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After many many requests for bulk sizes, here it is! A 30 day supply in an awesome tin can. We have Mushroom Coffee with Lions Mane and the Chaga Elixir up for sale on our website. Click the link in our bio! PS- we also have a new subscription based sign up for you to stay #onshrooms each month! 🍄🙌🏼💥

Uhh wen hab ich denn da im Arm, den @rawiceman 😉 Wer das rohe Eis namens #rawito noch nicht kennt, sollte die Augen offen halten. Bald ist es bei uns in den Biomärkten zu haben 👌 Richtig guter Kram ohne Bullshit drin. Ich Feier es total, aber ich hab sowieso einen fetish für Eis 😂😂🙈 Wisst ihr wofür ich noch einen fetish habe? Für Lebendigkeit. Es gibt nichts geileres als mich lebendig zu fühlen. Morgens aufzuwachsen und direkt Feuer und Flamme zu sein. Durchs Leben zu gehen mit strahlenden Augen und die Momente einfach voll auskosten.
Klar so würde sich jeder gerne fühlen. Jeder möchte sich lebendig fühlen und innerlich für irgendetwas brennen. Soll ich euch was sagen Leute? Ich habe dieses Gefühl nicht umsonst. Ich arbeite hart dafür mich Tagtäglich unaufhaltsam zu fühlen. Und auch ich habe meine hochphasen und meine tiefphasen. Manchmal sogar am selben Tag 😂🙈 Das Ding ist, ihr habt mehr Kontrolle als ihr glaubt. Es gibt viele Wege um sein Feuer zu entfachen, sich einfach gut und lebendig zu fühlen. Ein guter Startpunkt ist es sich zu erinnern, wann ihr das letzte mal richtig happy wart. Wenn man sich sie zeit nimmt und drüber nachdenkt, findet sich immer ein Moment in dem man diesen inneren Drive hatte.
Für mich kam es manchmal gefühlt einfach aus dem Nichts, als ich gerade vom Sport kam oder irgendwas gelesen habe. Aber wenn man genauer drüber nachdenkt, gibt es immer einen Auslöser. Überlegt ganz genau, was war es, das euch dieses Feuer beschert hat. Mit welchen Menschen wart ihr unterwegs, was habt ihr genau getan, was war anders als sonst. Es sind manchmal kleine Details.
Für mich habe ich festgestellt,wenn meine Ernährung und mein Fitnessprogramm on point sind. Ich meine Morgenroutine mit Meditation und Dankbarkeitstagebuch regelmäßig durchziehe. Und ganz wichtig, eine Vision habe, dann war ich tendenziell am lebendigstens.
Das kann bei jedem anders sein. Eines sehe ich aber immer wieder. Leute mit einer Vision. Leute die das Gefühl haben, sie haben eine Aufgabe, ja diese Leute sind oft am lebendigsten. Sie werden morgens förmlich aus dem Bett gezogen. Selbst wenn ihre Ernährung kacke ist, strotzen sie vor Energie.

Showin' my body some love by feeding it with love 😛💞
New post is up on my blog talking about BRAIN FOODZ! & the importance of fueling our bodies and brains with proper nutrients so we can feel energized and ready to conquer these busy, busy days 🐝 link is in my bio 🙆🏼

Happy Monday all! ☀️ 🍳 I'm kick starting my week as I mean to go on; with a delicious & nutritious low fat sausage & veggie omelette, followed by a Monday morning booty workout (you know that they say about never skipping a Monday!) 💪🏼 I made my omelette two whole eggs and @twochicksproducts egg whites cooked in @lucybeecoconut oil with the additions of kale, mushrooms, red onions, plum tomatoes and a @musclefooduk virtually fat free Cumberland sausage 😊 This was so tasty - and filling too! 🙌🏼 Lots of protein & healthy fats to fuel my morning session and keep my feeling nice and satiated until I have my PWO smoothie later on 😊 Who's ready to smash this week?! 💪🏼
#eggs #omelette #fuel #breakfast #healthyfood #preworkout #eatwell #lean #protein #energy #brainfood #fatloss

Good risingggg little beez🐝🐝🐝💓💓💓😍😊"Veggie Tales with DubLuV" on YouTube now! @ winzdayLove
If you need the direct link I will have it in my bio fa 24 hrs. Stay beautifuL 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋 #BrainFood

Günaydın☀️Bu sabah soframda özel bir peynir vardı. Doğal gıdalarla beslenen ineklerin sütünden, şirden mayasıyla yapılmış, probiyotik kaynağı gerçek peynir. 🐄 🐮🧀işte çocuklarımızı yediklerinde büyütecek besinler bunlar. Hazır mayayla yapılan peynirlerin ki alışveriş sepetlerimizi dolduran bu peynirler yararı olmadığı gibi bağırsak geçirgenliğini de bozarak gıda intorelanslarına neden oluyor. İşin özü sofranıza gelen peynirin gerçek peynir olduğundan emin değilseniz çocuğunuza "o peynir bitecek baskısı yapmayın " 🤓👻👩‍🏫 📚 #sagliklibeslenme #dengelibeslenme #sağlıklıöğün #sağlıklıkahvaltı #katkısız #doğal #temizbeslenme #doğaltarım #şirdenmayali #probiyotik #beyinsağlığı #healthy #healthyfood #healthyeating #healthychoices #healthybreakfast #breakfast #realfood #fitfood #glutenfree #glutensiz #şekersiz #sugarfree #eatclean #brainfood #guthealth #food #foodpics

bring it on! #thefutureyou #brainfood

#TransformationTuesday - from scrawn to brawn

Ok ok- I'm not the Brawn guy on the paper towels (😝), but I have made what I think is some awesome progress!

