What a lovely sight to wake up to! #monday #fog matches my #brainfog #zerovisibility

Sappy post alert: skip to next section if not I'm the mood for sappy lovey dovey shit
My biggest support right here, @apex_plumbyum. He's my babe, he's always got my back (sometimes metaphorically sometimes physically😂). Honestly I don't know what I'd do without him, he's helped me through so much both mentally and physically. He deals with my crankiness, my pain, my my-poor-brain-doesn't-know-how-to-process-this-strong-emotion-so-I-guess-I'll-just-cry shit, he helps me stand up, he reaches things for me, he let's me hide my face on his chest, I could go on forever. -----------------------------
It's really super important for everybody to have a strong support system. It doesn't have to be big or small or family or online or in person. It's taken me way too long to realize this. I do not need my families sympathy or their approval. I need understanding. What better way is there to get people to understand, then by teaching them? This is why I am here, that's what this account is for, to let people know what's up, to be a part of a larger support system and see that in no way am I alone, to vent a bit (it's quite therapeutic), and to spread knowledge. This shit isn't uncommon folks! The representation is! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------
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#TabletopGaming w/#ChronicIllness can be a challenge sometimes. I've had a rough few days, including a BAD flare up of my #PKD on Friday which left me in a lot of kidney pain. It also aggravates my #AtypicalMigraines - one symptom of which is #brainfog.
I was doing better by game time on Saturday, so our #Pathfinder session went on as planned, but there were still moments when it was obvious I couldn't process words correctly...like when I meant to say, "Let me grab my pencil" - as I was looking directly at a cupholder full of them - and found myself saying the word FORK instead. Like, WTH? There weren't even any utensils on the table. 😟 #dnd #ttrpg

Carbs are not the enemy. They are essential! 🍉🥨🥝🥞🥛🥔🍚🍪Our brain uses somewhere between 320-500 calories a day. Just our brain!!! 🧠 Guess what it’s preferred source of fuel is??? Carbohydrates! When we don’t nourish our bodies appropriately, we pay the price. Difficulty concentrating? Maybe you’re hungry. In a daze? Maybe you’re hungry.
Unfortunately, many don’t realize that they are in a carb deprived brain fog until they finally nourish themselves and realize how much better they feel. 💜💙💜💙💜💙💜💙
Feed your cells, feed your brain, feed your body. You deserve it! 💙💜💙💜💙💜💙💜
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Can we lock it up and make it go away forever?

Isn’t this so true? •what if every time we were afraid, we push through? We tell ourselves, #justdoit 🏋🏼‍♂️when it comes to our health, making several “oops” may end up in doctor’s appointments down the road. 😱 if anything I’ve learned that the CHEAPEST #healthcare is maintaining it NOW. 💪🏼💁🏼‍♀️ personally, I would much rather learn how to take care or myself now and for our child then 20 years down the road with an extra doctor’s appointments, #brainfog #leakygut #overweight #frustrated etc. 😷🤕 .
who’s wanting to save $$ for your future?👇🏼👇🏼

Does anyone experience extreme #fatigue with their migraines? This used to be one of my worst symptoms!!! 💜🧠 #stopthemigraine

Home means Nevada 💙 is anyone else’s fibro set off by weather changes?

Sleep on this. You don’t know what you don’t know. But once you know, you want everyone to know. Because it’s that good. Focus on root issues. No more bandaids on bullet holes. A simple affordable daily regimen can & will change your life. I’m living proof along with my friends!👇🏼👇🏼👇🏼
🌿Optimal health depends on 3 things: 🌿 If your blood sugar is stable...
Your energy will soar.
Your hormones will stabilize.
Your moods will improve.
Your sleep will become more restful.
You won’t constantly crave sugar. 🌿 If your gut is healthy...
Your immune system will be strong.
You will likely not feel anxious or sad.
Your brain fog will fade.
Your skin will glow.
You won’t have cravings for sugars or carbs. 🌿 If you reduce body inflammation...
Your chronic discomfort will subside.
Your body will not be as stressed.
Your body will be armed to prevent illness!

Setting goals is like

Just restocked some of my favs from @moonjuice
I’m low key obsessed with their products, and my favorite so far is the brain dust. Honestly I feel like their products have improved my mood so much, and helped with my anxiety making me overall calmer and happier. Not sponsored, I just believe in their products 💯

* Reduce anxiety and depression
* Boost immunity and energy
* Combat the effects of stress
* Improve thyroid function
* Benefits brain health

A satisfied customer testimonial!

Because guess what you guys?! If your blood sugar is stable:
▪️Your energy will be next level
▪️Your hormones will balance
▪️You’ll be so much happier + in a better mood
▪️Your sleep will become deep + amazing

If your gut is healthy:
▪️Your immune system will be strong
▪️You’ll have less #anxiety or sadness
▪️Your #brain fog will be gone
▪️Your skin will #glow

If you reduce #inflammation:
▪️Your discomfort + #puffiness will go away
▪️Your body will not be stressed
▪️Your body will be able to fight illness
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A beautiful artwork by Shelley Masters to send a bold statement.
The most common symptoms of electromagnetic wireless (Wi-Fi) hypersensitivity include:
Skin: itch, rash, flushed, tingling, burning
Mind: brain fog, headaches, confusion, poor concentration, memory loss, buzzing
Body: fatigue, weakness, chest aches or pain, heart palpitations
Less common symptoms include:
panic attacks
ear pain or ringing
Never sleep with a wireless device.
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So very true. It’s not easy living with this invisible illness. I’m so grateful to have the few understanding family members I have and this group to be able to vent/talk to. Y’all help keep me sane. Couldn’t do it without y’all. You’ve become like family and I’m so grateful for all of you! 💜💜

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