We love our patients, and we also love hearing when they have a life-changing or positive dental experience. Check out this review from Philip M. Anderson: "The smile you brought to me has brightened my life, literally. I use to keep my mouth shut in order to prevent others from seeing my teeth, but now I have confidence enough to smile everywhere I go proudly. I have received so many compliments about my teeth that it seems selfish to take the credit, so I would like to pass everyone’s compliments on to you."

Throw the paddles away and let life steer your boat 🤸🏻‍♂️ #BraceOff

Happy Father's Day to all of our amazing patients who are Dads! Dads tend to make us smile and laugh with all of their dad jokes and fun adventures. Get your pearly whites ready for all of those photos with Dad this year by brushing twice daily, flossing, and staying current on your checkups! Happy Father's Day from the entire team at Dr. Media Najafi, DDS.

Out for something to eat to celebrate my brace being removed!
#teethgoals #braceoff #caneatatlast #essentialmaintenance #eatingout @theloungebarrowford #goodfood #livemusic

#braceoff 09.06.18

5years of pain 😆😬

Officially out the brace 😍😍😍 You👏🏾can’t👏🏾tell👏🏾nothing👏🏾
🖤👑🖤 #braceoff #recovery #backtothegym

Terminando un poco de torque positivo sólo con bioprogresiva! #braceoff

Lo que más me encanta es dejar Un poco de torque positivo con eso logramos que la sonrisa sea más natural! #braceoff

December 2015 - June 2018 😁 #NewTeethDay #BraceOff #Progress #DecemberToJune #UK #Happy

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