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Anstrengung braucht Belohnung #brainreset #studentlife #derdualestudentgönntsich

Finding inner peace,
Revealing myself,
Enjoying life,
Thank you, Bali
#Happy #BrainReset #Atostogėlės #Indonesia #Bali

Artistic foray by yours truly... #weirdart #brainreset

Almost 10k pushing a baby jogger with 5k uphill was a challenge in this hot #montreal weather. #happy. #brainreset

Renovando cuerpo y mente #callefotografia #holidays #descanso #brainreset

Geil, geil, super geil! Gönnt euch die Freikarten für Donnerstag im AStA Büro!!! #brainreset #astagram #hsoffenburg #offenburg #freikarten


What happens when you hand me paint aka brain explosion.

More about my weekend!!! This lady...an epitome of humility she is...the level of knowledge she imparted on us was out of this world! She showed us what it means to be learned as well as passionate about what you do! Showed us that challenges are things we set for ourselves in this life because we have not been built to 'not' be able to overcome these challenges!
@mfonekpo1 you are a real expert in what you do! You brought yourself to our level and made us see the life of an entrepreneur in another light! I never knew you before this weekend but that which I have learnt from you would remain everygreen! Hmmmm
You have made me start 'challenging the conviction of my own belief'!
My Selfish Season has come to stay!
From now on I choose to be intentional with my life!!!
My new bestfriends - FOCUS and SILENCE!!! Hahahahha! YAS they all stuck deep down in my brain!! Thank you again ma for sharing with us part of your precious time - much much appreciated.
Once again thanks to @oloriboye For granting us such access! Never expererit!!!!!!! Thanks sis!
Thanks again @ccmonye @ubongking @walejana @nwanyiakamu
Thanks to my darling @fashionistarfabrix For pushing me to attend this class! It was worth every second of my dry time!!! #ColoursInIce #coloursinicecafeandloungeloading #resetbootcamp #brainreset #abuja #entrepreneur #entrepreneurship #lifeofanentrepreneur #evergratefultoGod

Finding inner peace,
Revealing myself,
Enjoying life,
Thank you, Bali
#Happy #BrainReset #Atostogėlės #Indonesia #Bali

Much needed. This week's been a bit of a roller coaster.

Atsijungi nuo viso pasaulio ir būni tik su savim. Savo mintim. 🙏🏼 #MountBromo #BrainReset

The older I get, the more I sit and marvel at all the details we take for granted. Everything so perfectly placed, which makes me wonder how it is many believe this was all by accident. Take a break from life and stop to look at your surroundings every so often. Take it all in from time to time. Whether it's a small plant, the sky, the way your body heals itself, etc. If you don't believe in miracles, it's because you're moving too fast to notice them all around you.
#life #brainreset

Basking in Mediocrity

I have been asking God some questions lately because I have been noticing an up and down movement in my life.
Going through my Instagram page, I came across @chinonso_ogbogu of The Incubators Africa’s post on mediocrity, according to him: “So many young entrepreneurs are feasting in the banquet of mediocrity. We dance in sheer mediocrity. While encouraged by the growing cheers of those who seem not to know any better. We get locked in people’s praises that eventually we stop growing- we simply plateau. That’s dangerous! Mediocrity can be a five star prison that can comfortably keep us locked in nothingness…” He directed the post to entrepreneurs, but what I saw was my life…the times I worked, prayed or even embarked on things, then when I saw a little shift forward, rather than intensify effort, prayer, time, I relaxed to enjoy the crumbs I was seeing and since it was only a shift I fall back to square zero.
Like a ping pong ball, I put in effort, pray, a shift in my life, I relax to enjoy the crumbs and back again…it was like a screen showing my life while reading this post because I saw myself mirrored in the words.
I have been basking in the euphoria of mediocrity without knowing, being my problem all along. How do I get successful this way? I never would have progressed beyond the barely getting by stage. I am glad I asked God questions and through his holy spirit, he led me to the answer.

I realized the more successful you get, the more effort, time and prayer you put in…I knew this but I didn’t ‘know’ nor apply it. Neither did I know I was even walking the path of mediocrity

Are you depriving yourself from attaining great heights? Have you realized it? Prayers is more than talking, are you asking the right questions and expecting answers? When did you discover what the problem is?
If you don’t ask, you will not know!
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Wish you were here! 🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻🏊🏻‍♀️🏊🏻
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On the journey of discovery of what seems to be unfathomable and elusive to the minds of us, the Westerners #egypt #haram #halal #travel #holidays #quest #sayitright #brainreset #journey #bluesky

The minute you stop fighting yourself, and treat your mind, spirit, and body kindly... The rest just follows. By that I mean, it sure is nice to be content with stability.
#breakfree #brainreset #balance #healthy #Cancun #takingthedaysastheycome #Day3

A much needed afternoon with my toes in the sand, looking at the water

#toesinthesand #brainreset #myhappyplace

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