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ca$h me outside capones howbow dah #kickedouttheclub #boycotting #peepthecripple

Glad to know where you stand, @underarmour. I will be #boycotting you from now on and I will encourage others to do the same. #grabyourwallet #iwillwhatiwant#boycottunderarmour #NOTMYPRESIDENT

Perhaps if they were #boycotting #NASCAR or #KFC their "message" might have more weight. 🤔#nordstrom

Over the weekend I did a lot of thinking about the tragedies that have happened and how we as black people need to support each other more and come together. I felt like my words weren't enough to change anything. Anyone can post words. I wanted something to do that will actually make some sort of difference. Word's and marching isn't getting the point across to people. We have to do more, including myself. I realized that I spend so much money on hair. Not my own hair but wigs. Money that could be going to back to a black business. I spend tons of money on hair from stores that aren't black owned and don't add anything positive to my life. I asked myself "why the hell are you ordering wigs from an online store that has a SKIN WHITENING category on the front page of their website?". I never actually asked myself that question until last night lol. I actually have anxiety because I've never forced myself to do this. I have a head full of hair but I've been wearing wigs and extensions since jr.high. I hate to admit it but I do have an attachment to them. I don't know if other women will try to detach from their wigs but just think of the difference we could make if we just stopped buying hair from those businesses. What if we took that money to black owned stores. We need to build up our communities. We as black women put so much money into the hair industry. We need to try to do that for our own people. I know it's hard lol. I'm not even gonna lie but if we really try, we can make a huge difference! I'm not asking you to stop cold turkey but maybe cutt back a little. As of today I will no longer be purchasing wigs or wearing them. Not until we get black businesses back on their feet. All I'm asking women to do is visualize. Just imagine the change we could make. We took part in making it huge. We can also do that for our people. Yes I'm scared to go without it lol, but I made a promise to myself. I'm not just doing this for others but for myself as well. If I'm not wearing my natural hair, you'll see me in a head wrap. This is how I'm choosing to make a difference. You don't have to do hair but chose your own way of #boycotting. :)❤ #blackwallstreet #giveback

Ol' #peepingtom Marles Watching me get ready for work. It's gonna be a beautiful #ChristmasEveEve on the water, since we are #boycotting December here in #Florida. Let's enjoy some sunshine and laugh a lot!! Come see me today fraaannnddsss.

This is my bagel from yesterday morning..
Why don't you just spit in my face lol
#yyc #shitbagel #boycotting


Join us for our Campaign & Cuisine work party tonight at @waywardvegancafe from 6:30-8:30pm. Let's take action for animals! 💚 Link in our bio to get involved if you can't make it! 👆

#SADdiet #westerndiet
@Regrann from @vegantake0ver - #Wakeup people. The standard #American diet is everywhere. No matter where you go they will serve you the same 4-5 meals everywhere. #Pizza, carcass sandwiches, carcass and rice or carcass and potatoes. For #breakfast you eat animal sandwiches and wash it down with stimulants and cow secretions. Don't you see you are being forced to eat unhealthy food? Then instead of #boycotting it to demand better stuff we embrace it and get offended and scoff at people eating healthy foods. Most Americans scoff at #veggies and are scared to try new things. They would complain about a bruise on a fruit and then drink pus and eat diseased flesh all day from sick mutated animals that never se the light of day and are literally covered in #feces. Can't make this stuff up. 😝😩😆 #GetMeOffThisPlanet 🚀 Anyways let's keep spreading awareness so people can hopefully see the truth and at least we can give those people the choice to make changes since there are still many people out there that are completely in the dark that they are being poisoned every single day and love it. #EatToLive #eattoprevent #foodismedicine #letfoodbethymedicine #healthiswealth🌳💰💯 #foodforfuel #plantpower #plantsoverpills #greensmoothies #westerndietkills #farmacynotharmacy #naturalmedication

#Boycotting never looked so good. #mompower #ivankatrump #MAGA 💪#BYENORDSTROM #BUYIVANKA #MatchingShirts #Dillards on point. 💖💖💖💖💖💥

We are boycotting Walmart until they commitment to switch to 100% cage-free eggs in Mexico, as they have already done in the US, UK, and Canada. Our new intern, Kara, helped us take a stand at the Bellevue Walmart during her first day of outreach! #walmartdoublestandards

Love what the country is doing with #immigrantprotests and #boycotting but.. I got shit to do. Bills to pay. My kids to feed. We Hongry! #daywithoutimmigrants #standupforyourself