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Trying to ~split~ my time between classes and blogging will likely be a challenge in the upcoming weeks. I am a creature of routine and habit, and change for me is sometimes a bit (read: a lot) terrifying. But being able to continue practicing yoga a la @corepoweryoga, and spending time with friends, and lots of meal prepping will be key to a sane brain. Plus starting this new program is exciting!!! How do you guys settle back into a routine? Srsly all tips appreciated because 10 hours a day in a classroom is about to be my new reality. 📸: @nourishedbykale #corepoweryoga #twistoflemons #sponsor

"how's your final week of dissertation going?" well I poured listerine on my toothbrush the other night, thinking it was toothpaste so there's that 🙄😴 so I'm gonna make this quick: dets for this snack (which I found on my camera roll and consumed many months ago lol #sorry) are posed below 💁🏻😋 I promise to get back with fresh eats soon when I'm less sleep deprived 😬💤 have a good one, friends 😊😘 #goodvibesonly
do it: cocoa + cinnamon roasted sweet potato wedges (tossed in coconut oil + cocoa powder + cinnamon and baked in the oven for 20 minutes @ 200ºC) drizzled with peanut butter, frozen mixed berries, and Icelandic style strawberry yoghurt topped with golden linseeds + raw cacao nibs + bee pollen 🍠🍯 #fuelyourbody #fuelyourmind

A huge bowl of oatmeal because I may as well enjoy huge breakfasts now before I start scrambling and rushing my breakfasts during the school year 😅 As always a ton of healthy fats including omega 3 from the flaxseeds and from the almond butter and cashew @perfectbar! .
Recipe: 3/4 c oats cooked in 1.75 c of water over medium heat until the oats have broken down (10 min). For toppings I added 1 tbsp flag ground flax, 1 tbsp almond butter, 1/4 c blueberries, and 1/4 of a blueberry cashew @perfectbar macros include everything but the cinnamon which is optional but I always make sure to generously serve up.

sweet (potato) saturday 🎉🎈and this is most definitely one of my favorite brunch creations! after this morning's hike in Malibu then hitting up @pressedjuicery for our $1 FREEZE using @shutthekaleup code 😉🍦I finally made it home to make myself this brunch plate: Japanese sweet potatoes toasted in the oven using @chosenfoods avocado oil, topped with mashed avocado, soft-boiled @vitalfarms eggs and the sweet slice with @artisanaorganics cashew butter, @traderjoes unsweetened coconut flakes, @365bywholefoods sliced almonds, cinnamon, @navitasorganics goji & mullberries, @nutiva chia seeds & of course @manitobaharvest hemp hearts (I literally put this stuff on EVERYTHING) 💚 hope everyone is having a happy saturday!

#Blutspende 💉 direkt vom #Spender zum Empfänger: Ende des 19. Jahrhunderts war das durchaus üblich - mit allen Risiken 🔬, die das mit sich brachte. Wenn nämlich eine Blutgruppe nicht übereinstimmt, kann dies im schlimmsten Fall den Tod ⚰️ des Blutspende-Empfängers bedeuten. Zum Zeitpunkt der Foto-Aufnahme 📸 hier kannte die Menschheit auch noch nicht das AB0-Blutgruppen-System; das wurde erst um 1900 herum entdeckt 💡. Nun könnte man jetzt ja sagen: "Ach, komm, bei den wenigen Blutgruppen, die wir haben (0, A, B, AB) ist die Wahrscheinlichkeit 🎯 recht groß, den richtigen Spender zu finden." Leider gibt es aber nicht von jeder Blutgruppe gleich viele Spender 📊 (0 und A sind in unseren Breitengraden relativ häufig, AB selten) - und es gibt inzwischen rund bekannte 600 Blutgruppen 😲, weil zig Ausprägungen bei der Bestimmung einer #Blutgruppe eine Rolle spielen. Heutzutage wird deshalb auch ausgiebig vor einer Spendenübertragung getestet, ob das Spenderblut sich mit dem Empfängerblut "verträgt". #wiederwasgelernt #jedertagisteinschultag #dortmundcity #brainfood #klinikumdo #klinikumdortmund #gehirnnahrung #trainyourbrain #medizin #hämatologie #blutabnahme #blutkrebs #blutkrankheit #blutsehen #repost #spenden

