True Life: Summer and Josh. ❤️

I’m a whole lot in love with you 💕 #boyfriendappreciationpost

And when I say I love you that don’t even come close to explaining what I feel for you💕
#thatsbae #gorgeousbae #hesofine #boyfriendappreciationpost #tothemoonandback #cousinswedding

That smile can literally change my entire mood 😍 I’m one lucky momma

I literally do this if the stories are more than enough 😂
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Enjoyed a sweet evening with my boo 😘😌 I love you and I appreciate everything you do for me 😊🌸💖 #cute #evening #boyfriend #soppypost #boyfriendappreciationpost

The only men I need 🐱💖 #BoyfriendAppreciationPost

Obsessed w. You #boyfriendappreciationpost

BUH... Come home soon, I'm getting ultra cranky without you. 😭😫 #boyfriendappreciationpost

“You are the love that had no warning. You had my heart before I could say no.” I love you from the 🌙 and 🔙 thank you for being my partner in life and never giving up on me! You inspire me to be a better version of myself, and I’m truly blessed to have you in my life •

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My gentle giant. It’s not the easiest time in either of our lives, but I’ve never felt so genuinely cared for by a guy before. He insists on opening my car door for me even though I have to manually unlock it 😂. He cooks dinner a lot because he knows I hate cooking. He buys me things just cause it made him think of me. Despite the amount of bullshit he has had to deal with in the past few years he never stops trying to be better. I’m so glad I met him.

#boyfriendappreciationpost to my favorite person in the world! Thank you for always taking me on adventures and keeping life so exciting, you’re amazing babe & I love you so much! 💋💍❤️

It’s all the little things that make me love you, thank you for always being my rock! ❤️ @weaselknievel #boyfriendappreciationpost #soppybitch #happiestgirlalive

He makes my heart happy ( and my stomach! ). Love you Tor 😘❤ #boyfriendappreciationpost

I forgot what it was like to laugh and enjoy myself until I met you. Thank you for loving me for every bit that I am. I admire your free spirit and thirst for adventure. Cheers to another year! Happy birthday Ker, I love you! 💕 #boyfriendappreciationpost #birthdaypost #hesoldnow

I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate you. Thank you for loving me, even when I’m difficult to love let alone like that day. Thank you for making sure I’m eating, helping me fill my medication containers, for staying with me for every overnight I’ve worked, for surprising me with a birthday cake at midnight on my birthday at work and for having a solution for pretty much every problem I overly stress about. I love you and I’m happy you picked me 😊 #boyfriendappreciationpost #yesitakepictureswhilehesleeps #hescutewhenhesleeps #hescuteallthetimethough❤️

Never has anyone ever met my standards till I met you🤴🏻❣️wouldn’t change a thing about you or us💑 #boyfriendappreciationpost

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