Back before pharmacy school- elementary school, middle school, and most of high school- I was the scrawny kid. Puny. I was bullied for years, picked on- you name it.

My journey began in math class (go figure 🤓) my junior year of high school when I heard @mattverlinich talking with some friends about "going lifting after class". That sounded interesting- I had no clue what 'lifting' was, other than I needed to do it, and Inwanted to learn!

I kept at it, and got hooked. Initially when I started, I was in the "if I workout I can eat whatever I want and totally disregard nutrition" mentality- gains came quickly as I was a newbie, and then they started to taper off. THEN I looked into nutrition.

Once I started taking it seriously, the results I experienced could be summed up in one word: WOW! Or two words: HOLY S€#!¥!

I became so intrigued with the notion that "if you put in the work, you get the results", that I entered into the lifestyle of drug-free bodybuilding. If you screw around and don't have a good workout because of it, YOU are responsible. If you pay attention to your nutrition, prioritize your efforts and as a result have an amazing workout, YOU are responsible.

I loved this sense of ownership, integrity, and responsibility, and this lifestyle paired PERFECTLY with what I needed to do in terms of work and perseverance to not only make it through #pharmacyschool but THRIVE, and so TheFitPharmacist movement was born!

I can tell you this: I did not always have "the look" I have today. It took years- literally over a decade- of grit, hard work, and awkward post-leg-day hobbling around to get where I am. And by no means am I perfect- I have a LONG way to go, and a lot more to learn! That's why fitness, and pharmacy, are my two biggest passions: there's always room to grow, and you never stop learning! Along the way you get the honor to help so many people along the way- it really makes it all worth it!

This is my journey- are you ready to start yours? Have a TerrificTuesday, FitPharmFam!


Someone once said to me; 'To have more, you must become more'... Step 1 towards becoming the best nutrition coach I can be!
It's on thing to make meal prep recommendations and Meal plans based on accumulated knowledge and experience, it's another to make those, combined with the science! Details!
Lots of long days ahead...BUT Can't wait to get started! 😃😃
#precisionnutrition #keepeatclean #nutrition #foodisfuel #foodislife #nutritioncoachinthemaking #improveeveryday #healthylifestyle

Sport injuries happen! Make sure you have the proper insurance ! Call us for a FREE quote or 📧info@o2sportsinsurance.com

Head and brain injuries are responsible for the majority of serious equestrian injuries and deaths with the rate of concussion estimated to be between 3% and 91%. #equestrian #concussion #concussionssuck #concussions #rugby #football #footballmom #brainfood #brainfog

Diversity in reading leads to diversity in thinking. Read, learn, hustle. #goodreads #chocolatehustle #staywise

Brightening up with gloomy day with an @organicburst acai bowl 🍇 || I blended 1/2 frozen @wholefoodsmonmouthnj banana + a handful @oregonberries blueberries + 1 handful @stahlbushislandfarms frozen beets + 1 tsp @navitasorganics cacao powder + homemade cashew milk + 2 tbsp @organicburst chia 🙌🏼 This smoothie was a perfect energizing meal to start my day ☔️ The antioxidants in the acai, omegas in the chia, and magnesium in the cacao are the perfect partners to nourish your body. 🍦 I love @organicburst acai because of their special timely 'freeze-drying' process that preserves the nutrients without any heat, chemicals or preservatives! & not to mention the color purple 💜 I've never seen any other acai like it 💕 topped with shredded coconut, cacao nibs, & wild blueberries... this acai bowl was exactly what I needed today ✨

At one point in my life I actually believed I didn't like avocado. 😳Now I can't get enough of these beauties. The kids love to eat them plain and I can't think of a healthier (or easier) snack for them.

#brainfood #healthyfat #avocado #plantbased #cadolove #hollandmi #vegankids #chiro

Tuesday's lunch specials:
Sandwich - Bahn Mi with 5-spice pork, Napa cabbage slaw, hot peppers, and hoisin mayo
Salad - Baby arugula with shelling peas, beets, and VT feta with maple-rhubarb vinaigrette
#lunchtime #whohastimetocook #yummy

A fusion of Italy and Scotland - the best kind of combination. A pizza with stornoway black pudding, haggis and red onions from Bank Street Bar and Kitchen. Their burgers and pizzas are only a fiver Mon-Thurs, perfect for a hungry student looking for a cheap, post-exam treat. 🍕🍕🍕 #cheapeats #pizza #scottishfoodies #glasgowfoodies #haggis #blackpudding #fusionfood #studentfood #foodiestudent #instafoodie #foodiesofinsta #foodblog #studentfood #igfood #barsinglasgow #studytreat #brainfood #cheesey #tasty

Follow your dreams! 🥑 & all 💫
#speakitintoexistence #mindpwer #brainfood #repost @songofstyle

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