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I wonder if @CNN will allow her to host #NYE this year? I wonder what sponsors will touch this #HOTMESS. #BOYCOTTKathyGriffin #BoycottCNN #LIBERALSmustbesoproud

People do die for it, but your getting criticized for pretending to kill the president then posting it everywhere#. Your not dying you big drama queen. #usa #trump #conservative #liberalstupidity #kathygriffin #boycottkathygriffin

Nice... don't think you gonna back pedal your way out of this one Kathy. Way to kill your career.
#Boycottkathygriffin #kathygriffin #donaldtrump #trumptrain #imwithhim #hesmypresident #maga #45 #45th #45thpresidentoftheunitedstates #potus #deplorable

I'm so disgusted by what Kathy Griffin did!!! What she did was pure evil!!! It doesn't matter what side of the aisle one is on, what she did should NEVER EVER be tolerated!!! Promoting violence and the murder/beheading of any human being let alone our President is evil!!! This is what Isis is doing to so many Christians every day for their beliefs, and for her and her entire team and everyone who collaborated to produce this photo of what Isis does to Christians, are just as bad as Isis!!! This is evil and this is not a joke as she apparently claims it to be!! It is absolutely NOT funny!!! Her unremorseful staged apology while making the excuse that it was art and that she is a comedian, makes me sick!! NO, that photo was pure evil!! She knew very well what she was doing. She just showed the whole world what was in her heart. I am so so disgusted, sad and very VERY disappointed at her. God is disappointed at her. Every human being on this earth God loves very much, and it breaks His heart to see the evil that lives inside the hearts and minds of so many like Kathy Griffin, Snoop Dog, Madonna, Ashley Judd and anyone who wants to kill or murder any human being. I say those celebrities names because each one has said and displayed their hate wanting to do such violence to our President Donald Trump. Sadly, we do live in a world where evil is so easily accepted simply if you do not agree politically. What is happening to our country is so sad!! People used to be respectful of other people's different beliefs and point of views. I pray for our world, for our country, and for those who have this evil hate living in them. I pray that one day they will hopefully find Jesus and realize that we are all children of God. I still can't believe that she did this. My heart and prayer is with the entire Trump family. I can't even imagine what they are all feeling after this disgusting terrorist attack from Kathy Griffin. God be with the Trump family, and Lord help those who have this hatred in their hearts. Lead them to you, that they may know you. I know one day God will stop ALL this evil, and I can't wait for that day to come!!! 💔🙏🙏🙏 #boycottkathygriffin #prayforourworld


She's at it again ya'll! Some people have hard understanding! Now she walks out of a hotel in a Trump Halloween costume covered in blood and freaks everyone out. #kathygriffinisnotfunny #shameonyoukathygriffin #boycottkathygriffin #sickminds #hollywoodmindset #liberallogic #kathygriffinthrownintheslammer #disturbingthepeace

People do die for it, but your getting criticized for pretending to kill the president then posting it everywhere#. Your not dying you big drama queen. #usa #trump #conservative #liberalstupidity #kathygriffin #boycottkathygriffin

Kathy Griffin's controversial photo is low, pure evil, tasteless, vulgar, offensive, and downright disgusting. We live in a country where the actions as depicted in the photo (regardless of what she claims the photo really means) are not tolerated. We respect our president. You do not have to love him. You do not even have to like him. But he IS your president, and you respect that title. There is no getting around that. America has always been about having the utmost respect for our nation's leader, and Kathy obviously was not given the capacity to obtain these types of morals. You can disagree with him all day long, but such threats as depicted in Kathy's photo are not taken lightly. Kathy can not expect anyone to have sympathy or respect for her and her career, when she blatantly shows zero respect for others, especially those of power and high prestige. Her personal opinion on what she finds "funny" is simply un-American.

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