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Boone is still bae 😊🐶 #BooneisBae #meandboone #boyswithdogs

My Ride or Die Nugget, Since 2009 | Day Trip to Santa Barbara with the Crew

I stole my human’s hunk of a boyfriend 😏 (he has very chewable ankles)

When it’s such a beautiful day and you look fly on a Friday.... it would be illegal not to pose for a photo 🤙🏼🙆🏽‍♂️ ohh and we got a puppy 🐶 thank for howling all night Murphy, Greatly appreciated! #boyswithdogs #petbruh #instagrammodel #singlemenofinstagram

Very in love with these two dudes who keep my heart safe, my face smiling, and my booty snuggled on the daily 💕📍🏡🐶👨‍🎤🧝🏼‍♀️🥜 @patstahl #twopeasinapodcast #boyswithdogs #ohanameansnoonegetseatenbyrobots

Such a happy boy! 🐶🐕👍🏻😊

Cozy lazy Sunday in with my best friend, and Niska's telling me all her silly stories like hiding her toys under the sofa and slobbering over my good trainer's when I'm at work! As if I don't already know, but I can't stay mad at this we face, daddy's girl issues!
#AppleOfHerDaddysEye 🐶 #OrangeInterior 🍊

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