayedFocused. I'm sure his brand name is on the lips of most people in Lekki and maybe now Lagos. Have you ever tried the village rice at THE PLACE? #BrandBuilder #CorrectGuy

Congrats to Bro @marketingwilliams and the Brand Builder Book now on sale. Great event Bro. #atlantaalphas #brandbuilder


#brandbuilder is excited to partner with @amarashealthspa #currentsituation #hanoi for the @worldluxuryspaawards tonight

Excuses are tools for the incompetent
A monument of nothingness
Don't explain to me why you failed
No reason is ever good enough
Show me how you succeeded
Lets add to the pages of success stories


It's Parent's Day! Create a better customer experience for families with Texcido. Not only can parents voice their concerns or praises, that can also get the kids engaged too! The kids will love seeing their message pop up on the screen, because when the kids are happy, the parents are happy too! Don't wait, create a better experience for both kids and parents by heading over to www.texcido.com TODAY!

Rummanco cakes can be enjoyed at any time of the day. So, take a slice, sit back, relax and enjoy with your hot beverage of choice. #vegan #rumcake #jerkchicken #Caribbean

Your brand promise is the essence of your brand. Tap the link in my bio to download a worksheet to help you create yours.

For a long time I didn't know what I wanted to do with my life or as my career choice. I've always had a strong passion for event planning (which will never go away lol) my dream was to do something and create a platform that can empower and benefit beautiful women all over. I have put my dreams to the side for a long time and many times due to putting others first, relationships or working for others (something that is truly not for me, bc I know that I deserve more) it was until I was working my previous jobs in the past where I held management positions that made me realized I wanted to start a management company, but not just any company...a management business that can serve powerful and ambitious women who are looking to start their own business. My purpose is to serve women all over the world from different walks of life to empower, encourage and inspire them while helping them soar! I am working hard at forming that business as well as my organization and I am very grateful for the progress I have made thus far. I see a void in our communities and between us women and I am going to work relentlessly at fulfilling that void. Us women have to come together as one, uplift one another, support and grow with each other to make our community a better place. So excited for my new adventures and I can't wait to launch all these amazing and powerful ideas🌹
#PrettyPoshManagement #BrandCoach #BrandManager #BrandBuilder #PowerfulWoman #GirlBoss #Entrepreneur

So you have a great product or service but not enough time to advertise and no marketing plan? LETS TALK #flogomarketing #logos #brandbuilder #advertisement #marketing

Take the three things you did in the last post, achieve them and then see if there is anything that happens over the next week in order to make you see how you could have done it better.
Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they do not quit trying to improve. #virtualstuntdouble #outsourcethis #progress

Facebook continues with all things video adding a great new feature for brands this week. You can now add video to your cover photo on your brands page.
We've got you covered with all you need to know. When sett up your video here are the specs:
820x462* note that while those are the full specs, only an area of 820x312 will be visible.

Lifestyle photographer needed for a special project...bc I'm the type of girl that likes to take selfies more than anything I'm going to start doing things differently...so I am in need of a great lifestyle photographer if you know any good photographers please tag them. Must be located in New Orleans!
#PrettyPoshManagement #BuildingMyBrand #AlwaysWorking #BrandManager #BrandCoach #BrandBuilder #Entrepreneur #GirlBoss #Photographers #LifestylePhotographer

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