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“It’s always you.”

• ac: @hybridqaudios

happy fosters day everyone!
here's my brallie edit. these two are my personal faves and i'd burn down my whole town with real people in it just for them. so you know.
anyway, i don't care about your negative opinion about them. if you ship them say it and if you don't then don't bother commenting incest or whatever bs

yeah that was a mini rant :)) still hope you enjoy the edit xx

This is shit but they are not <3
Dt: @gllavch

Edits I love 6/?
Video credit; @gllavch
This is literally my favorite Brallie edit. Its just perfection. #laneysbrallie

I do not own ANY of the clips or music in this piece all rights go to original owners! #thefosters #brallie #outlaws #brallieshipper #brallieedits #brandonandcallie @maiamitchell @dglambert


Edits I love 6/?
Video credit; @gllavch
This is literally my favorite Brallie edit. Its just perfection. #laneysbrallie

❤️💙 Sorry I haven’t been posting, I’ve been really sick 😷

Got this from: @malia.saetre
Edit made by: @hedaxblake

#thefosters #thefostersedit #thefostersedits #brallie #brallieedits #brallieedit #brandonfoster #calliefoster

“It’s always you.”

• ac: @hybridqaudios

I've been rooting for then for years. I just need one more Brallie scene. One more. (Idgaf about their situation) #laneysbrallie
Video credit; @ripgllavchh

Oh look, another one of my beloved otps that are probably gonna get screwed over. Great. Fantastic. #laneysbrallie
Video credit; @hedaxblake

This is shit but they are not <3
Dt: @gllavch

My Brallie Collection 1/3
Video credit; @hedaxblake
THIS IS BEAUTIFUL. The moment I saw it I knew it'd be my favorite. Its iconic. Just as they are. BTW PSA: I'm really getting pissed of all the hate they get on my account. I 100% respect your opinion, BUT, this is my account and I obviously love these two and I'm not switching lanes anytime soon. So instead of trying to start up arguments, can you please just take in consideration this is MY acc. And this is just for fun to show you guys what I love, who I love. All of the time people are @ me and telling me how disgusting they are. And I respect that, but guys their my otp. And you shitting on it and voicing your opinion over and over isnt going to change that. Anyway yeah. #laneysbrallie

Brandon and Callie. My #1.5 fav otp. I need to see more of these soulmates and so do you. We need to #renewthefosters to see our babies. #laneysbrallie
Video credit; @gllavch

“The boy saw the comet.”

•two videos cause it’s too long

•they were my first OTP and will always have a special place in my heart

•dt: @freakforbrallie cause you gave me the inspiration to do this edit!

Vines ive had saved 3/3
Creds to vine

Hope u guys like it I just wish one day there will actually be together 😭 but I worked hard on it @maiamitchell @dglambert #brallie4ever #brallieedits #brallie

I worked so hard on this edit I really hope u guys like it #brallie4ever #brallieedits #brallie @dglambert @maiamitchell

Endgames I'm waiting for 6/?
Brandon and Callie
I'm crying. This edit is so cute, their so cute, that first scene makes my heart melt because its so cute. #laneysbrallie
If you like the fosters go follow @idylllwild she makes amazing edits (lots of Brallie)
Video credit; @/idylllwild

I cant say goodbye to them yet guys😭 I need their endgame AND I NEED IT NOW!!¡ and this edit is going to make me cry wtf I'm balling now. #laneysbrallie
Video credit; @idylllwild

Hey guys, here's my really bad and cheesey AU you guys wanted 😂it looked better in my head but I still love the concept 😂❤
#TheFosters #TheFostersedits #Brallie #Brallieedits #Brandon #BrandonandCallie #love #SaveBrallie #BringBackBrallie #BrallieAU

1. A ship I miss: Brallie (idea stolen from @stydiasdobrevv )
They may not be dead but dosent mean I dont miss them so fucking much. Because I do. #laneysbrallie
Vc; @hedaxblake

[S1 Ep 2]
This looked way better in my head and it looks like garbage and the text is hard to read. This scene is still so pure and I love it though....you guys should give me more edit ideas.❤ -
#TheFosters #TheFostersedits #Brallie #Brallieedits #Brandon #BrandonandCallie #love #SaveBrallie #BringBackBrallie

[S2 Ep.14]
*Callie white text, Brandon yellow text*
Pt. 3/final part ✨
#TheFosters #TheFostersedits #Brallie #Brallieedits #Brandon #Callie #BrandonandCallie #love #SaveBrallie #BringBackBrallie

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