Finally got the #sparkpugs goods funding one of my most fav people on her 2 wheel trip across the country! Get it, baby! @tarynpaper #braapqueens #mywholelifeisdonutthemed

1/2 of this post is for our friend Melissa Harris, the other 1/2 of this post is to remind you that there’s less than a dozen days until BAKERS DOZEN. We are almost completely sold out of merch so if you haven’t purchased your Spark Pug Party Pack- THE TIME IS NOW! If you requested hand delivery well, I’ll see you soon- all other orders will start shipping this weekend!
EXTREMELY HUGE SHOUTOUT to our boy @takeovertokyo for designing this bitchin graphic for us- visit his page, he’s got some awesome sticker packs of his own for sale!!!
#sparkpugs #austintola #braapqueens #spicyboys #shanks_mpc_atx #puglife #longestride #survivalseries #bettypug #gonnabethebestbirthdayever

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