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Glasses glare Long blonde hair 💁🏼#blondie #selfie #braceface #bracefacebeauties #heyguyslookatme

A life with braces 😁 #braces #red #bracefacebeauties

I truly missed y'all...enjoy ur day 😘 #bracefacebeauties


No more b r a c e f a c e in less than a month. 😬🤗 24 days to be exact ( but who's counting 🙋🏾 )

I did a thing. And I'm super proud of it, not gonna lie 🥑💕
I am by NO means a chef, but I just whipped up some fresh guac, without even following a recipe or measuring a single ingredient and it came out AMAZING 💁
I can go to bed feeling super accomplished tonight 😂

Braces - day 100. 😁 •
Here's a little orthodontic update for you: adult braces are the epitome of suckage. But I'm surviving! I wish I'd done this when I was much younger. •
I never shared the reasons for my decision to brace up, so if you're curious, here it is: a dentist first told my parents I needed orthodontic work and facial surgery when I was 12 years old. It was no surprise, because I had quite the beaver face back then and all the kids in school were quick to notice and gave me some of the worst nicknames you could imagine! But the prospect of surgery filled me with fear and I developed a dental phobia that plagued me for the next decade.

About 20 years later, I had grown into my jaw/teeth and finally felt ok with the appearance of my face. Maybe I was just a late bloomer? And then my dentist says to me, "You need to have facial surgery to fix your jaw structure or you will start losing your teeth." 😳 Well, hello. You've got my attention now!

It took several years to figure out a strategy for paying for all this work, since it's not covered by our insurance. Unfortunately, it's considered cosmetic and elective- but I have to say, I elect to keep my natural teeth as long as possible! •
The first two months, I felt like my teeth were always on the verge of popping right out of my gums! The pain was unreal, especially around my top front teeth. I popped Ibruprofen like candy. I only eat what I can swallow whole and cut my food into the tiniest pieces imaginable. Only now do I chew just a little bit, only very soft food, and not at all if I can help it.

Now I'm not in pain, but my gums are sore in places and my front teeth feel loose and awkward. But my teeth have moved a lot and I already love to smile 100% more! I'm not ashamed of my metal mouth, I actually quite love it. I'm still in denial about the double jaw surgery (top and bottom) swiftly approaching, I have a lot of fear about that and anxiety about how it will affect my appearance. This will probably be scheduled sometime next spring, I don't know yet.

So there's the story, and the game plan. Everyone says I will be glad when this is said and done. I really hope so! ❤️

Getting my #braces checked up this morning!! .
. .
#adulting #adultbraces #bracefacebeauties #orthodontics #nerdy30 #redlips

I had different types of elastics for each month. The dragonfly is the current rubber band size I'm wearing rn and as you can see it's the smallest and thickest band among the three.
Fox > otters > chipmunk > dragonfly
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Today I say adios to the braces. Only had to have them on for 5months #WINNING #adultbraces #bracefacebeauties #snapchat #flowercrown

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