gettin tur(nt)key this saturday night with this much needed din din! 🦃🎉 Ground turkey sautéed in @fourthandheart ghee with oregano, pink salt, turmeric, and pepper. On a bed of romaine dressed in @bragglivefoods olive oil with roasted bell peppers in avo oil, @wildbrine beet probiotic sauerkraut, and organic sweet potatoes roasted in olive oil, pink salt, & cinnamon. .
Had the pleasure of hanging out with @shutthekaleup this afternoon and hearing some honest feedback about her life, diet, etc. What an amazing mama! 😍💕✨ thanks for your time Jeannette!!

Gimme all da veggies! My friend Kelsey @littlebitsof_realfood released her ebook yesterday - "Love Your Veggies" This thing is packed with a ton a fun ways to cook vegetables. So if vegetables have you going 🤔🤔🤔, this is your guide!
Use the code INSTA5 for $5 off!
#lboeats #vegetables #eatyourveggies #healthyliving #brainfood #deliciousandnutritious #wholefoodie #foods4thought #vegetablelover

Fluffiest Saturday 😇⛅️🍓 from @livehealthywithlina

Sipping avacado juice on a raining day 🥑🥑🥑#brainfood #lovingit #drinkporn #drinkgram #drinkgasm


t h i s 'n t h a t // two lightly fried eggs in Sonoma butter, steamed baby kale with olive oil, 1/2 avocado, dry cured slow cooked bacon from @fattedcalf & some ripe strawberries to round it out. This tasty start contains 10.1g of protein, 6.8g of fiber, 61% of daily selenium and 132% of daily vitamin C. I love how all these healthy fats from the butter, olive oil to the bacon and avocado give me sustained energy & help fuel my focus and emotional well being all day. Fuel up and enjoy your Sunday everyone! 🍳🥑🥓🍓😋#wiseandwell .
#holistic #holisticnutrition #holistichealth #wellness #eatforhealth #eattherainbow #colorfulplate #foodie #foodphotography #nutrition #foodasmedicine #vitaminc #selenium #healthyfats #brainfood #bewisebewell

❤ weekend workshop ❤
Keep learning new... it's good for the brain snd spirit 💫
#HappySunday 😚

All our colors come from natural ingredients (aka no weird dyes or scary ☠️sh*t). For example, our Beauty Butter gets its pink hue from dragon fruit, which is actually part of the cactus 🌵family (and what you see on @avokween's unicorn 🦄 treat)

"6 Ways Eating Blueberries Boosts Brain Health" read more @ https://www.yahoo.com/news/6-ways-eating-blueberries-boosts-221002325.html #brainhealthlifestyle #brainfood #blueberry

Post Yoga Brain Brunch! Healthy fats healthy fats healthy fats! Bulletproof organic free trade coffee: coconut oil and ghee sipped through metal straw (trying to minimize teeth stains) Organic eggs over sautéed organic veggies in olive oil. I added turmeric to the mix- a powerful anti-tumor, anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory root spice! My avocados weren't ripe enough 😕 so I poured more olive oil on top of everything! Top off with capers (my favourite)! Did you know a diet saturated fats boosts metabolism, burns fat, improves lean body mass, boosts energy , brain power: cognition,neurotransmitter synthesis to help combat stress and depression (dopamine, serotonin). And helps regulate insulin and blood sugar. Don't fear the fat! The healthy saturated ones, that is! Pair this with regular exercise and you're on your way to a healthier body and brain!! I discussed this in my radio interview last Monday. Visit my media page on my website to hear more details about how you can adapt better to stress with my dietary tips! #healthyfats #oliveoil #turmeric #bulletproofcoffee #brainfood #braingutconnection #yoga #serotonin #dopamine #mood #sleep #weightloss #drmelanie #nakedtruth #nakedtruthbydrmelanie #sundayfunday #sundaybrunch

Found some 1920's Little Leather Library books in New York today. #goodfind #tripdone #giglife #getcreative #arttime #artlife #readyforeclipse #brainfood

Com esse tempo nublado, nada como uma leitura... Que o exemplo de um dos maiores tenistas do mundo possa servir de inspiração... #brainfood #instabook #literatura #amoler #ficadica #domingou

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