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#poetry #lovevibes 😍😍😍😂❤️😘😘💯 #girlfriendvibes #boyfriendvibes #hugs #iadoreyou #thankyou #smooches #literature I cant really convey my gratitude actually. #iloveyou He is just really, really extraordinary. I’d hang on every word.

Happy Valentine’s Day, i think at this point freddy likes you more than i do haha. Love you💕 #boyfriendvibes #valentinesday #throwback

Happy Valentine MY Valentine ❤️😘💛😍🌹 #valentine #myvalentine #boyfriendvibes #love

I love all my crazy people. They are actually more sane than half the population. Many of them have Pandora’s boxes. #iloveyou #girlfriendvibes #boyfriendvibes Even if something weird happens don’t be too upset. Sometimes your number is just up. #hugs I trust you. They are my super hero’s. #smooches I’m glad youre in my life. They are very creative, smart, have special gifts. I’m Alice; there was a Mad Hatter. He likes Tea time. But he’s actually a very good person, just eccentric.

Giving some #men some #girlfriendvibes Don’t worry; I don’t believe a word out of N’s mouth. Not everybody has fallen into the cavern. #boyfriendvibes #men #women The kind of men or guys interested in my #daughters wouldn’t touch that thing. Even if they had many moons ago, nobody cares. I alerted my daughters to those “females” Don’t bother.

Got to give my lover doodles #girlfriendvibes Waggles eyebrows. 💋💋💋 Someone is giving me #boyfriendvibes 🔥🔥🔥 hotter than a fire cracker on the 4th of July. Since the majority are psychopaths and hit men.

I l❤️ve you #guys I can do that online and not be too mushy 😂😂😂 I don’t gaf how they make their #money As far as I’m concerned there is plenty to go around. I can make my own. Some of them give me big #girlfriendvibes so I have to give them #boyfriendvibes back 😂 I’d plant a sloppy wet one on a couple and take off running. I pick up on core personality vibes; that’s what I go by. They are actually really, really normal. I don’t care if they are grouchy or mean or anti social ... u would b too trust me. I like them just as much back and I often pray for their safety actually. They’re the ones holding it together. I often pray that even if it’s the kind of work that makes them really hard that a part of them can stay soft enough to accept love from somebody. The work they have to do makes that really hard. But I love them. I’d make them a sandwich. There’s a Sicilian guy on here and he’s a super beast😂 they are actually really good examples of men. They have to stay soft at least a tiny bit to feel human. If they quit feeling human then u have problems. Get a dog if u can’t stand people😂 they are like military to God. The way he shows me it’s like just one more kind of military unit. They can be wealthy, most don’t enjoy it that much so if it helps them stay happy; I’m happy. #organizedcrime they have money but it’s hard to derive a lot of pleasure from it. So take the extra vacation.

Women #emasculate #boys Teenage boys are #men plain and simple and they need more #responsibility not less. They don’t need to be micromanaged. Most would behave better if you ALLOWED them to spend time w/ their #dad Dad teaches them to be better men. #singlemothers take them bra and panty shopping and let them put on their make up. My #sons never wore my make up. They are not #gay I didn’t emasculate them. They sissify these young men. Young #guy s have a ton of energy, they need jobs, they are usually natural leaders, let them be men. Quit trying to turn them into women. Boys #roughhouse they break stuff, they get broken bones and scrapes, it’s more like steering them instead of trying to control everything. That’s normal male behavior. I’m telling #youngmen to stay completely away from anything proud of the #hot #cougar #milf definition. That’s nothing but trouble. Steer away from cougar canyon. If you haven’t finished college or started a good job most older women after young 20 something’s are looking for a free ride. I’m not talking about guys in their late twenties or 30s; I’m talking about early 20s or younger. Some of those older women want a donkey to ride for life. It’ll ruin your life if you’re not careful. Women who like that definition are almost always promiscuous. This picture is me dragging off that dude ... at this point I’d call him a tease if he didn’t follow through. 😘💯 #girlfriendvibes #boyfriendvibes

I have to give some people #girlfriendvibes #iloveyou #hugs #iadoreyou #yourethebest #smooches and my absolutely adorable #sweetbabboos 😂😂😂👌😘🤗🤗🤗🤗❤️❤️❤️😍😍😍💋💋💋 it feeds their soul 😂😂😂 #men #guys #husbands #alphamales I stand in as surrogate. Sometimes they give me #boyfriendvibes It’s the least I can do. I can reel one in anytime 😂😂😂

#lovespells #twitterpated ❤️😍 Thanks for all my surrogate boyfriends I know absolutely nothing about 😂😂😂 Roll with it, roll w/ the vibes 😂😂😂I’m trying to return some. #girlfriendvibes I’m using people for #boyfriendvibes ... The Japanese guy. I love that guy. At least I think he might be Japanese. He’s the best actually, he’s very intelligent and sweet; at least that’s the vibe I get. He reminds of cherry blossom trees #sakura and a Japanese river. He’s like water or a water element. He’d let me catch frogs and paddle around all day 😂😂😂

Live gracefully with a grateful hearts 😉 thank you for always be yourself! #taeyeon #kimtaeyeon #taetae #taengoo #boyfriendvibes #boyfriendgoals #cutest #bae #taengooTV #soshi #snsd #girlsgeneration #sone always here! ♥️

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