Coming home after a long, stressful week to a huge note is more comforting than words can describe.
It's hard enough being a pregnant, emotional mess and working full-time on top of everything. I'm so glad I have someone to remind me of how great I'm doing when all I want to do is give up. I'm always too hard on myself and think I'm not doing enough when in reality I'm doing more.
I just want the world to know how amazing you are and what you do for me💕 some might not think of this as much but it means everything to me to be appreciated by you. #boyfriendappreciationpost #feelingthelove

Thanks for putting up with my crazy ass and always doing sweet things for me 🖤 you’re my hero. #boyfriendappreciationpost

How lucky am i to be so in love😭💗 Thank you for loving me and for being my best friend👫 i appreciate everything you do for us💏
. .. .
#BoyfriendAppreciationPost #BringDatAssHereBoi #Mmm 👅👅

As this one's sleeping beside me, doing very well at not space invading, looking through photos from Edinburgh and even tho I know he will eventually space invade at some point, can't help but think I'm ever so lucky to have him in my life ❤️
#boyfriend #boyfriendappreciationpost #mine #grateful #love #happy #spaceinvader #bedthief #luckygirl #edinburgh #tigerlily #dinner #dinnerdate

This is the best birthday ever. My boyfriend became my fiancé tonight. Cannot wait to see where our future takes us. ❤️💗 #family #engaged #engagementring #happy #bridetobe #love #relationshipgoals #boyfriendappreciationpost

My other half😋❤️ The only person who can make me smile on my darkest of days, and calm the worst of my storms.

So just an appreciation post for the most amazing person ever😋❤️ I love him to Sedna and back •
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✨Wednesday Horoscope✨
Mercury opposes Jupiter at 1:54AM, inspiring big ideas and conversations—but watch for exaggerations. The Moon, which is currently in Virgo, opposes Neptune at 2:30AM and connects with Jupiter at 2:59AM, making this a big night for inspiring, whimsical, and weird dreams. The Moon connects with communication planet Mercury at 3:10AM and with power planet Pluto at 10:55AM. The Sun connects with Mars at 10:39PM, boosting our courage and confidence. 💫

I’m making a #boyfriendappreciationpost for my baby @owen_bc 💯 this boy is my ride or die, my sunshine through a cloudy day, the shoulder I cry on whenever and spoils me like the princess I am 👸🏻✨ as of next month it will be half a year of us being together, and I’m so happy I spent that half year with you. 🖤
I love you so much baby, don’t think words can describe how much you mean to me without giving you all my kisses and cuddles. Even when I’m mad as fuck about something you always listened and never judged me. We have our ups and downs but baby we will make it through together. just know my love for you is never ending, and I cannot wait till the day we actually become husband and wife💍 💕
Thank you for everything you’ve done for me and my family, I love you @owen_bc 💝💕
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A great weekend to celebrating 5 months with the love of my life! Your a nut and I love you! Thanks for being in my life! #wearentnormal #boyfriendappreciationpost #myboyfriendisbetterthanyours #adventure #exploring

My lover.... you have helped me through so much this year. I also will always be there for you. Going to miss you millions when you go Australia, make sure chad looks after you... be safe... #boyfriendappreciationpost #cricket #1truelove

Sorry Not Sorry but, quick #boyfriendappreciationpost because I love this man with every beat of my heart and every cell of my being. He always takes care of me, makes me laugh, and makes me feel loved. I didn't think such a man existed. BUT THEY DO LADIES SO STOP WASTING YOUR TIME. (but like obvi get your own cause this one is mine 😘) I Love You Baby ❤

Boyfriend appreciation post because I wanna and cause my man looks good with a baby in his arms😌❤ One day we'll have one of our own, but not any time soon😅😅❤ #boyfriendappreciationpost #Handsome #MyBaby #Baby #SoCute #MyHeart #MyLove #MyLife #like #Follow

New vlog is up! ✨link in bio✨ topic is: the one thing that drives me completely insane about sharing a studio with @pranaveight (which I otherwise enjoy very much!). He’s in this so if you’re a Pranav fan, this one’s for you 😘

Lemme tell y’all a lil somethin; I never in my entire life would’ve even thought that I’d be with a man even half as amazing, as handsome, as sexy, as sweet, as loving, and as beautiful as you are. But I got you. My heart is so overly content, being with you. You make me feel like no other, it’s a type of way that words can vaguely explain. It’s the melting of my entire being when you look at me. It’s a million flutters through my body. It’s my heart being yours. It’s waking up next to you, feeling your soft skin on mine and strong arms around me. You have truly changed the meaning of “love” for me, for the better. Literally nothing compares to the way I feel when we’re together. It sounds crazy but music doesn’t even move me the way you do. You make me want live and see tomorrow and the next, and so on, to wake up next to you just one more day, to kiss you and tell you I love you as much as possible because I don’t want to lose this. Because I need you to know you are truly loved for everything you are. Because we could die today, or tomorrow, and I’m not about to go out feeling like I could’ve loved you more, so I will always love you like there’s no tomorrow. Thank you for everything you do. Thank you for making me feel beautiful regardless. Thank you for being who you are and being there for me. I love you so fucking much😘 @hawko_dabs #boyfriendappreciationpost #rant #MyMan #babylove #ILoveYou #MyLifeMyLoveMyAll

Yes, hello- this is my boyfriend of whom I love and appreciate a lot. He lets me razz on him constantly and takes me to Starbucks so I can be a basic bitch. I appreciate him a lot and he's pretty fucking cool tbh. Thanks for being you and letting me be me 💕

Me showing of my mans and the new frames I got at Hobby Lobby for his handsome self!! 💗💗🤤🤤🇺🇸🇺🇸 #usarmy #usa #armygirlfriend #boyfriend #boyfriendappreciationpost #youhadmeatfigueroa

#BoyfriendAppreciationPost I just want to thank God for the man he has let me borrow . I know I don’t deserve anything but I thank God for him everyday . Well isn’t he just the cutest ? 💕

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