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my evening... so much for taking a test tonight.
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Scum gang

Tongue game on fleek

An easy breezy mini workout in the jacuzzi was about all I had in me today. But it sure did feel good!!! #healing

When you feel your weakest mentally tell yourself you're STRONG!!"
~Autumn Calabrese
Strong seems to be a recurring theme today! I feel like maybe God is trying to prepare me for something big which makes me feel a little bit anxious. Like maybe I won't be ready. Or maybe I won't be able to do it by myself. But then again maybe that's exactly what I'm supposed to be learning. To lean on Him. To be strong with Him and not in my own strength. Ok, I'm listening now.

Ab so fuckin lutely feeling my make up today!! This is one of my favourite looks from my desert dusk palette.
Today was a weird up and down day. I’ve developed more symptoms which really presented themselves today. My cognitive function is getting worse along with my fatigue. Today I was on the phone with Tom and I was slurring my words, saying things wrong and forgetting everything.
My arms were in agony when lifting things and putting my makeup on, even my bra which was loose was hurting my shoulder. Until the last few months I only ever had pain below the waist so this has taken a toll on my mental health recently.
This morning I drifted in and out of consciousness, really out of it but when I finally came around I got up and made some lunch which I was proud of alone. I then got dressed and put make up on. I felt fierce, I was in pain but was ready to do some normal things because recently I’ve felt so debilitated.
I did a little shopping for the house, I met Tom, we walked the dogs and fed the ducks and geese, lit the fire, had dinner and watched Supernatural. I was in pain but I felt normal. That feeling is priceless. To feel independent but part of a unit with Tom and a normal 24 year old. My body is trying to make me regret it now because the pain is intense.
I’m working on fighting the worthless feeling I get from not being 100% able bodied, from loosing so much function and dealing with increased pain. I’m fighting feeling like I’m not enough because my career plans have slipped away, reformed but are now for the future not present and because I don’t work I struggle with feeling as good as other people.
Today I picked myself up, I ignored those demons in my head and I reminded myself how much of a badass warrior I am. I felt fierce as fuck and got a renewed sense of strength. Healing, illness and recovery are not linear but that doesn’t mean we can’t have small wins mentally or physically along the way.
That doesn’t mean when we have the down days that we’re losing. We’re human and our strength is displayed in the fact we keep getting up and trying again. Remember if all you did was make it through today, you’re winning 💛🦋

Shit weed 🤦🏽‍♂️😹

Soooo does anyone else get reports from doctors and have absolutely no idea what they're saying?? I've had to google most of the words in that top paragraph 😂
(I saw a neurologist last week due to new symptoms e.g. fast heart rate, frequent dizziness, my vision going black/blurred/flashes, tingling all over my body that wakes me up in the night and extreme sensitivity to light)
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I think I am developing an obsession with the mind and brain 💛 oh look, amygdala pops up again 😊
Book : Strength in Stillness : The Power of Transcendental Meditation by @meditationbob 💛
Day 52 #SelfLoveYogaPractice 🔮

For more affirmations, check out my book, Self Love Yoga 💜 A book to aid you in remembering that you already love yourself. Available on Amazon. Link in bio! For private tarot readings, visit PsykheLoveYoga.com 💜

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Bad day. Hard to post but I want to show not just the good but the ugly. I honestly don't know what I would do without my husband! Neurological Lyme mixed with hhv6 causes siezures and bells palsy. Suddenly I can't walk and then I'm unable to open my eye. Couldn't swallow to get alka seltzer down. After CBD from @leef_organics and purple punch from @kurvanaofficial I am doing better. Now I'm just super tired 😪 I'll do an update

#beatthefog We can all relate with #brainfog It's unpleasant and we are not quite ourselves. Wouldn't you agree? If you are looking to decrease the fog and find clarity, this April 3rd workshop is for you! Learn why your body is giving you symptoms and leave the workshop with tools to find yourself more at ease.
One tool we will be focusing on is Float Tanks. Folks from @clarityfloats will be sharing benefits of floating and why its becoming so popular. You definitely don't want to miss this opportunity to speak with Dr. Phelps & the Clarity Spa Crew!
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This is what our intestinal lining looks like (apart from the purple colour - this is the stain used so we are able to see!) This is where we absorb majority of our nutrients, where we gain the energy and fuel our body needs to perform and also where leaky gut can occur.
What is Leaky gut?
Leaky gut is a naturopathic term to describe your intestinal cells separating and allowing food particles that do not normally pass into your bloodstream to pass through. This is generally caused by inflammation due to a food intolerance, or infection.
To find out more head over to our blog (link in bio)

I have decided that lt's time to try and gain back control of my body and mind. Six months of numerous symptoms of perimenopause is more than enough for me. Time to fight back and l have been doing a lot of reading up on this treatment and it appears to be beneficial and a natural alternative to prescription drugs. I'll let you know how l progress!
#perimenopause #givemebackmybody #fiftysomething #menopause #whatthefuck #hormonalimbalance #health #brainfog #natural #mentalhealth

Look for the little kitty paws in the left-bottom-corner. Here's my lunch today on the 3rd day of my cleanse. I made a new dressing to go on top - to switch things up a bit. It's an orange juice, garlic clove, lemon juice, honey and a dash of coconut oil and salt. It was pretty clean/light and sweet tasting. Refreshing
Here's something I'm thinking about while I begin @medicalmedium a quote from my notes on his first book " The body processes uncooked fruits and vegetables quickly and easily. These foods also have live enzymes, which makes digestion even smoother. When your body's not busy processing heavy fats and proteins, or additives and allergens, it frees up hours every day for your body to rebuild itself on a cellular level."
Note that while meat, fish, grains, and starchy vegetables can have helpful nutrients, they can also be tough for the body to break down. When our bodies are overloaded by illness or toxicity or even just sluggishness, we lose the ability to process these foods in an optimal way." .
My experience since #medicalmedium Taking out dairy, eggs (eggs feed strep due to science lab), a lot of coconut oil (good fats in too much can cause some to have a clogged liver). All this made a difference, but when I added in the celery juice for a couple of months -that is when huge detoxing started. I still feel I'm detoxing every day while drinking it, just not as severe. Now, the 28 day raw fruits and vegetables cleanse - I never would have thought I could do any of this. I attribute everything to the strength and love of Anthony William (Medical Medium). If it were not for him I would still be struggling on my own, with no answers and lots of fear. The support system that mm has brought together is amazing! I have been searching a good bit of my adult life for others like me - woman that have issues such as myself. With the compartmentalization of the medical community it keeps us all confused and divided. (that each organ stands alone and is seperate from the rest of the body- labels out the wazoo). Thank you everyone for all your support and love! This is an amazing world, with amazing human beings in it! .

I just started this supplement three days ago and It has helped majorly with the brain fog!! Not the best tasting liquid supplement but the benefits are crazy insane!
Mindwise is a supplement that feeds the brains with good fats and nutrients. The oils that you are using to support your brain are going to be able to do a lot more if the brain is properly fed with the right supplements. #youngliving #yleo #yl #mindwise #brainfog #mombrain

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