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Leading a bible study on Tuesday nights is one of my favorite nights of the week. I love God, I love his people, I love our bible study. Last night was my favorite night; people met Jesus. And there is nothing, nothing better than that. Knowing Jesus isn't having your life together, having all the answers, or about what we can do. It's about what he's done, what he's doing, and what he's going to do. Super thankful for these guys, their dedication, passion, & love for the Lord and his people. #WOWZ #GODSGOOD #bragonjesus

MAN DO I LOVE THESE TWO!!! The way Jesus has worked in their lives over the past year has blown me away!! AND... they are BOTH taking their next step and serving in @kidspring at #NewSpringClemson !!! #BragOnJesus #savedpeopleservepeople

We saw 250 students last night at Relentless Night and 32 OF THEM MADE A PROFESSION OF FAITH TO JESUS! We absolutely loved getting to hang out with @lccstudentsms @lccstudentshs and can't wait to see you guys again! || #BRAGONJESUS

Just wana take the time to celebrate this fella in the yellow that everyone is pointing at!! This is LaDell Holmes and he moved to greenwood a few months ago from Virginia! He's had a rough life and made some not so good decisions but tonight(his first night at fuse) he came wanting a new start, realizing he could have a new start, then leaving with a relationship with Jesus and the new start that he was looking for!

Not only that but the student on the far left(plaid shirt) named William Butler has been praying for his home and mom specifically for years and tonight, after fuse, he had the opportunity to lead his mom to accept Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior!!!! I'll never get over what I get to witness and be apart of!!! #BragOnJesus #HesUpToSomething

#gauntlet2016 night two and we're just getting started. I am amazed - still - at what Jesus is doing through our youth group. #bragonjesus #TheBestIsYetToCome #immeasurablymore #powfuse

Tonight in Charleston, we got this Easter weekend started with 1,155 guests, 261 kids and the best part: 42 SALVATIONS!!! Can't wait for tomorrow! #EasteratNewSpring #sundayinthesouth #ilovemychurch #bringafriend #bragonjesus


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EVERY NUMBER has a name, EVERY NAME has a story, & EVERY STORY matters to God


Let's #BragOnJesus real quick!!! This morning at #NSNEC, we got to see a Fuse group leader baptize one of his students!!!
So thankful for men like @daltonjordan_05 and @huntero123 and countless others across the state FIGHTING for the next generation!
This is why we do what we do!!

Every new creation in Christ is worth celebrating, and we got to celebrate 187 times over this week! #bragonJesus


Preparing to praise the Great I Am at Deltona Alliance Church - Deland
402 W New York Ave.
Deland, FL 32720
#Deland #cmalliance #bragonJesus #Jesus

Hey everybody, meet Ross.
Sunday he gave his life to Jesus.
Today he got baptized.
👉🏼That's how it works!
#BragOnJesus #NextSteps

A small contingent in the early service but bringing a powerful truth in a beautiful melody! #deltonaalliancechurch #bragonJesus #toGodbetheglory 👍😊❤💟💒😇

Tonight at @newspringfuse was the biggest reminder of why relationships matter so much!! 5 rising 6 graders came to FUSE for the first time and were able to get connected to a FUSE group because of the relationships developed through @kidspring! One of those students is Shawn! He not only stepped into Biblical community but also raised his hand boldly to start a relationship with Jesus!! I'm thankful for leaders like @daltonjordan_05 and @_kasey_artz who teach kids about Jesus on their level weekly. And for Jerry Hand who continues to say YES to Jesus so that students can get to fuse each week!! #HeUpToSomething #BragOnJesus #NSNEC

Join us as Pastor Brad is joined by former professional MLB pitcher Andrew Brown bringing a message on the blessing and value of a godly father. #deltonaalliancechurch #bragonJesus link in profile

Great time of bragging on Jesus through the medium #baseball with formet #mlb pitcher Andrew Brown #deltonaalliancechurch #bragonJesus #loveothers #JesusSaves

Communicating about the Greatest Communicator! #bragonJesus #deltonaalliancechurch

Congrats Randall on baptism! I'm so proud of you for showing the way for others! Lexi you have a new brother in Christ! @alexdisaree12 @randall_word543 #baptism #bragonjesus #baptized #newspring #fuse #fusegroups

Date night with self was awesome!! Enjoyed dinner 😋 yummy! Went in by myself and left out meeting two new friends ‼️Look at God ‼️ #BragOnJesus #DateSelf #Foodie #ShrimpPasta #RubyTuesday #ThursdayFun #EnjoyingLife

As the Scriptures say, “If you want to boast, boast only about the Lord .”
2 Corinthians 10:17 NLT

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