My parents are from India, so it's a pretty engrained part of our culture to enjoy tea time everyday. First thing in the morning and mid afternoon with snacks (samosas!), we have a Tetley orange pekoe with a splash of milk. The amount of this tea we have gone through is immeasurable. Seriously, it's such a daily must-have that my parents take a ziploc full of Tetley teabags with them on their travels because other brands are like, just not acceptable. So I'm pretty sure this is going to be their favourite brand collab I've ever done.
Writing these words 1000 times was about 20 hours of labour but I'm about to see it all come together this weekend. #notyouraveragecupoftea

Wij zoeken versterking binnen ons productie- en logistieke team (freelance /parttime). Interesse? #productiemedewerkersgezocht #brandactivation #crew

Our models strike a post at @CanaryWharfLondon's #AutumnFashionEvent. This three day event saw catwalk shows across two locations in the centre, featuring 27 retailers in the shows, with further activations throughout the malls.

HENS DAY GOALS// Rooftop picnic🥂☀️🍃

What would you tell your future self? // Flashmat’s award winning @newbalanceuk #myfutureself video booth! .

Silver winners for ‘Smart Brand Engagement’ FMBE awards.

In April 2017, @newbalanceuk launched a global campaign #MyFutureSelf to boost the brand across many different sports, led by agency @bmb.agency . Flashmat designed and created live video content, which allowed runners to write and send messages to ‘to their future self’. The messages highlighted the goals, the drive and the values that athletes embody to be the best via a video booth at the pre-London Marathon Expo at @excellondon . This produced a personal and authentic interactive video booth experience which produced high quality user-generated content to engage with potential customers and be shared on social media.
#FMBE2018 #myfutureself #videobooth #videoaction #brandactivation

Johnny Walker ladies #keepwalkingkenya #brandactivation

From solo or group dancing and singing gigs, to mime performances - get a #glimpse of the 6th AnnualMeet of Radisson Blu Ahmedabad. Loaded with fun and excitement, the event was all the more charming in the presence of #employees and their families.

#radissonbluahmedabad #radissonblu #ahmedabad #hotel #annualmeet #enjoyinglife #brandactivation #familyday #annualretreat #teamtarget #target #work #awesome #celebrationparty #circleofjoy #experience #events

It’s the last week of our @dewalt_australia #toughttruck outdoor power garden roadshow 😥. Just in case you were wondering how we embody our clients’ fans! Activ founder @becburns84 snapped here, channeling her inner ‘tradie’ preparing for another big day on our truck! 👷‍♀️🚚 #fansfirst #brandactivation #eventmanagement #experientialmarketing #eventprofessionals

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