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星野 分享一个和小韩的日常视频 ​​​
เหมือนเบื่อความรักกกกก รักกันหนักมากค่ะ
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Ich vergesse. Ständig. Alles und überall irgendwas.
Ich will ihn vergessen. Streich ihn aus meinem Kopf. Jede einzelne Erinnerung soll verschwinden, nicht mal sein Name soll bleiben. Es Schmerz, dass er nicht ein Teil meines Lebens ist. Ich will nicht an ihn denken und schon gar nicht von ihm träumen. Es soll mir egal sein, das es ihm schlecht geht.
Liebe Erinnerung, nimm das mit und vergrabe es tief ein. So lange bis es mir egal ist an die Zeit zu denken. Irgendwann bin ich bereit, aber nicht jetzt.
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Character Data: ---------------------------------------
-Name: Elik Clover.
-Age: 20. -Gender: Male. Height: 5'5.-Hair color: blonde. -Eye color: green. -Species: alpha. -Sexuality: Bisexual. -Position: seme/top.
Appearance: he is quite slim but not too thin either. His body is fit and perfectly healthy. .
Tattoo: none.
.-Occupation: university student, living on his parent's money.
-Personality: arrogant, rude, asshole? Doesn't give a shit about the hardships of life, carefree.
-Likes: people letting him do whatever he wants, drugs, alcohol.
-Dislikes: his parents always nagging him, getting scolded, getting ordered around, lectures.
-Talent/ability: can easily lie without hesitation. -Hobby: does alot of things to entertain himself. Such as drawing, internet browsing, hanging out with friends, watching t.v. .
-family: mother, father (owns a widespread business)
Backstory: he lives quite a luxurious life, in a huge mansion like house. Ever since he was small, he have got whatever he wanted with his parents money. So he doesn't believe in working hard to obtain something. Like a spoiled brat, he just thinks he'll get whatever he wants. .
Somewhere along the way, because of staying in bad company, he started taking drugs and secretly buys them from high level dealers. Though he fears that he'll get in big trouble if his parents found out. .
Extra info: his family is really rich and extremely strict. His family being rich and noble, takes great pride on their son being an alpha. They keep on searching for a suitable omega for him. But Elik believes he can find the one he loves by himself. .
ideal type: preferably, someone who is kind to him and keeps up with his spoiled behavior and makes him believe the importance of life and the satisfaction of achieving something by one's own hands. (This isn't necessary though)

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If you
Close your eyes and want me
Even if it’s a lie, I’ll make you happy
With the sweetest lie in the world
I tell you

Sweet lies sweet lies sweet lies

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